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“Get Rid of It…NOW!”

Lou Coleman

Lou Coleman

By Lou Coleman

You see, there comes a point in all of our lives, when we need to clean house. We need to get rid of the junk in our trunk. We need to let go of some things. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul?  So, whatever it is that prevents you from being the light in the darkness, you need to get rid of it! Whether it is a book, a thought, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a habit, a fantasy, a desire, whatever it is, you need to get rid of it. Listen, ignoring sin will not make it go away.  Sin is missing the mark, falling short of God’s ideal for us.  We are all guilty of sin and therefore headed to Eternal destruction.  However, God has provided a way out through the Gospel.  We need to obey the Gospel in order to escape the devastating effects of sin. So whatever minimizes your devotion to God, whatever hinders your faith, whatever pulls you away from Christ, whatever defiles the temple, get rid of it. That stuff doesn’t belong in your life. You are God’s temple. God’s Spirit dwells in you. Destroy the garbage before it destroys you. You know someone has said the favorite word of the devil is “Tomorrow.” If the devil has a favorite word, it’s Tomorrow. And a lot of people have died and gone to a devil’s hell with Tomorrow on their lips. But Jesus says, today!  Today is the day of salvation… So get rid of it! Get rid of any and every thing that is hindering your walk with Christ.

You know the last thing Hezekiah did in [2 Chronicles 29] was burn the garbage. He disposed of it.  Hezekiah made up his mind and said the Hell with this! I have had to clean house many times in my life. I encourage you to do the same. Carry the filth out of your life. Get rid of it! Burn the garbage! Dispose of it! If, and when you do, God’s praise will echo in your heart again. God’s glory will sparkle in and through your spirit. And God’s presence will return to your soul.  God says, “I will make a new covenant with you. I will place in you a new heart. I will give you a new spirit. I will give you a new name. You will sing a new song. I will give you new wine. I will restore you to the joy of your salvation.”

Think back to those times when you were really happy, when you woke up in the morning with a song in your heart and a prayer on your lips. When you felt like praising God in song. When you felt like whistling. Do you remember those times in your life where you weren’t so rushed and racing, when you weren’t so concentrated on the tasks before you, when you weren’t so sour and negative, when you were truly happy inside? I do. God says, “He want to restore you to the joy of your salvation.” Get Rid of It! Stop holding on! Stop sinning! Let Go and Let God! Oh, taste and see the goodness of God. Don’t wait another day! Get Rid of It!

Student Spotlight: Emerald Taylor and Jaeden Alex

Emerald Taylor and  Jaeden AlexSAN BERNARDINO, CA — Jaeden Alex, reigning SAL triple jump champion, a junior at Rialto High School, who won the San Andreas League Triple Jump title as a sophomore in 2015, has been working hard in the classroom as well as the track. She recently ranked as one of the top two jumpers in the league, and one of the best in the area. Her personal best came at SAL finals last year with a 35’ 6 jump, and a trip to CIF Prelims.

Emerald Taylor, a senior at Rialto High School, who won third place at the SAL finals last year as a junior and 4th in league as a sophomore, she’s set her sights on solidifying a 2016 league championship this year and going back to CIF prelims. Spending her whole off-season training and focusing, she recently jumped 36’ 4 against Indian Springs High School on April 13. She is college bound with a 1350 SAT and a 19 on her ACT. Colleges have already begun showing interest in her as a jumper.

The Inland Valley News Hosts 19th Annual Celebration of Excellence Awards Gala and Scholarship Dinner

Honorees of the 2016 COE Gala and Inland Valley News Inc. Board Members during the Press Conference Luncheon held at Mt. San Antonia Gardens. Photo by Naomi K. Bonman

Honorees of the 2016 COE Gala and Inland Valley News Inc. Board Members during the Press Conference Luncheon held at Mt. San Antonia Gardens. Photo by Naomi K. Bonman

UPLAND, CA- The days are counting down until the most illustrious event in the Inland Valley and Inland Empire. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this event, buy your tickets today!  The Inland Valley News Inc. is thrilled to present its 19th Annual Celebration of Excellence Awards Gala and Scholarship Dinner, “Investing in the Next Generation of World Changers,” to be held on Friday, April 29, at Doubletree by Hilton located at 222 North Vineyard Avenue in Ontario.

The Celebration of Excellence Awards Gala and Scholarship Dinner is a community outreach program of the Inland Valley News, sponsored together with its affiliated not for- profit, public benefit 501(c)(3) corporation, Shining Glory Publications. The event is one of the few true celebrations of the achievements and contributions of people who help make this community the jewel of Southern California. Last year, hundreds of registered guests, including leaders in business, education, housing, transportation, health care, government, church and media as well as other key decision-makers participated in this annual celebration.

The Publisher’s Awards Recipients are: Tamara Weston, (Macy’s) –Publishers’ Choice; Eric Dickerson, (NFL Hall of Famer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist) –Lifetime Achievement Award; Dr. Lester J. Jones, (Western University) –Educational Innovation Award; Dr. Martha Melendez, (Arrowhead Regional Medical Center) –Excellence in Community Health Leadership Award; Laura Mancha, (San Bernardino County Board of Education) –Excellence in Educational Leadership; Dr. Felice Loverso, (Casa Colina) – Excellence in Corporate Leadership; Gilbert A. Holmes, JD. (University of La Verne) –Excellence in Jurisprudence Award; Richard E. Yochum (Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center) –Excellence in Hospital Administration Award.  The Community Awards Recipients are: Kenneth Gray, Excellence for being a Champion of Change; Linda Wright-Lee, Excellence in Community Activism; Antoine & Heather Dunham, Excellence in Youth Empowerment; A. Majadi, Excellence in Youth Advocacy; and Larry Ortega; Excellence in Technology Activism.

Congratulations to all our honorees and recipients of the 2016 Celebration of Excellence.

The proceeds from this event will provide scholarships and internships through the IVN Scholars program. The IVN Scholars Program was designed to provide Shining Glory Scholarship recipients who are pursuing education or careers in mass communications, the arts, as well as those who are pursuing careers in the STEM-related industries with more than just money for college.

“The goal was and still is to extend our reach as we work to prepare the next generation of global leaders who will work to make the world better. Students within the program are paired with highly trained mentors who support them throughout their entire undergraduate career. Additionally, participants receive ongoing comprehensive leadership development training, service learning opportunities and internships within their respective areas of interest. The intent is to use these different facets as a means to fostering the 21st century competencies and leadership capacities necessary for them to become powerful, thoughtful and engaged world changers. We at the IVN Scholars Program are excited to induct our second class of future world changers who will join our program this Fall” said, Ta Mia Morrow, Executive Director.

For more information tickets, sponsorships regarding the Celebration of Excellence Awards Gala and Scholarship Gala, please do not hesitate to contact the IVN office at (909) 985-0072 or visit www.coegala.org or www.inlandvalleynews.com.