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“Enough is enough!”

Lou Coleman

Lou Coleman

By Lou Coleman

I Can’t Take It Anymore!  Have you ever heard anybody say that? Have you ever said that yourself? “I’ve had enough! I can’t do this anymore.” Every day is a grind.  Every day is another battle.  Every day brings more struggles. Every day brings more stress. And just when you think all the problems are gone, then a new one pops up out of nowhere.  Talk about battles!  Talk about struggles!  Just when you feel good about yourself and your spiritual life, then Satan attacks and it seems like you can’t win for loosing.  It seems as though, “If it ain’t One Thing, It’s another!”

Well, back in the disco music time, a songwriter wrote, “Enough is enough!” Donna Summer had decided that she couldn’t go on no more. She had been in a relationship that she finally saw was going nowhere. She saw that it was time for her to move on and do better. She saw that it was time to stop putting up with all the heartache and pain; all the sorrow and wrongdoing; all the misdirection and misinformation; it was time to put her foot down and let it be known that she had had enough. “No More! Enough is enough!”

My friend, just like Donna Summer, there should come a time in our lives that we should see the Devil for who he really is. We should see that his only purpose is to steal, kill, destroy, and to convince us to go against God’s will. Even Jesus was tired of the Devil messing with Him, and He decided to put a stop to all of Satan madness and He told him, “No More… Enough is enough… Get thee behind Me Satan!”  Aren’t you tired of being tired? Aren’t you tired of the Devil messing with you?  Aren’t you tired of him stealing your joy, peace, and happiness? Aren’t you tired of him taking things from you? If so, then tell the devil, “No More! Enough is enough!” Let him know that you’re not going to take it anymore! Tell him to get out, there’s nothing left to talk about!  GET OUT and don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!  Look him square in the eyes and simple shout, “NO MORE!  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,” and proceed to put him out! To Hell with the Devil!

You know the Bible is full of men and women who display the full range of emotions that we ourselves experience, who struggle with the big questions of life. Elijah was a person just like us who reached a point where he sat down in total, abject despair and said, “No More… Enough is enough! It’s the last straw… I can’t take any more!” If you have had enough.  If you are tired and worn out from the things you have had to deal with in the last few months or year. Then let the Devil know that the buck stops here, today! Stand your ground. Don’t give up. Hit him with everything you’ve got and he will always flee from you. Remember, Satan doesn’t have any power over you; the only thing he has is ability, and that is the ability to deceive. There are a lot of people that consider Satan to be an all-powerful being, when, in fact, he’s not! He lost whatever power he had as an anointed cherub of God when he was cast out of Heaven and fell to Earth (Luke 10:18; Isaiah 14:12-14) He is not equal to God in any way, and he never was! We have to realize that all he is is a disenfranchised spirit that is seeking those that he might deceive. 1 Peter 5:8, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the Devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” Note that he isn’t a roaring lion, he just acts like one! It’s important for us to realize that God is the one that has the real dynamic power, not Satan.

Listen, only you can prevent the Devil from making his permanent abode in your heart. Our struggle is against forces of evil. And yes, it is a struggle! You’ve got to put forth effort. You’ve got to try hard. Revelation 2:25 tells us to hold fast till Jesus come. That requires effort: to hold fast. You’ve got to do that. Make no mistake about it, the Devil will extract all the good he can from you and when he finally does leave, he’ll leave you in as bad a shape as he possibly can. You’ve got to ditch him by evicting him. You have the right of emanate domain over the devil. Use it!

Jesus served papers on the Devil, and He drove the him away with the sharp two edged sword called Scripture. Jesus used the pages of Scripture to add authority to this eviction. {Matthew 4:10, 11 says, Then the Devil left Him, and angels came and attended Him}.  You can ditch the Devil the same way. Pack your mind with Scripture. The pages of the Bible are powerful. {Hebrews 4:12, For the Word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword.}  So crowd him out with the Bible. Give the Devil a cold shoulder and invite Jesus in. The Devil can shoot all the arrows he wants at you but when you are inside God’s armor you are fully protected. Do it now, before the Devil attacks. Drive him out- Cut him out- Pray him out- Force him out- Crowd him out- Squeeze him out- Block him out. You can do that. We are not going to let the Devil run us from where we need to be! We have to make up our mind that we will be stead fast and unmovable always abiding in His Word!

Ditch him today and every day. “No More… Enough is enough!”



