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Back to School Next Week for San Bernardino Unified School District

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) students return to school on Monday, August 7. Monday is a regular school day. Late start and early dismissal schedules begin the second week of school.

A copy of the 2017–2018 school-year calendar is available for you to view and download at http://bernardino.ss13.sharpschool.com/cms/One.aspx?portalId=59953&pageId=360733.

Parents who need to enroll their child should do so at their child’s home school. Call Boundaries at (909) 388-6100 or use the School Site Locator program by visiting http://apps.schoolsitelocator.com/?districtcode=43985 to determine a child’s home school.

Parents of students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) should contact the Special Education department at (909) 880-6863 with questions or concerns about school enrollment.

CAPS Expanded Learning, the SBCUSD before- and after-school program, is not in session on Monday, August 7. Before- and after-school programs begin on Tuesday, August 8.

SBCUSD is focusing on student attendance in the coming school year. Every day your child attends school is an opportunity to learn and be successful. Every day your child misses school is a lost opportunity that puts him or her behind their peers.

70 Kilometer Bike Ride Raises Funds for The Salvation Army’s Path to Prosperity Transitional Living Program

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- When talking about San Bernardino, its reputation often precedes it. Words like poverty and crime roll off the tongue too easily. Then came the worst massacre in the United States since 9/11 and the City of San Bernardino was once again in the news. And the news was not good.

Ray Anderson, a business coach by trade and Salvation Army advisory board member, knew the negative images of his city were indelibly etched in the minds of people around the world. Adding terrorism to the list didn’t help. He wanted to see San Bernardino celebrated, not mourned or worse, ignored.

On the eve of his 70th birthday, the wheels started turning.

“We want to turn a negative image into something positive and uplifting,” Anderson said. “I’m committed to a personal effort to demonstrate that one person acting in faith can change the course of a family, a neighborhood and a community.

“Specifically, I want to do something to unite people behind the transformation of San Bernardino and show off the good sides of the town. I just turned 70, so how about I bike 70 kilometers through the city?”

Anderson, along with San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis and Major Dan Henderson of The Salvation Army Corps will cycle their bikes through San Bernardino in the 70:70K Ride on Saturday, October 14.

The goal is to raise $70,000 to purchase and rehab up to four houses for The Salvation Army’s “Path to Prosperity” program.  Through the program men have a safe, sober home to rent live in the while they compete their education, a job training and maintain a job while rebuilding their “spirit, family and life.”

The Path to Prosperity is open to any man who has successfully completed a substance abuse treatment program and can prove he has lived clean and sober for the last six months.

“The Path to Prosperity program is a final step to transform men with little hope into contributing members of the community,” Anderson said.

The Path to Prosperity is currently limited to 30 men for the 18-month program.  The need is so great that there is a waiting list of those hoping to join when space is available.  The addition of four new homes will enable Path to Prosperity program to serve as many as 25 men on the waiting list.

Anderson said the Path to Prosperity program has more than a decade of successfully returning 91 percent of clients, more than 323 graduates, back on the community, sober and self-sufficient.  He hopes to get as many people involved as he can to support the program, both through donations and the ride itself.

A goal of 250 cyclists, led by San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis, will navigate through the city and pass by some of the spots that make San Bernardino unique.

The ride cruises along Historic Route 66, passes by the Little League West Regional Diamond, Cal State San Bernardino, San Manuel Casino, the International Airport, the 66ers San Manuel Stadium and ends at San Bernardino City Hall.

A Vietnam veteran, Anderson said he remembers what it was like to come home to a less-than-welcoming environment. But work was plentiful. Now, the opposite is greeting our veterans, Anderson said.

“Regardless of age, each of us can encourage and inspire others to pick up the gauntlet of change that will enable a new generation to reach for the stars with a simple act of focused giving,” Anderson said. “Specifically, I wanted to do something to unite people behind the transformation of San Bernardino.”

“The goal is to help men in trouble rebuild their lives through education or job training and return to society.  Instead of costing us $45,000 a year, recovered men can now contribute $30,000 or more to our local economy every year,” said Anderson.

People can participate in a number of ways. Everyone is invited to ride along, even if only for short segments. Riders can ask friends and family to support their effort with an on-line donation at various levels.

“You can contribute directly to the campaign at The Salvation Army,” said Anderson.

The cost to join the 70:70 Ride is $70 per rider.

“Realistically, I may never know the impact my chosen path made on the people, the city or those in the world around me,” Anderson said. “What I do know is unconditional love shown to me by family, friends and good-hearted people I’ve never met, compel me to return that love to a world desperately seeking it.”

For more information, on the 70:70 Ride call Cesar Gomez at (909) 230-292.  For information on the Path to Prosperity Program call the San Bernardino Corps headquarters at (909) 888-1336.

Men seeking help to overcome drug or alcohol addiction should call their local Adult Rehabilitation Centers at (909) 889-9605 in San Bernardino County or (951) 940-5790 in Riverside County.


Sherri Bryant Performs Live This Saturday

WALNUT, CA- In March, you were introduced you to Gospel Sensation, Sherri Bryant, who had recently released her new single, “You Are Greater.” This song took us through Sherri’s personal journey from fear to faith as she faced the possibility of losing her home to foreclosure. After seeing how God brought her through that time in her life, Sherri began writing and singing songs directly to God thanking Him for His incredible grace.     

Now that Sherri’s album is complete, she would love for you to join her and her friends at a concert celebrating our magnificent God and the release of her new CD, ‘True Worship’. Come with us as we take some time away from our busy lives to sing songs to God that come from deep down in our hearts.   

The concert will take place Saturday, August 5 at 7:30 p.m. at City Blessing Church located at 18901 Amar Road in Walnut. Tickets are $5 at the door.