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Non Profit Olympian Kim Carter Brings Home the Silver not the Gold

From left- Anderson Cooper and the 2015 Top 10 CNN Heroes

From left- Anderson Cooper and the 2015 Top 10 CNN Heroes

Submitted by the Time for Change Foundation

Kim Carter and actress Taylor Schilling

Kim Carter and actress Taylor Schilling

On November 17, 2015 at the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan, New York, Inland Empire’s own Kim Carter of the Time for Change Foundation was being honored as one of CNN’s Top 10 Heroes in the world. The event was filled with the ambiance of excitement and joy as each honoree was given the celebrity treatment for the day.

According to Kim Carter, Founder and Executive Director, of Time for Change Foundation, “This experience was so surreal! Walking the Red Carpet and riding in luxury with hair and make-up glam squads at my disposal was definitely overwhelming, and all I could think about was I wish the women from my shelters could be here.”

Many celebrities were on hand such as Sharon Stone, Kelly Rippa and her husband, Neil Patrick Harris, and Andra Day, to name a few. The highlight of the evening came when Actress Taylor Schilling from the show Orange is the New Black, presented Kim Carter with the Top 10 Hero Award. Kim reminded everyone that her motivation to help women reclaim their children is directly attributed to the pain that she carries from being absent in her daughter Missy’s early years of life.

As anticipation mounted during the night, Anderson Cooper received the honor of opening the envelope and

Kim Carter with daughter Missy Tate

Kim Carter with daughter Missy Tate

announcing the CNN Hero of the Year. While all of the top 10 heroes are doing amazing work, the world was asked to go online and vote for one to become CNN Hero of the Year. Maggie Doyne, who traveled the world at 16-years-old after graduating high school, found herself compelled to help the war torn country of Nepal and started an orphanage and later co-founded a school was selected as the winner.

Each honoree will be awarded $10,000 and the Hero of the Year receives an additional $100,000. Like Kim Carter stated, “We are grateful that we made it this far,” she likened this experience as going to the non-profit Olympics and bringing home the silver. “My life will be forever changed because of this experience and I’m so elated that Subaru has pledged $500,000 in matching funds to all 10 of our organizations.” This means that if people want to donate to Time for Change through the CNN online portal, their money will be matched 100% with no processing fees for them or the organization. It’s doubling whatever someone wants to donate up to $50,000 per agency through December 31, 2015. The website to donate is www.cnn.com/donations/kim-carter.html. To watch the CNN Heroes Tribute Show tune in to CNN on December 6 at 5 p.m. PST.

Time for Change Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Southern California that provides housing and supportive services to homeless women and children. Since its inception, they have helped over 850 homeless families make the transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency. For more information visit their website at www.timeforchangefoundation.org or call (909) 886-2994.


Dr. Keisha Downey Chats On Helping People Improve Their Lives, Her Career Journey and Future Plans

By Naomi K. Bonman

Throughout life, we are faced with many challenges…some more severe than others, some harder to overcome, and some which we ignore for the moment. When we choose not to face our challenges, it can negatively impact our true being. Therapy allows you to heal from past and/or current hurt and pain and provides you with the tools to grow into the purposeful soul you are meant to be.

Dr. Keisha Downey is a Licensed Marriage and Family Psychotherapist. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with an emphasis in Community Service, a Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy, and a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. Her office is based in Beverly Hills. As a therapist, she has helped her clients properly cope with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, trauma, substance abuse, parent-child relationships, and crisis intervention, just to name a few. As you can see, Dr. Downey’s clients come from diverse cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, lifestyles, and ethnicities.

 “I have learned that in order to truly meet my client’s needs, I have to meet him or her where they are, listen empathetically, and view their world as they see it,” Dr. Downey explains. “More importantly, I provide an accepting and non-judgmental environment so that my clients can express their inner thoughts regardless of what those inner thoughts may be.”

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Dr. Downey where she dug in deeper of her inspirations in becoming a therapist, how the show VH1’s Couples’ Therapy with Dr. Jenn Mann came about, and her goals for the upcoming year.

Multi-Cultural Gala Brings out Business and Community Leaders


RIVERSIDE, CA—On Thursday, November 12, business executives and community leaders were all decked out in their best attire at the 2nd Annual Chamber of Commerce Multi-Cultural Gala. The gala was held in downtown Riverside at The Riverside Convention Center. If you missed out this year, you missed out on a phenomenal event. Here are a few photos that were captured from the night.