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2nd Annual Real To Reel Global Youth Film Festival Date Announced

LOS ANGELES, CA- Real To Reel Global Youth Film Festival showcases works of youth filmmakers ages 14-23 and is spearheaded by 22-year-old co-founder Johna Rivers, an emancipated foster youth from the community of Watts, CA.  Better Youth, a mentoring and creative development agency will host its “2nd Annual Real to Reel Global Youth Film Festival” from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Los Angeles Film School on Saturday, October 8, 2016. Actress Monique Coleman (“High School Musical”) will serve as a featured speaker for an audience of future youth filmmakers from local media literacy and media production training programs, Actor Melvin Jackson Jr. (BET’s “The New Edition Story”) and Johna Rivers (Real To Reel Youth Producer) will serve as co-hosts.

The festival will screen a diverse slate of short films by youth filmmakers from different countries. In between screenings will be acting workshops, filmmaker panels featuring industry professionals, producer and film financing panels featuring industry experts. This year’s panelists include Meg DeLoatch (Creator of Eve), Shawn Boxe (HBO’s Silicon Valley), and many others.

The festival is created for youth by youth providing an amazing platform for youth filmmakers to showcase their latest work and to receive direct feedback from the film community. The festival is free and open to the general public thanks to its sponsors The National Endowment for the Arts, The Los Angeles Film School, Final Draft, NAMAC, Girl Up, Trader Joe’s and Film Freeway. For more information, visit www.betteryouth.org.


Youth Action Project awards $6,900 to Rialto Families

RIALTO, CA- Youth Action Project as part of their role in the Rialto Summer Bridge to Success presented 46 Rialto youth and their parents each with $150 as an incentive/reward for completing four of a twelve week long summer incentive youth and parent development program.

Each family had the opportunity to earn the cash incentive if they agreed to complete each of YAPs youth and parent sessions facilitated by Edward Brantley and Keith Hosea. As part of the agreement each family demonstrated understanding of 7 specific habits of effectiveness and developed and presented a family vision board.

Youth Action Project is a youth development agency founded by Rialto resident Joseph Williams; its mission is to empower youth and young adults in the development of the skills and habits needed to experience economic and social success. Williams also represents the city of Rialto and Muscoy as a member of the San Bernardino Community College Board of Trustees. 

“The Rialto Summer Bridge program was both fun and inspirational, being able to see not only these young students but their parents also learning how to become more productive in different aspects of their lives.” YAP Member and youth specialist Marisa Gomez

The Rialto Summer Bridge to Success is a 12 week intensive program that targets youth between the ages of 7-16. The program is in its second year of a planned three year initiative. Resilience, culture, discipline and character development are the main tenants of the program.

“This program was great to myself and children, and I will be brining my kids back to participate until they graduate from high school” Alana Rialto Parent

The Rialto Summer Bridge is a collaboration between the City of Rialto, Rialto PD, MHM and Associates, Young Visionaries, Black Voice Foundation, The Bethune, Big Brothers and Sisters, Serge and Youth Action Project.

Joseph Williams stated, “This year’s program was so powerful; youth along with their parents were exposed to habits of effective, they had the opportunity to develop family vision board together. The whole effort was invest in building families capacity to support one another”

 For more information on the next summer session contact MHM and Associates at (951) 682-4MHM(646)  Ext.100.

Estate Planning Tip of the Week (Part II)

By Debbie Forté 

What is probate? Probate is the legal process whereby a will is “proved” in a court and accepted as a valid public document that is the true last testament of the deceased.  A probate also officially appoints the executor (or personal representative), generally named in the will, as having legal power to dispose of the testator’s assets in the manner specified in the testator’s will. However, through the probate process, a will may be contested.The probate process includes: proving in court that a deceased person’s will is valid (usually a routine matter); identifying and inventorying the deceased person’s property; having the property appraised; and/or paying debts and taxes

What is a transfer on death deed (TOD) and who can use it? The new Transfer on Death Deed (or Beneficiary Deed) is an easy and inexpensive way to bypass probate court when you leave real estate without a Trust or a Will.  It’s like a regular deed used to transfer real estate to your beneficiaries, with a crucial difference: It doesn’t take effect until your death. When you die, your real property is automatically transferred to your beneficiaries.  All states do not allow this but California is one that does.

What is an estate; and what happens to it if i don’t have a will or trust? An “Estate” is simply the legal term used to describe all of your assets and tangible items you own.  This includes: Your home and any real property you own; Furniture and furnishings; Clothing, jewelry and personal items; Car, Boat, Motorcycle; Bank and savings accounts; Retirement and pension funds; Stock, Bonds and IRA’s; and/or Interest in a business.