Inland Empire Resident, Joshua Robinson, Competes for $10,000

KODAK Digital Still Camera

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- WSS News intern, Noelle Lilley, recently interviewed Rancho Cucamonga native Joshua Robinson, 32, who is competing for $10,000 on CMT’s ‘Steve Austin’s The Broken Skull’. Robinson is a youth athletic trainer with plans of buying top of the line equipment for his youth training program if he wins.

“Slow feet, don’t eat, that’s why we compete, and I’ll be damned if I fall victim to defeat”, is the motto that Mr. Robinson lives by for the show.

During the interview, Robinson discussed how he got into sports, his future endeavors and what inspired him to get apply to be on the show. For those that are interested in watching an episode or two, Broken Skull Challenge comes on each Sunday at 8 p.m. on CMT.

To view the interview, click here.

Swimming Pools: Hidden Dangers Lurk Below the Surface


Faulty pool lighting and bad wiring are the greatest electrical threats to safety, but can easily be eliminated by regular inspection, maintenance and adherence to local and national codes.

By Paul Netter

Don’t swim with shocks.

It’s a nice play on words in a Consumer Product Safety Commission fact sheet, but there’s nothing nice about the hidden dangers it warns of in and around swimming pools with the summer in full swing. The spring electrocution of a 7-year-old boy in his family’s Miami swimming pool is a tragic worst-case example, but another non-fatal Miami accident where three children were badly shocked is instructive as well.

Faulty pool lighting and bad wiring, respectively, are suspected in both accidents. In fact,underwater lights and their wiring are the greatest potential electrical hazards inside a pool since it can’t be said enough that water and electricity don’t mix. A pane of glass and a rubber seal are often swimmers’ only protection from electrical wiring.

Any water inside the underwater light fixture — the presence of mold or rust, buzzing noises or flickering lights is a tip-off — is very dangerous, but so is a power system that is not well-grounded and aging or corroded wires. These risks are only heightened if lighting and circuits aren’t protected by Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs). And older pools may not only have degraded lighting fixtures, but also may not have GFCIs on underwater lighting circuits. If these issues exist, they should be updated immediately.

“People should have a qualified electrician inspect their underwater lights to make sure that junction boxes and wiring connections are properly and safely installed,” said Don Neal, director of Corporate Environmental, Health and Safety at Southern California Edison (SCE), which also offers a pool-pump rebate program to assist customers. “In addition to fixing any problems, that electrician should upgrade your pool, as well as your hot tub or spa, in accordance with local codes and the National Electrical Code.”

GFCIs should also be used on pumps and electrical equipment, such as heaters, used with pools, spas and hot tubs and on all outlets within 20 feet of the water’s edge to protect people from shocks.

These are all very important steps because there have been 60 electrocutions and nearly 50 serious electrical shocks in and around swimming pools in the U.S. since 1990, according to the safety commission. The commission said some of the deaths and shocks occurred during attempted rescues of shock victims because the rescuers were unaware of the electrical hazards.

Another safe move is to have an electrician downgrade pool lighting from a potentially deadly 120 volts to 12 volts. The 120-volt lighting systems are particularly prevalent in older pools and GFCIs are recommended on any lighting system 15 volts or greater.

“The lower voltage is simply less dangerous,” said Neal “In case of a broken glass or leakage into an underwater light, you should avoid having 120 volts introduced into your water. Landscape lighting should also be powered by a low-voltage system to prevent shocks on a rain-soaked lawn.”

A well-ground power system is also very important since it adds critical protection by guaranteeing that if something goes wrong, the power flows to the ground and not to those in the pool.

“Pool owners should also make sure that electrical wires and junction boxes are a minimum of five feet away from water, as also required by the National Electrical Code,” said Neal.

As for other hazards outside the water, a permanent or storable pool should never be built or set up underneath power lines (if this exists, there are clearance requirements, but pool owners should consult their local inspection agency). Long-handled cleaning tools also should be used away from power lines and electrical cords should be kept at least five feet away from the pool.

Neal offers an additional warning on the electrical cords, suggesting that, “When possible, people should use battery-operated appliances and not cord-connected ones in and around a pool, spa or hot tub.”

Meanwhile, pool owners should always have an emergency plan within view of pool users and power switches should be labeled for pool, hot tub and spa equipment and lighting so they can be turned off quickly during an electrical emergency. In addition, a fiberglass Shepherd’s crook should be used to remove any victims from the water, CPR should be administered and 911 should be called.

As for rescuers not taking these precautions, they risk serious injury if they touch a conductive fixture or enter the water before the current is stopped.

“Pool electrical accidents are easily prevented,” said Neal. “But pool owners must follow state-mandated codes, conduct proper inspection and maintenance and use qualified electricians to achieve that prevention.”