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Urban HipHop R&B Fashion Show Hits This Saturday

Paul Douglas aka P Hustle the Beast

Paul Douglas aka P Hustle the Beast

by Lue Dowdy, SAN BERNARDINO, CA– LUE Productions 2013 Urban HipHop/R&B Fashion

Yung Muusik

Yung Muusik

Showcase is happening this Saturday, May 18 starting at 2 p.m. in the city of S

an Bernardino, hosted by The Jazz and Art Exchange, along with community partners.   This event mixes an urban fashion show w

ith live HipHop and R&B performances, dance, and art, with plenty of local talented youth and adults, highlighting the talent in the IE and surrounding cities. This will be a fusion of ART, FASHION, and LIVE ENTERTAINMENT for the entire family to enjoy. Please come out and join in all the FUN! Comedy by CEE-CEE Baby.

HipHop Line-up: Artists Paul Douglas aka P. Hustle The Beast (feature

d artist) ; Young Stress, Carl Fontaine, Royce Blue, Mack Pepperboy, Mi$Fit,  Fanacii, Lil MEX, Speaker Junkies, Dominance, and Mic Fitz.

R&B Line-up: Yung Muusik (featured artist),Lady LaNeika, Bernice Reveles, LUE, Cherrelle Jones, Pretty Mentality, Ms. Chevy, and Cash El Principe.

Dance Line-up: A-Town Dance Crew from Arroyo High School; Simon the Kidd, and Melissa Grant.

Swimwear By Me Shaun Denise

Swimwear By Me Shaun Denise

This showcase will also highlight four of the top up and coming designers, including C. Taylor’s Fashions (Inla

nd Empire), Me ‘Shaun Denise Fashions (

Charleston, SC), Bakers Fashions and Divine Intervention.  Their unique styles will be modeled by Bernard aka Skates Borser (featured male model), Top Model Competitors Lea Nora, Krystal Yvonne, Antwanett Grant, and LaTrice Wilson; plus featured

toddler model Nevaeha Alford.

The other stylish models participating in this Urban HipHop affair are Janae Perryman, Cerina Hill, Adrian Johnwell, Vidal Rojas, Fay Palaki, Micheal Foy, Cherrelle Jones, Ahaziah Kingcabe, Mic Fitz, Princess Gallon, Valjene Gallon, Emoni Holmes, Mychelle Mosley, andYung Muusik.

The 2013 Urban HipHop/R&B Fashion Showcase will be held at  The Jazz and Art Exchange, 132 South Arrowhead Ave., San Bernardino, 92410.  Come out and show your support for the Inland Empire’s creative energy! Fashion Designers compete for a cash prize, and artists will exhibit in the Urban Art Factory. Sponsors: CCM Entertainment, Rising Star Music Awards, Island Def Jam Recordings, the Westside Story Newspaper, Chef Music, AM Inc., Swag Models, Believe and Achieve Foundation, Artist Haus Records, and Steene’s Southern Kitchen.  For more information, call 909-567-1000 or Email lueproductions@mail.com

“What it Do with LUE” Artist Review and Entertainment Happenings

Lue Dowdy

Lue Dowdy

By Lue Dowdy, SAN BERNARDINO, CA— Hi everybody! It’s ya girl, LUE coming at you with this week’s my artist review and entertainment happenings. What an eventful weekend! So many awesome and exciting things took place.

Artist Review: I selected Mack Pepperboy a talented and charismatic Hip-hop performer turning heads all over.  Pepperboy was born in the early 80’s growing up with a love for music, being influenced by such west coast artists as Snoop, Dre, E40 pac and many more. It was in the late 90’s when Pepperboy (Anthony Joseph) caught a glimpse of the movements down south and the Club/Street sounds of Cash Money Records & No Limit Records. He then realized that a combination of west coast and down south living would create a whole different sound. Far from a rookie Pepper boy signed his first management deal in the late 90’s which set the wheels in motion. The release of his first mix tape in 2001 with a group from Shreveport Louisiana helped put him on the radar.

2007’s release of Louisihammer the mix tape pushed him forward and helped gain the ears of the west coast. By the time 2008 came around he dropped another CD called Flame Thowa whchtch had the attention of people coast to coast with the songs Get it Girl & My Swagg all over internet radio. You can catch Pepper boy any were from C.A To L.A doing live shows on a weekly basis in 2009 over50 were logged. It doesn’t look like Pepper boy will stop anytime soon. Pepper boy has shared the stage with numerous artists such as Glassess Malone, the new Boyz, Nipsey Hussle, BWS Menace, WuTang, and the list goes on. (mackpepperboy@facebook.com.  Photo:  Label Image Photography.


Jeff Garcia

Jeff Garcia

Mack Pepperboy

Mack Pepperboy

Entertainment Happenings: BLAZE THE STAGE— Our team took a trip to Venice Beach this Saturday, for the 2013 Blaze The Stage – Spring Classic Invitational. This event provides a platform for young

talented unsigned artists from all over the United States to showcase their talent in front of panel of well-known industry leaders. The panel included, Pat Charles, Executive Producer of Blaze the Stage/Senior Writer and creator of “106 & Park” Wild out Wed and Freestyle Friday, Mike Robinson: Executive Talent Scout for Blaze the Stage and CEO of the #1 artist Development/Management company in the West Coast UGMX and BmikeroB

Management, Miss Mim, Host of Sirius XM Radio Shade 45 ; Julius “Just Be” Garcia: Manager to National recording artists, J-Cole & Miguel/A&R of RCA records, Jaynie Jackson: Vocal/Talent Development, Chris Roker : VP of Promotions of the School Tour, Daniel ‘Skid’ Mitchell: Founder of Skids Row Music

Group/Bad Boy Records, 03-11 A&R Alumni, Steve Lobel: Celebrity Manager, Timmi Hicks: Celebrity Vocal Producer, Michael Hayes: CEO and Founder of NUTIZ Radio, Kevin Black: CEO of U Can Fly and Xstream Nation and Aisha Francis: Movement Specialist for Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys, and many more.

