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Loma Linda University Health to Honor Time For Change Foundation at Women’s Conference

Kim Carter

Kim Carter

LOMA LINDA , CA- Loma Linda University Health will be holding its Sixth Annual Women’s Health Conference.  This year’s theme is, “Be You! Fit. Smart. Healthy.”  The conference is designed for women of all walks of life, seeking to be better informed and more proactive about their health and overall well-being.
Each year, Loma Linda University Health recognizes a local charitable organization providing great service to women by honoring the organization with its Community Investment award.  This year, Time for Change Foundation was chosen as the recipient.  Since 2002, Time for Change Foundation has been dedicated to helping homeless women and children achieve self-sufficiency by using a strength-based approach to address their needs. The Foundation’s programs and supportive services help to provide women and their children with the tools necessary to recover from homelessness, drug addiction, family separation, mental and physical abuse, and the effects of incarceration.  Through these services, women are taught how to live healthy, fit, successfully productive lives.
“We all were overjoyed when we were informed about the award,” said Kim Carter, Executive Director of Time for Change Foundation.  “Loma Linda Health is a pillar in the community and being recognized lets us know that we are on the right path in ensuring that all women have access to healthy lives.”
For more information about the conference or to purchase tickets, go to www.lomalindahealth.org.
Time for Change Foundation’s mission is to empower disenfranchised low income individuals and families by building leadership through evidenced-based programs and housing to create self-sufficiency and thriving communities.  To learn more about Time for Change Foundation visit its website at, www.timeforchangefoundation.org.

Dwaine Radden into The AAA Minor League Football Hall of Fame

Dwaine Radden Sr. and Wife Melinda Radden

Dwaine Radden Sr. and Wife Melinda Radden

The AAA Minor League Football Hall of Fame held an induction ceremony on January 10, 2014 at Desert Princess Golf Resort at 6pm in Cathedral City, CA. The ceremony honored fifty-six coaches and players who coach at the Minor League level and have shown exemplary coaching and player abilities. The ceremony opened with a dinner where the coaches got the chance to interact with one another and network.
Darrel “Mouse” Davis was the guest speaker at the induction ceremony. Davis is an American football coach who coached at the collegiate and professional level. Davis, who coached various football teams including Portland State, the Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons, was the pioneer of the “Run ‘n’ Shoot” offense. At the ceremony, Davis

reminisced on his career and provided humor and words of encouragement to the coaches and players who were being inducted.
Amongst the eighteen coaches who were inducted was Dwaine Radden Sr., Head coach of the California Raiders, a team based out of San Bernardino, California. Radden has been serving the community, coaching and mentoring athletes for over 25 years throughout the Inland Empire. He began coaching youth football in 1990, engraving his code throughout generations of work. His work can still be shown today through San Bernardino Pop Warner, which he revived after being defunct several years before 1997.
He created a competitive energy in the city with several players coming out of the Youth Football League such as Chris Polk University of Washington (Philadelphia Eagles), Rodney Harris University of Kansas (Speed Coach), Gary Walker University of Idaho (2013 NFL Draft Prospect), Dewayne Booker Wayland Baptist (Track and Field) just to name a few.

Dick Suess, the Founder of the AAA Hall of Fame and former NFL player, called Radden a legend. He has been revolutionary in elevating this level of football and has impacted thousand of players and young men’s lives throughout the Inland Empire.
Dwaine  has coached Minor football since 2005 and has led the Raiders to three championships, two back-to-back undefeated seasons, one national title appearance and six division championships. The Raiders have accumulated a record of 104-20-1 over the past nine years. The Raiders hold the record for points scored in a single season (579 points).  He and the Raiders have been to the Playoffs every year since their conception in 2005. The Raiders finished the 2013 season ranked #1 in the Western Region and #5 in the nation and hold the UFAL record for points scored in a single season.
He has received countless accolades for coaching such as Semi Pro Talk’s “2013 Coach of the Year” and  “2006 National Football Foundation Coach and Team of the Year”

, “UFAL League Coach of the Year” 2009-2011. Radden said, “A lot of coaches like to hang their hat on players that made it to the next level NFL or Arena football.” He went on to say, “My pleasure comes from seeing young men elevate to the next level in life.”
Coach Radden was the first to accept his induction award and told a story from his childhood to the crowd on how his uncle influenced him to start playing football. The crowd got to know the coach more with the speech he shared.
Radden and his all-star players teamed up with coaches and players from as far as England to play in the Hall of Fame game held at the College of Desert, where they defeated the So. Cal Coyotes 32-30.

