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Pacific High Students and School Make Gains


SAN BERNARDINO, CA— 543 students will graduate from Pacific High School this week, led by valedictorian Vanessa Marin, joining many of her classmates as the first in their families to both graduate from high school and go on to attend college or university.

Vanessa was accepted by several schools in the University of California system, but chose Cal State San Bernardino when offered a President’s Academic Excellence Scholarship (established under former CSUSB President Dr. Albert Karnig). Pacific High School graduates have done very well this year, receiving 44 of the 200 Valley-Bound Scholarships issued in 2013 – the most from any one high school in the Inland Empire. That is commendable achievement that reflects the measurable gains that Pacific has made over the last three years in the state of California’s Academic Performance Index (API).



Tex Acosta, the principal at Pacific High has taken a personal approach: on campus with students and encouraging parent participation, and as part of the school district’s Strategic Planning efforts. School Improvement grant funding benefited the school by providing teachers greater access to professional learning opportunities focused on improving student academic achievement.  And in 2012, Pacific High was recertified as a National Demonstration School for the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program, a status is achieved by fewer than 100 schools nation-wide, and making it a model for strengthening other AVID schools.

During these same three years, student referrals and suspensions have dropped 66 percent at the high school!

Certainly, more work needs to take place at Pacific and across the San Bernardino City Unified School District to boost students’ chances of success after graduation, in college and in the workplace, and to continue the journey toward excellence.  They deserve support and praise from their community.

When Pacific’s Class of 2013 marches across the stage at Bailey Bowl to receive their diplomas, they will not only represent their personal achievements, but also the achievement of their parents, their teachers, and their administrators. Go Pirates!! (WSSN 5/17/13)

What Do With Lue Artist Review & Entertainment Happenings



By Lue Dowdy, CA– I’m happy to announce this week’s selected artist, Michael Echols, Barber/Promoter/Entrepreneur. Hair is an art! It takes a special set of skills to keep folks looking good. Having a good haircut can make a world of difference in a person’s self-esteem.



Michael Echols has been a professional barber for 5yrs. He’s currently working out of Cold Cutz Barbershop in downtown Riverside located at, 4029 Market Street Riverside CA, 92501. Receiving his license from Rosston’s Barber College, Michael specializes in all textures of hair. If you need a bald fade, shadow fade, taper, flat top, mo-hawk, fro-hawk, he’s your guy. No time to go to the shop, ask about his mobile service. Micheal will bring the shop to you. You can find this talented Barber at the shop, Sunday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturdays by appointment only. Check out his work at facebook.com/tipyourbarber and on I.G @ Riverside_Raised.

Michael Echols, also is one of the producers for “The Underground Poetry & Lyricist Lounge.” This is an event put on once a month on the 2nd Sunday night of every month in the city of Riverside. It’s been in existence for almost a year and is growing fast. Their objective is to create an atmosphere that welcomes and brings together art, poetry, culture, creativity and unity. Michael feels by doing this, it will create a hub that allows individuals to network amongst one another. If you’re interested in performing, please look them up on TWITTER at: The_UPL_Lounge or on FaceBook: TheUndergroundPoetry/LyricistLounge. You can Email Theundergroundpllounge@yahoo.com, last but not least follow them on I.G at UPL_spokenword. Please support the ARTS!

Entertainment Happenings: There will be several awesome concerts and events coming our way. I hope you’re ready! This month, Eryka Badu will be in San Bernardino at San Manuel Indian Bingo, and BBD (Bel Biv Devoe) will be in Riverside at the Riverside Auditorium. Don’t wait, get your tickets now! Ya girl will be in da house!

R&B singer, Erykah Badu is best known for her hit album “Babuism” which went triple platinum and my all-time favorite “Tyrome.” This singer, activist, and actress will be in concert Thursday, May 30th along with Lyfe Jennings and Bobby V.  Tickets are available for the 7:30 p.m. show through Ticketmaster for $40, $50 and $60

Live in Concert BBD on Saturday, May 25, 2013, DOORS OPEN AT 7:00PMSHOW STARTS AT 8:00 PM

Location: 3485 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, CA 92501. Sponsored by Stansell Enterprises Concerts & Events . Information: 800-838-3006, http://www.stansellenterprises.com.

Review: Cheryl Brown Community Business Summit

Edward Kingcade

Edward Kingcade


he summit in which featured Mrs. Cheryl Brown one of the city’s assembly members, was a great experience and provided a lot of knowledge about the city’s current status and where hopefully it will be in the near future.  Mrs. Brown didn’t speak much but she did get up for a couple of 2-3 minute speeches which were more inspirational than anything.  She also handed out an award to Dr. John Husing who was also in attendance.  Dr. Husing spoke for the majority of the time accompanied by an projector screen in which it had slides of different graphs and photos pertaining to the topic he was currently speaking about.  He touch on several topics about the city and its current condition, and where it stack up against other cities.  Dr. Husing stated that currently the city is one of the lowest scoring when it comes to adults who have graduated high school and went on to obtain a master’s/bachelors degree at 18 out of 100 adults who have done so.  Where the average for most cities is 42-43 out of 100 adults who have done so.  Which ultimately leads to them either being more of a successful adult , or less of an successful adult which has an ricochet effect to their family and children in most cases.  In all for adults he was saying we must make sure we further educate ourselves to ensure an better chance at success as individuals.  He also touched on the difficulties for the small businesses in our area and how it is difficult for most to become successful due to the current financial status of our city.  Stating that most of our local businesses are in competition with competitors that they can’t compete against due to the fact they are big companies with more power and money.  Saying the big companies come in and take over small businesses and consume most of the business real estate in our area and they are coming from different states and cities not locally which takes the money out of our city. Stating that small business can’t go to the next level because of most people’s falling financial status in our city, which ultimately plays a part in companies success.  He also touched on the fact that there is a rise in medical cost for the city which also carries a burden for the city.  Stating that there is a significant rise in medical expenses for the latino community due to their rising population.  Saying that now hospitals will have to become more educated about the latino community when it comes to medical research in the field.  Which ultimately cost more money.  The solution they had to counter act the problems was to try to make sure everyone is properly and highly educated so they can achieve personal success by having the proper knowledge to do so.  Assure that all local business had the proper information and resources to provide great service in their field and provide many more jobs also.  To allow more businesses to open up and become a success instead of open and close within the same year.  To have more business that are local be locally owned and operated. To have more business networking with one another in hopes of generating more income and more projects that provides more jobs and provides better living to the people of our city.  Of course this will take time and must be done one step at a time but as long as we all work together and stay on the same track it can be done in due time.