Lisa Alvarado

Lisa Alvarado

The entire day was pure entertainment. Between performances a fashion show was provided by FLWC

Willie Barcena

Willie Barcena

, a vendor located on the beach. The clothing was gorgeous as well as the models. Several artists stood out. I particular had my eye on a dace crew all the way from, West Palm Beach Florida. This talented young group of dancers from XCL Productions, stunned the people with their over the top hip-hop dance moves. What an amazing team under the direction of Mrs. Adrian Fischer.  It was a three day event that consisted of networking, basketball game, fashion, performances, and FUN.

For information on Blaze the Stage visit http://blazethestage.com .

LATIN COMEDY JAM— How did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Courtesy of Stansell Enterprises Concerts & Events, we attended the “No Boarders” Comedy Fest in the lovely city of Riverside located at the Riverside Auditorium. What a beautiful and historic place. We LOL all night long, with comedians, Willie Barcena, Gilbert Esquivel, Lisa Alvarado, Jeff Garcia and George Perez. What a great show! Cinco de Mayo, a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. Be sure to purchase your ticket this month for the Bel Biv Devo and Dru Hill concert, May 25th at the Riverside Auditorium. For more information on upcoming events and tickets visit Stansell Enterprises Concerts & Events at http://www.stansellenterprises.com.

Aging and Adult Services tell Seniors and Dependent Adults to Report Abuse and ‘Don’t Take the Blame’ as the State and County Take Steps to Empower Seniors

Seniors_Couple_BillsSAN BERNARDINO, CA– The San Bernardino County Department of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS), Adult Protective Services (APS) is creating awareness of abuse within the senior and dependent adult populations and encourages them not to be reluctant to report abuse of any type.

The awareness campaign, “It’s Not Your Fault,” aims to empower seniors to not be afraid or embarrassed to report abuse; and to let them know they deserve “Dignity, Fairness, and Respect.” DAAS and APS staff will be speaking to seniors throughout the community during the month of May, “Older Americans Month,” in an effort to help prevent and stop abuse of our elderly and frail.  Such abuse can take the form of physical, mental suffering, neglect, intimidation, isolation, abduction, sexual, and financial exploitation. Neglect and financial abuse are the most common.

Over 5 million elderly or vulnerable adults are abused and/or neglected in the U.S. each year, and many fall victim to scams and abuse often by a family member or caretaker. Some seniors are ashamed, or fear if they complain they will be institutionalized as a form of retaliation by a family member.  Many do not believe police and social agencies can really help them, or they think that no one will believe them.

The “I’s Not Your Fault” campaign lets seniors know ‘It’s Not Your Fault if someone you love, respect, and/or depend on is not acting in your best interest.’ Following the 2012 implementation of San Bernardino County’s “It’s Not Your Fault” campaign in the High Desert area, referrals for abuse increased over three times greater than in July.  The state-wide hotline to report abuse is 877-565-2020.

“Elder abuse tends to take place where the senior lives.  Most often, abuse is in the home where abusers are apt to be adult children or other family members such as grandchildren or spouses/partners of elders. “For every report of abuse of an older adult or an adult with a disability, five reports are not made,” says DAAS Director Ron Buttram.”

However, abuse can also take place in senior living facilities. The California Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud & Elder Abuse (BMFEA) operates three programs designed to hold both persons and institutions accountable for abuse of elders: 1. The Violent Crimes program investigates and prosecutes physical elder abuse committed by individual employees against patients in elder care facilities (including homicide, rape, false imprisonment, assault and battery). 2. The Facilities Enforcement Team investigates and prosecutes the actual facilities for adopting policies or promoting practices that lead to neglect and/or poor quality of care, such as: a) Failure to provide medical care for physical and mental health needs; b) Failure to attend to hygiene concerns; c) Failure to provide adequate staffing; and, d)Failure to prevent malnutrition and dehydration; and Falsification of patient charts

The Operation Guardians program helps to help protect and improve the quality of care for California’s elder and dependent adult residents in skilled nursing facilities by identifying instances of abuse or neglect via investigations that include “Surprise Inspections” that may lead to criminal or civil prosecution by the BMFEA. Actual reports of the guardians’ “Surprise Inspections” can be found online at  http://oag.ca.gov/bmfea/elder — a good way to know what home NOT to reside in.

DAAS wants seniors and dependent adults who are victims of abuse to call California’s Adult Protective Services hotline first at 1-877-565-2020.  All referrals are handled with discretion, dignity and respect. APS services are also available to persons between 18-64 years of age who are unable to protect their own interest due to a physical or mental disability.

With the “It’s Not Your Fault” campaign, the DAAS is empowering seniors, at-risk individuals, and adults with disabilities ensure they have the resources to improve or maintain choice, independence and quality of life in the least restrictive environment possible.  To report abuse, call 877-565-2020.