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It Has Been a “Fantastic Voyage”!

52e7f48e-586b-4939-9db4-61ae84a2581fCome and spend New Year’s Eve with me! I am celebrating my birthday and my special guest for the evening is a great band that we have all enjoyed. Our entertainment for the evening is LAKESIDE, a group that has given us many great tunes, including a song that is a hit all over the world. We have all been moved by that funky classic, “Fantastic Voyage.”  We are gathering at the newly renovated Arrowhead Elks Lodge, 1073 N. Mt Vernon Ave in San Bernardino.

Tickets are only $35 in advance ($45 at the door) which includes food by Master Chef “AW” and party favors. Please call me, Lynn Paul, at (909) 258-0254 for more information and your reservation.

Join me for a great New Year’s Eve. It is my 50th birthday and I can promise, you will have a FANTASTIC JOURNEY!

What It Do With the LUE: Miss Royale

Annyett Royale

Annyett Royale

SOULFUL SOUNDS is WHAT IT DO WITH THE LUE! What happen to that feel good music that bump and grind music, that make you wanna go half on a baby music. I can tell ya’ what happened, it disappeared. R&B has changed! So when I come across a singer that puts me in that mind set I get all warm and fuzzy inside. LOL! So now I need for you to check out Miss Royale. Singer, Songwriter, and Soulful Sensual, a musical tour-de-force, ladies and gents please allow me to introduce Annyett Royale.

As a child at the age of 4, parents Melba Warren and Keyle Glinsey Sr., knew their daughter was a star and out of six of her father’s children she was the only one that inherited the ability to move people vocally with the same powerful, yet sultry voice that her father had. She would wow her grandmother at the young age of 7, singing Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do with It,” as if she knew what love was and if she had written it, hitting notes that blew her grandma away. In school she became part of the school choir and at the age of 15 she entered her first talent show winning first place singing Mary J. Blige’s “Real love”. She again, sung with the conviction and emotion of someone way beyond her tender age.

In 1998, she caught the attention of Snoop Dogg’s father Papa Snoop, who then introduced her to Master P, CEO of No Limit Records, on the set of his movie, “I Got the Hook Up.” She sang on set and wowed him. He signed her to his label two weeks later. After taking a leave of absence from the entertainment business to go into management for banking and real estate, she soon realized what her heart truly yearned for and decided to make a big return to music.

She’s back, bigger than ever and taking the music industry by storm, singing her way into the hearts and souls of all who hear her! Heavily influenced by R&B, Gospel, Reggae, Hip Hop, Alternative music and vocal power houses such as: Patti La belle, Aretha Franklin, Tina Marie, Anita Baker, Lauryn Hill, Marsha Ambrosias, Keke Wyatt, Faith Evans, Adele, Fantasia, and Jazmine Sullivan. Annyett wants to bring back what she feels went missing in the industry and should have never left. That REAL heartfelt music that her children and grandchildren could appreciate now and for years to come, that real music, always relevant and never out dated.

With a powerful voice reminiscent of R&B greats Aretha Franklin and Tina Marie and a songwriting style that’s all her own, she has never shied away from a challenge and her powerhouse voice shows it!

Until next week my peeps and remember SAN BERNARDINO STRONG. L’z!

Photo: President Obama and First Lady Michelle Arrive in San Bernardino to Comfort Shooting Victims

Pres. Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama step down from Air Force One after landing at the San Bernardino International Airport Friday night

Pres. Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama step down from Air Force One after landing at the San Bernardino International Airport Friday night

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- On Friday, December 18, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama flew into the San Bernardino International Airport to comfort the victims of the Inland Regional Center shooting which occurred a couple weeks ago. The First Family were on their way to their annual family vacation prior to stopping in San Bernardino.