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Arts and Music Festival Catering to Teens Comes to Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA- Bungalow Music & Arts Festival will bring LA’s best artistic teens to the stage for a festival curated just for them. Whether it be music, dance, or interactive art, the main goal of the festival is to create a safe space for teens to express themselves. The festival is slated to come this summer at the Echoplex and Echo in Los Angeles.

In addition to music and art, there will also be speakers and mentors from the community that will offer advice, tips and opportunities on topics ranging from being an artist in the city, health, college and more.

This festival will definitely be interactive and hands on featuring art pieces, college admin representatives, food trucks, and more. There will also be an exclusive area for all the parents to kick back and chat while the kids enjoy everything that the festival has to offer. 

Your teenage cannot miss this opportunity of a life time. However, to ensure that the festival will be a success, the creators have an crowdfunding campaign up where you can learn more information, and of course donate!

For more information, visit kickstarter.com/projects/1947194560/bungalow-music-and-arts-festival or follow them on Instagram @bungalowmusicfestival.


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