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Artist Review: Deeveatva Foy, Professional Belly Dancer

Deeveatva Foy

Deeveatva Foy

By Lue Dowdy, SAN BERNARDINO, CA– Hi everybody! This week’s select artist is none other than the beautiful and talent, Deeveatva Foy. I was so impressed the first time I saw this talented artist. Watching Deeveatva move her body made me wanna exercise. Okay I’m lying! But it did make me appreciate the art of belly dancing.

Deeveatva is a versatile and innovative professional dancer! She has performed at a number if venues throughout the Inland Empire and Southern California. She is playful, expressive, and strives to connect with every audience; and her various artistic styles continue to evolve as she learns

more about different dance forms. Looking for a fun way to exercise and stay in shape after having two children, Deeveatva took her first beginning belly dance class in 2000. Deeveatva was instantly hooked. She was inspired to learn about the different styles of belly dance and was able to unleash her inner Goddess…Zada!

Deeveatva currently dances as a soloist and with two belly dance groups Nubian Hips (of which she is the co-founder) and Al Nar Belly dance Ensemble troupe. She’s also an Afro-Caribbean dancer and performs with the troupe Caribbean Jems. Deeveatva has modeled for up and coming local fashion shows throughout the Inland Empire. Her mission and passion is to encourage all women to grow and re-connect with their inner truth r

eclaiming the Goddess within; and to share, unite, and collectively come together in sisterhood!

This spring Deeveatva will start teaching beginning belly dance classes in the Inland Empire…stay tuned for date, time & location!  Connect with Deeveatva on Facebook.

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