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Councilman Rikke Van Johnson to Run for Mayor of the City of San Bernardino


Sixth Ward Councilman Rikke Van Johnson is shown here announcing his candidacy for Mayor of the city of San Bernardino to friends, neighbors, supporters and concerned community members. Petitions were also circulated after the gathering.. (Photo courtesy Sharon Johnson)

SAN BERNARDINO, CA— Sixth Ward Councilman Rikke Van Johnson launched his campaign for Mayor of San Bernardino last Thursday May 16 with a kick-off meeting held on the lawn of his home.  Johnson announced that both his campaign and his vision for the city were inclusive, with the theme “Campaign for L.I.F.E.” (Leaders, Investors, Friends and Everyone).

He states his goal is to help “create, grow, and maintain economic value in the city, which will aid the community in realizing and accessing all the necessities that define quality of life.”  He laid out a vision for the city as a safe and prosperous community, offering a wide range of housing, recreation, education, cultural, and employment opportunities for all who come to live and work here.

He also said that San Bernardino residents need to continue to provide a strong sense of community for each other in these economically trying times.  He also laid out three primary areas he would focus upon as the Mayor:

     1. Public Safety to reduce crime rates with a two pronged strategy of, a) Decreasing gang violence and gang activity,; and b) Increasing Citizen Engagement in local government, realizing that a government goes bad when it’s citizens are not engaged;

2. Economic Stimulation through Job Creation, and helping to retain and maintain Local Business by helping them grow and strengthen their Consumer Base;

3. Beautification of areas of the city that have experienced neglect, thereby raising the esteem of both residents and businesses, and providing an attractive environment for consumers, potential home-buyers, and potential new businesses.

Johnson said he would also partner with area school systems to ensure an educated workforce, and would simplify the city’s system of government which he says has become “ambiguous and antiquated.”

“I truly believe that this is the frame work for a pathway to strengthening, sustaining and restoring our City to once again be that proud ‘City on the Move.’  This will be achieved by working together with vision, planning and hope,” he added. (WSSN 5/23/13)

How To Police A Bankrupt City…

Publisher’s Commentary by Wallace Allen
If I were in charge of a bankrupt city that was concerned about providing police servicing in a high crime situation, I would replace half my police force, on a 4 to 1 ratio with police academy interns (4 interns for each officer replaced). The unformed interns would more than make up for their lack of experience with numbers. The general public will notice the difference and their reaction to the police presence with prove it again… Just as drivers slow down when we see a police car. The officers that are kept on the force should be those who have the experience and attitude necessary to provide the professional example that would keep police academies lined up to have their candidates complete their training on the streets of my city. The interns will receive a financial stipend and be happy for the experience.

I know that there are a thousand objections to this thought, but if someone will list the objections, I am willing to seek the a means to dismiss them. If the city formed a police academy, most objections would become mute.

Please agree or disagree via this post.

BOTTOM LINE – Redevelopment Agencies Move Lots of Money (Now That Jerry Wants It For His Kids)

Publisher’s Commentary by Wallace J. Allen, IV –
Edition – Thursday, July 7, 2011 – Volume 25 No. 45

The Question: Is It Money Well Invested Or Simply Spent? – How many projects have been funded by Your City Redevelopment Agency in the last five years? – How much money was funded per project? – How many contracts and subcontracts were involved per project? – How many Contractors and Sub-Contractors were involved per Project? – How many Contractors and Sub-Contractors were used in total? – How many Contractors from Your City were used? – How many Sub-Contractors from Your City were used? – How many jobs have been created by Your City Redevelopment Agency in the last five years? – How many jobs that were created by RDA funded projects, were filled by residents of Your City? I am sure that someone, somewhere in the RDA Agency in Your City has the answers to these specific questions. I think those answers will tell you a little more about who benefits when RDA Agencies spend or invest your tax dollars by the tens of millions. My Answer: If you are one of the people collecting a check… Contractors, Suppliers, Sub Contractors and Workers including Your City Staff’s Earned Wages… You probably think the money was Well Invested! On The Other Hand, (The One That Did Not Get A Finger In The Money Pie)… The Contractor seeking contracts, unemployed job seeking, tax paying stakeholders, that live in Your City, probably think the money was Simply Spent!