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Janet Goeske Foundation Hosts Successful Black History Event

Summary and Photos by Jon Coleman

RIVERSIDE, CA- The Janet Goeske Foundation of Riverside held its 15th Annual Black History Program in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Legislation.  Sponsors included:  Fair Housing of Riverside County; Heart and Soul Line Dance; Riverside African American Historical Society; and the City of Riverside. In a dramatic performance, EMPOWER-U Productions presented the history of struggle that was necessary to bring about passage of that legislation.

FRIDAY FISH FRY… a Cultural Affair

Presented By WSSNEWS… Hosted By The IMPROVE Association… Produced By Empire Talks Back Radio

FOOD Directed By Jo-MaMa

FISH-FRY-13Every Friday beginning Friday March 20, Friday Fish Fry (FFF) will be available for your nutritional and cultural fulfillment! Jo-MaMa (Co-Publisher Westside Story Newspaper, Josephine M. Allen) has earned her cooking reputation and will monitor the preparation of the fish, coleslaw, beans and rice, and dessert. You will not be overwhelmed with choices; however, you will be overwhelmed by taste!

The FFF Variety Show will be just as tasteful with high entertainment, which will consist of music, dance, spoken word, recognition awards, and much more.  The dinners will be available for order and pick-up beginning at 4:30 p.m to 9: 30 pm. every Friday. The stage show begins at 5:30  p.m. with family friendly acts until 7 p.m. After a short interlude, Grown-up entertainment will take the stage with “Empire Talks Back” Radio Host, Wallace Allen performing MC duties. If you want to perform call Wallace at (909) 384-8131.

Friday Fish Fry will be taped for web and TV broadcast. All attendees to the taping of the show are required to become members of the FFF Association, which is covered by your dinner purchase. You will become eligible for a variety of member benefits. FFF will be taking place at 777 Allen Street in San Bernardino.

Why Westside Story Newspaper is “The Soul of the Inland Empire… Sharing the Quest for Excellence”


The soul is without matter and cannot be touched physically. Where soul exists, it extends beyond life and lingers through multi generations.  For some unspoken but widely accepted reason, Black folks are identified as the tangible truth that soul exists. Soul brother, soul sister, soul music and soul food are examples of that application! Soul is a code word for “the Black Experience”.
WSSNews identifies and identifies with the “Black Experience” as it occurs in the inland Empire. The Black Experience will always include the memory of its era of Kings and Queens, as well as the tragedy of “The Middle Passage”. The glory of fighting for and building this great nation while enslaved by hate and handcuffed by ignorance. Electing a President only to see his effectiveness ridiculed by racism. All are elements of the Black Experience.
The ‘Quest for Excellence” is also an element of the “Black Experience”.  One of our angel poetesses, Mya Angelo, captures the essence of that quest with her piece titled, “Still, We Rise”. Regardless of the pain delivered by those against us, history evidences not only survival ‘still we rise’, but demonstrates that we also thrive. Regardless of circumstance the “Black Experience” still provides excellence.
Westside Story Newspaper acknowledges the community’s struggle, but it seeks to encourage and celebrate its excellence. Your support in the form of a financial gift or kind words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated and wisely used to “Share The Quest For Excellence”!  You can mail to 577 North “D” Street, San Bernardino Ca. 92401. You can go to wssnews.com and click on the “DONATION” Button. You can email your encouraging words to walleniv@yahoo.com. Your critique is also encouraged and welcomed. I realize that excellence is our goal not our status!