Taming of the Shrew



The number one complaint I hear from men about existing and past relationships and marriages. How it drives or drove them away…all that nagging and complaining.

Checking In

Another popular complaint, why do I have to check in? I don’t even check in with my mother!

The Root

As a woman, as much as a man hates their woman nagging them to death, we also equally hate being considered a “brat” and having to pester, remind you of your worth and ours.


Nagging derives from the origination of a dislike, concern, or care for a person’s wellbeing. This dislike or concern at best was a derivative (maybe the 4th, 5th or 6th) from a soothing expression of our care for you. Our “care” for you reaching your potential of being the best husband, boyfriend, father, professional, friend you can be. We want you to thrive and are your

number one cheerleaders. Our initial good intentions have been elevated, as we view the man has disregarded our concern and care for them as a being and their care for us. Thus the initial calming expression of our concern has transformed into frustration.

When you are or attaining to become a significant part of  a woman’s life, we like to let you into our world by sharing what goes on when you are not around. We also expect that same reciprocity. We like to know if you are going away and made it safely. Not because there is distrust or we are trying to map all of your whereabouts…But because we care for your well-being and have an interest in what goes on in your life when we are not around. Reaching adulthood, attaining your own place, having financial independence…you are now beating to your own drum. Willing to share your life with someone, by way of marriage or attempting to achieve exclusivity, adjustments should be made. Pursuing a relationship and being in one……you should want to let that person know your whereabouts and share what makes you

being who you are. So why not check-in?

The Tamer


The examples of successful marriages and relationships that I have seen in my life, are those where there is an understanding between two people of their expectations and each other’s limitations. While there is disagreement, there is respect for each other’s feelings that the two are willing to come up with a solution. During my travel days with my business colleagues that were married…..I always remember them excusing themselves for 5 minutes to check in with their spouse that they arrived safely, making sure the kids had a normal day and etc. Through several interactions with my married male friends, whom I view have a successful marriage….there was always references of them accommodating their wives “reasonable” expectations. They wanted to avoid the “nag”…..they eventually got it and realized that they are loved and their significant other just wants them to thrive in the best way that he can. Similarly my married lady friends would state the same….maybe it wasn’t the “nag” they were avoiding…in their case the “silent treatment”.

Taming Alternative 1)

Avoiding the “nag” and accepting the “check-in”

  • Listen to your woman
  • Realize her intentions are from the heart and are not ill-willed
  • Adjust and accommodate to her needs
  • Or reconcile an understanding

Taming Alternative 2)

  • Ignore the “nag”
  • Disregard the “Check-in”

The “nag” does not continue in perpetuity. Us as women become tired of hearing our own thoughts knowing they’re not acknowledged. We are not as long-winded as men think. Eventually the “nag” and inquiry of our significant other whereabouts dwindles……we have reached an understanding that our expectations and theirs are not correlated. We stop loving, caring and thinking of your well-being. We become “tamed”…that person whom we thought was significant in our life…..loses his “shrew” and “bugaboo” and often reluctantly regrets as that “shrew”  moves on and eventually transforms into someone else’s queen. Thus goal accomplished we are “tamed” but you as the man who decided to ignore and disregard are now alone.

Written by Tahira Wright. She is a blogger and has her own website at www.happilydivorcedandafter.c

om where she discusses relationship
issues, insights on trending news and celebrity insights and her journey in becoming a happily divorcee. Her style is reality-based with

a quirky and comedic twist.

Posted by Tahira Wright. She is a blogger and has her own website at www.happilydivorcedandafter.com where she discusses relationship issues, insights on trending news and celebrity insights and her journey in becoming a happily divorcee. Her style is reality-based with a quirky and comedic twist.

Posted by Tahira Wright. She is a blogger and has her own website at www.happilydivorcedandafter.com where she discusses relationship issues, insights on trending news and celebrity insights and her journey in becoming a happily divorcee. Her style is reality-based with a quirky and comedic twist.