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For a Light Dinner Try Chicken Marsala

 Chicken Marsala

    This low calorie Chicken Marsala recipe is great for those watching their diets or for those who just want a light, delicious and flavorful summer dinner, using Marsala, Italy’s most famous fortified wine.  Prep Time: 11 minutes. Total Time: 19 minutes. Makes 4 servings.

Ingredients: 4 small (12 ounces total) boneless, skinless chicken breast halves; Nonstick spray coating; 1-1/2 cups  sliced fresh mushrooms; 2 tablespoons  sliced green onion; 2 tablespoons water; 1/4 teaspoon  salt; 1/4 cup dry Marsala or dry sherry.

Directions: Place 1 piece of chicken, boned side up, between 2 pieces of clear plastic wrap. Working from the center to the edges, pound lightly with a meat mallet to about 1/4-inch thickness. Remove plastic wrap. Repeat with remaining chicken breast halves.

Spray a large skillet with nonstick spray coating. Preheat skillet over medium heat. Add 2 chicken breast halves. Cook over medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes or until tender and no pink remains. Transfer to a platter; keep warm. Repeat with remaining chicken breast halves.

Carefully add mushrooms, green onion, water, and salt to skillet. Cook over medium heat until mushrooms are tender and most of the liquid has evaporated (about 3 minutes). Add Marsala or dry sherry to skillet. Heat through. Spoon vegetables and sauce over chicken. Makes 4 servings. Calories 161, Total Fat 3 g, Cholesterol 72 mg, Sodium 191 mg, Carbohydrate 2 g, Protein 27 g. (Per serving)

Serve with choice of pasta type, and choice of  vegetable — broccoli, asparagus, green beans, mixed peppers, or peas are good with this dish.  (Recipe.com; Photo: The Grub Daily)

Pacesetters Drum Squad Lead the ‘Beat of Success’ for IEABSE’s 2013 High School Grads

Pacesetters Drum Squad

Pacesetters Drum Squad

SAN BERNARDINO, CA– The award-winning San Bernardino Pacesetters Drum Squad led the procession of the proud high school graduates who were the honorees at the well-attended 2013 Inland Empire Alliance of Black School Educators’ Graduation and Scholarship Recognition Ceremony held Friday, May 3, 2013, at the San Manuel Events Center, at California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB).  The Pacesetters Drum Squad is as renowned for their intricate and complex beats as are the Pacesetters Drill team for their outstanding moves. Their shirts say it all as the group, led by Jo Ann Parker and Kelly Graham, believes in “Excellence, Discipline, and Pride.”  Shown here at the front of the drum line are Traquise Martin, left, and Andre Jackson, right, who is a current freshman at CSUSB. Directly behind Traquise is Harith Martin, and Kaijah Thompkins brings up the left flank rear and is unseen.  Behind Andre on the right are Jayden Kelly and Davonnie Martin. Photo by John Coleman, CP Times ©2013)

Artist Review: Deeveatva Foy, Professional Belly Dancer

Deeveatva Foy

Deeveatva Foy

By Lue Dowdy, SAN BERNARDINO, CA– Hi everybody! This week’s select artist is none other than the beautiful and talent, Deeveatva Foy. I was so impressed the first time I saw this talented artist. Watching Deeveatva move her body made me wanna exercise. Okay I’m lying! But it did make me appreciate the art of belly dancing.

Deeveatva is a versatile and innovative professional dancer! She has performed at a number if venues throughout the Inland Empire and Southern California. She is playful, expressive, and strives to connect with every audience; and her various artistic styles continue to evolve as she learns

more about different dance forms. Looking for a fun way to exercise and stay in shape after having two children, Deeveatva took her first beginning belly dance class in 2000. Deeveatva was instantly hooked. She was inspired to learn about the different styles of belly dance and was able to unleash her inner Goddess…Zada!

Deeveatva currently dances as a soloist and with two belly dance groups Nubian Hips (of which she is the co-founder) and Al Nar Belly dance Ensemble troupe. She’s also an Afro-Caribbean dancer and performs with the troupe Caribbean Jems. Deeveatva has modeled for up and coming local fashion shows throughout the Inland Empire. Her mission and passion is to encourage all women to grow and re-connect with their inner truth r

eclaiming the Goddess within; and to share, unite, and collectively come together in sisterhood!

This spring Deeveatva will start teaching beginning belly dance classes in the Inland Empire…stay tuned for date, time & location!  Connect with Deeveatva on Facebook.