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Artist of the Week: Sity Counsil

Lue Dowdy

Lue Dowdy

By LuCretia Dowdy

This week artist review is of Sity Council, an independent record label founded and ran by Executive Producer Mike Anthony also known as Mike Diesel or Dieselio. This independent record label is making some serious noise in the streets. Upon completing his MBA, Anthony’s dream was to establish a label in order to help promote independent artists. Gathering all his resources, Anthony created SITY COUNCIL. The labels production team consist of Claibonics as the certified sound engineer and producer JRock.

Currently, Sity Counsil is focusing on building their brand by mobilizing a street team to expand their fan base. Their future goals consist of a production deal with a major label and establishing a charity to give back to the community.

Sity Counsil

Sity Counsil

Artists that are signed to the label consists of hip-hop artist MI$FIT THE BORN HUSTLA”  who’s  single, “Where Dey Do Dat At” drops on August 27, 2013.  The other artist is “IRA LEE” who currently has an album out called Fishtanks and Flatscreens with songs available on iTunes.

Upcoming events for Sity Counsil include an album release party and WDDDA video shoot on August 3 at Rack’s in Corona.

For more information on Sity Council visit SITYCOUNSIL.COM or email Mike Anthony at contact@sitycounsil.com.

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