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“Don’t Fool Yourself!”

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Lou Coleman

“You cannot serve both God and riches.” {Mt. 6:24}.  You cannot live a double life and have a fulfilling spiritual life.  Have you forgotten that whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap? Serve God and reap eternal glory, or serve the world and the devil and reap eternal death. The choice is yours, but “Don’t Fool Yourself!”

God says, “He know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. He wishes you were either one or the other! But, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold—He is going to spit you out of His mouth.” {Rev. 3:14-16} There is no hiding or pretending before God. Open your eyes! Jesus asked the Laodicea’s to make a firm decision not to be lukewarm, and He is asking you the same thing today. Choose Whom This Day You Will Serve… God or the Devil, for there is no middle ground.

God is not satisfied with knowing you on a superficial level, but wants to become intimate with you. He doesn’t want your relationship to be lukewarm, because the nature of the relationship does not allow for that. “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for Him will find it.”

Don’t you know that Jesus loves you and wants to give you true life, but in your heart, you are undecided concerning Him. You are not rejecting Him, but you are not committing your heart to Him either. Because of this, you are in danger of losing your salvation. It is not enough to be aware of God and acknowledge Him mentally. Real Christianity is not just an idea or set of moral principles to abide by. It is an intimate relationship with Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

Being a Christian is not something you can be complacent about. You cannot afford to fall into that pitfall.  The price is too high. The cost is your soul!  I ask you, was Jesus complacent?  Was He indifferent to our fate? No! He loved us so much that He paid for our sin with His own life. How then can we be lukewarm in our relationship with God? How can our hearts be undecided? Every man should wisely examine their life and determine what assumption they are living.  And by all means, consider the risk/reward of your choice!

Elijah told Israel to stop halting between two opinions and decide on the God they would serve (I Kings 18:21). Why would you choose the temporary and deceiving things of this world, which are here one day and gone the next, when God offers to give you the “Bread of Life?” The gift of God is incomparable to anything you can keep here on earth. It is definitely an offer you shouldn’t refuse. Don’t Fool Yourself!

Publisher’s Election Recommendations Please Vote on June 3rd

  • Lieutenant Governor:

    Gavin Newsom

  • Secretary of State

    Alex Padilla

  • Controller

    John Perez

  • Treasurer

    John Chiang

  • Attorney General

    Kamala D. Harris

  • Insurance Commissioner:

    Dave Jones

  • Superintendent of Public Instructions:

    Tom Torlakson

  • U. S. Representative  District 8

    Bob Conaway

  • U.S. Representative District 31

    Danny Tillman

  • U.S. Representative District 35

    Norma Torres

  • State Senator District 20

    Shannon O’Brien

  • State Assembly District 40

    Kathleen Henry

  • State Assembly District 47

    Cheryl R. Brown

  • SB County Superintendent of Schools

    Ted Ajejandre

  • SB County District Attorney

    Grover D. Merritt

  • SB County Sheriff/Coroner/Public Administrator:

    Clifton Harris

  • Proposition 41…

    Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond of 2014…. YES

  • Proposition 42… Public Records… Reimbursement To Local Agencies… Amendment….


First Humanitarian Classical Soul Duo Ron Blakely and Nicholas Haklitch Jimenez

Blakely and Haklitch JimenezRe-Written By Naomi K. Bonman

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- The blending of musical genres is what makes music unique. Nicholas Haklitch (CSUSB Alumni ’12) and singer Ron Blakely (University of Redlands Alumni ’13 have joined forces in bringing a combination of classical, soul to the masses. The duo came together 3 months ago, and since then they have been productive for the past six weeks in playing at over 28 shows and recording, producing and publishing their first EP entitled ‘Tired’, which ranked in the 86 spot on iTunes Top 100. They sold over 200 copies within the first week of the EP’s release and were able to gain a dedicated fan base.

In addition to increasing their audience, the two college alumni musicians have been approached by several band managers and independent record labels, and have received a countless number of emails from other musicians and fans stating how the EP has “changed”, “inspired”, “helped”, and “influenced” them.

‘Tired’ takes two genres of music, classical and soul, to create a heartache album that takes listeners through the journey of Blakeley’s personal failed romantic relationship in a way that is able to connect the listener in an intimate and relatable approach. Ron encourages fans to reminisce on their lost times and loves.

The primary objective of BHJMusic is to write and publish good, humble, honest and compassionate music that can enhance the listener’s life. With every single sale that the duo makes, they have agreed to donate one-third of their earnings to local non-profits, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters in the Inland Empire.

“Music is the tool that will allow us to achieve our ultimate dream, giving everyone we encounter a financial break so that they can breathe a little easier, sleep a little easier, and feel like there are two people in this world that care”, Blakely states.

For more information, please visit www.bhjmusic.com. For those that would like to see the duo perform they play every Monday at the Fox Theatre in Riverside, and every Tuesday they play two shows, one at Augie’s Coffee and the second at Back to the Grind in Riverside.