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What It Do With the LUE: EverythangNycce Entertainment

NycceBy Lue Dowdy

EveryThangNycce Entertainment is WHAT IT DO! I’ve encountered so many talented individuals located right here in the Inland Empire over the years. Recently I came in contact with Nycce Blingsly, an amazing guy that possesses several talents.

Welcome to the world of Nycce where no dream is too big! EveryThangNycce was created by Nycce Blingsly. The company was started to help promote Nycce’s comedy skits. One day Nycce came up with the brilliant idea of filming local artists and events and things took off from there. Now you can catch him filming local concerts, award shows, comedy events, music videos, and much more.

Nycce, whose real name is Kyru Gatlin, is the comedic brains and face of the EveryThangNycce Entertainment. He changed his name to Nycce because he felt it described him more accurately. I totally agree! His personality is a breath of fresh air. He has acted in over one hundred of his own comedy videos, which can be seen on Facebook and YouTube. In the last few months, he’s taken his comedy to SNAPCHAT, where you can see him playing pranks on friends and enjoying life.

So the next time you need an event recorded or just need a laugh, look for EveryThangNycce! In his words, ”Everythang I do Is NYCCE!” Until next week I.E. PEACE & LOVE! L’zzz!

Amazon Donates Smoke Detectors to City Residents

REDLANDS, CA- Amazon generously donated 550 smoke detectors and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors to the City of Moreno Valley Fire Explorers to help encourage residents to install these life-saving devices.

The smoke detectors will be given out to members of the public at the City of Moreno Valley’s 2017 Public Safety Expo on Saturday, April 1 at the Civic Center.

“Smoke alarms are a key part of home fire safety,” said Moreno Valley City Fire Marshal Adria Reinertson. “When there is a fire, smoke spreads fast. Working smoke alarms give you early warning so you can get outside quickly.”

Reinertson encouraged residents to install smoke alarms inside and outside each bedroom and sleeping area and on every floor. She also encouraged residents to test all smoke alarms at least once a month.

Food for All! PAL Center Hosts First Annual Community Cookout

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- The PAL Center hosted its first annual Community Cookout on Saturday, March 18. The day consisted of fellowship among people from backgrounds, great music, and some good down home cooking.

The invitation was extended to community members, students, and staff who assist weekly in the Food Distribution Program.  There were 70 to 80 people who brought family and friends, in addition to students who participated in earning community service hours and work experience. 

The event is the school’s effort to say “Thank You” to the great people who contribute to building a better community. “We believe in working collaboratively with organizations such as the Community Action Partnership, San Bernardino Valley College, and Westside Kinship Support Services who help make our work a success,” Dwaine Radden, Sr., Chief Executive Officer, said.

To date the PAL Center has assisted 40 to 60 families on average with boxes of food and 15 to 20 students, parents, and citizen volunteers with community service opportunities every week. The PAL Center represents the family atmosphere of a village investing in the best interest of the people it serves through education, employment training, and outreach.  This is a great way we can make a positive impact on everyone involved. 

“It’s a win-win” says CEO Dwaine Radden, Sr.  “We recognize there is a large homeless population in this area, and poverty and hunger are two issues we can actually do something about. The PAL Center is proud to address these issues especially when it involves our youth and breaking down those obstacles that would hinder them from getting their education. “

If you would like more information about all that the PAL Center does, please visit www.palcharteracademy.com.