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Does It Take a Recording to Make You Believe Your Eyes and Ears?

BOTTOM-LINE…Commentary By WallaceJ.Allen 

A billionaire, White man’s response to seeing his Black girlfriend with a Black man has caused more references to the “horror of racism” than the disproportionate number of Blacks kicked out of school, the disproportionate number of Blacks that are poorly educated when in school, the disproportionate number of Blacks that are unemployed, the disproportionate number of Blacks that are jailed, that live in poverty, that are without health insurance, the disproportionate number of Blacks that are homeless veterans, and the list goes on.

We cannot transfer America’s race relations problem and remedy to the Donald Sterling saga. Can everyone that is condemning Sterling pass the Michael Jackson test? The test that requires one to “look at the man in the mirror”? America’s racism is documented in our institutions. The reality of the race-problem is trivialized by the concept that an illegal tape recording is needed in order for the problem to be seen. Do we need to destroy our privacy rights to justify punishing acts of racism?

An illegal taping was used, again, to give us information that no matter how incriminating, is not new. How exclusive are the feelings expressed by Sterling? Are we satisfied that he is the only “rich White man in charge” that has made racist remarks or even performed racist acts?  As we place cell phone cameras and recording devices throughout society, do we want to simply trust that our privacy is respected?   So, as we joyously embrace the illegally taped “redundant evidence” of Donald Sterling’s racist views, do we also tighten the noose that is chocking the life out of our privacy rights?

The “last straw” concept is valid but how many straws do we ignore before one qualifies as the last? There were enough straws polluted in public by Sterling to have done something about him long ago. I am among the elated regarding Donald Sterling’s come-up pence, however, I think we all should be concerned about the tendency to sneak up and record a person in their private moment. WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Respond to walleniv@yahoo.com.

Relax from a Busy Work Week, Have a ‘Peace of Mind’ with some Jazz Music

Isom Green Jr.RIVERSIDE, CA- Jazz musician Isom Green Jr. will be performing live on Friday, May 2 at Mario’s Place located at 3646 Mission Inn Avenue in Downtown Riverside. Isom Green Jr. has a sound like no other. He has taken jazz to another level and is known for his silky, smooth sound and ability to transform a rhythm section making his musicians think outside of the box. Green’s latest project ‘Peace of Mind’, which has been on the top of the Jazz charts for months, is a reflection of his unique style and influences of many great musicians from the past and present that can be heard in his music. For more information on Isom Green Jr. visit www.isomgreenjr.com.

Come and enjoy contemporary jazz from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. There is no cover charge but there is a $10 per person minimum on items at the club. For more information on Mario’s Place call (951) 684-7755 or visit www. Mariosplace.com.

Thursday, May 1: King College Night

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- On Thursday, May 1 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. California GEAR UP in conjunction with King Middle School AVID program will be hosting a College Night .King Middle School is a recipient of the CA GEAR UP Grant where students had the opportunity to participate in a competition to earn a $2,000 ScholarShare trust award that can be used for college. Six King Middle School students won and the winners will be announced during the evening. For more information, email tawiah.finley@sbcusd.com.