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R&B/Pop Recording Artist Razon




It’s ya’ girl telling ya’ WHAT IT DO!
This past weekend I had the honor of working a red carpet event hosted by BmikeroB. The star studded Red Carpet was held for up and coming R&B/Pop Recording Artist Razon.
On Saturday, December 7, in the glamorous city of Hollywood, the red carpet was rolled out for “Razon” in honor of her 19th birthday. With a swanky black and white theme, this private affair was attended by celebrity guests and industry professionals. There were actors, actresses, DJ’s, models, singers, rappers, producers, writers and professional dancers. The location looked fabulous. Her team truly went all out to make it a night to remember. Although the night was freezing, it didn’t stop the birthday girl from looking amazing. Several people came out to wish her a happy birthday and help celebrate.
Under the direction of her manager, Mike Robinson, Razon is currently working on her album and will be featured on the upcoming Willie Jae project, “Its Tha Roc”, the first compilation studio album by StarRoc, which is scheduled to be released this year through Roc Nation/Star Roc/Universal Records.
Razon was accepted and currently attends American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) Performing Arts Conservatory in Los Angeles and New York. This beautiful and talented young lady has a bright future in the making. Don’t sleep on her! Special thanks to Melinor Moore. For additional information regarding Razon, visit her online at www.razonmusic.com or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HHaG6pe2CE.

Public Safety Aid For The City of San Bernardino

Publisher’s commentary, by Wallace J. Allen

We all know the general effect when a driver “sees” a police car. The driver tends to “check” himself in terms of speed and general alertness.  As we all agree with that statement, pay particular attention to the fact that the police car could be empty.
We can provide the same effect with Police Trainee’s patrolling and adding to the visual police presence in our cities. This would create a means to place additional, low or no cost uniformed bodies in, for instance, the city of San Bernardino.  They are not full-fledged police officers, but who can tell that from a distance? Patrolling and calling in could be an additional deterrent as could other citizen-plus duties that they could perform.
Though this idea works conceptually, the specifics will have to be negotiated.  The negotiation could be made much easier if the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Regional Training Academy would add an internship component to its training curriculum. This would give the trainees an obvious benefit to have a real on-the-streets experience to increase his/her value for their future job search;  It would also give added value to the academy training reputation and resulting appeal to potential students as well; and additional value will be created for cash-strapped cities like San Bernardino whose Public Safety Budget would find relief in both providing and paying for Public Safety by utilizing the intern-officers.

Street Positive Hosts Successful Mental Awareness Event



SAN BERNARDINO, CA- On Saturday, November 23, Street Positive Inc., along with several other community organizations, hosted a forum on mental awareness through a series of song, dance, theatrics and spoken word. The purpose of the event was to showcase the reasoning of why mental health is important to the Black community. The event was held at the Steelworkers Auditorium in Fontana. Some of the entertainment for the event included saxophonist Grover who opened the program and played during the intermission and comedian Etta Mae McPherson.