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Author Tracy Holmes Releases, “Fruits”, Hosts Book Signing

(from left to right: Alyssa Suarez, Alyssa Holmes, and Ethan Wilson with Tracy Holmes.

(from left to right: Alyssa Suarez, Alyssa Holmes, and Ethan Wilson with Tracy Holmes.

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA- Ms. Tracy Holmes is a local author from the Inland empire. She has hosted six Barnes & Noble book signings this year throughout Southern California. Her most recent book signing featured her newest release under her publishing company Say It Twice books entitled, “Fruits,” which was at the Rancho Cucamonga Barnes & Noble located on Foothill Boulevard on Sunday, August 20th.

Customers received a free face painting with the purchase of a book. Ms. Holmes has created a fun way for children to learn Spanish and an even easier way for their parents to read it in her Spanish to English books. Say It Twice Books all include a learning activity in the back of each book to enhance learning. Children are loving “Fruits” and have given great reviews on it.

“It was fun reading fruits. I like how it teaches you Spanish. I also like that my friends were there,” Alyssa Suarez a 3rd grader from North Fontana said.

“I like the face painting, it’s cool,” Ethan Wilson, a 3rd grader from North Fontana, said.

All Say It Twice Books are available on Amazon, as well as Barnes & Noble. To learn more about Ms.Holmes go to www.Sayittwicebooks.com.

5th Annual Women’s Wellness Conference Refuses to Let You Go Slient

YWE_Wellness 2017 DV HD

Submitted by Angela Coggs

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- Young Women Empowerment Foundation (YWE) will host their fifth Annual Women’s Wellness Conference at San Bernardino Community Hospital Henderson Auditorium located at 1800 Western Avenue in San Bernardino on Saturday, September 9 from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. YWE invites family, friends, faith-based, students and community supporters to this augural event that focuses on emotional and physical health and wellness. This is a free event for all women in the Inland Empire.

This year’s theme is, “Silence No More.” It refers to not keeping silent regarding heart disease and domestic violence. Both areas of concern plague all people but especially minority women. The conference will focus on the prevention of heart disease as well as learning to live with and maintain if diagnosed. Women who attend will have the opportunity to participate in interactive demonstrations and hear life changing testimonials from other women on heart disease and domestic violence.  There will also be complimentary continental breakfast, lunch, entertainment, giveaways, and opportunity drawings.

The three keynote speakers for the wellness conference will focus on issues that are important and relevant to heart disease and domestic violence. The keynote and guest testimonial speakers are as follows:

Dr. Romeo Brooks, Ph.D. (Keynote)

Herbalist, Iridologist, Natural Hygienist and Naturopathic Medicine

Roots Nutrition


Melinda Cuellar


Divine Connections, H.O.P.E.



*Joyce Fairman


Hearts of Color

As we continue to mourn the loss of our beloved friend and heart health advocate Joyce Fairman we will celebrate her memory during her original scheduled speaking time. 

Cuellar will discuss domestic violence and how Divine Connections, H.O.P.E. mission to offer guidance, empowerment, education and resources for building healthy relationships. Option House will also provide additional information about domestic violence and conduct a question and answer segment at the end. Additionally, a unique skit on the subject of domestic violence will take a personal look inside a potential volatile situation.

Dr. Brooks will discuss preventing and living with heart disease and how the physical body is not only the expressed image of the invisible mind but is also the visible barometer of what occurs in our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

In addition to providing useful health and wellness information at the conference, the attendees will also be presented with the opportunity to get physical during the live line dance demonstrations by Heart and Soul’s Harriette Coggs Stuckey. The line dance demonstrations has been a huge success for the past three years. Please come dressed to participate. Workout clothes are highly encouraged and recommended.Please register on Eventbrite under “Free Young Women’s Empowerment Foundation (YWE) 5th Annual Women’s Wellness Conference.  Also, please encourage and invite family and friends to register and attend this noteworthy opportunity focused on empowering women to live mentally and physically healthy lives. Space is limited, sign up today.

YWE serves to strengthen the character of young women of high school age in the San Bernardino City region of the Inland Empire in Southern California. Young Women’s Empowerment was founded by CEO Gwendolyn Dowdy- Rodgers. The mission of our program is to empower these young women to achieve at their highest potential, particularly in education, and to instill in them a commitment to return to their community as leaders and mentors.

The Young Women’s Empowerment Foundation (YWE) is dedicated to strengthening the self-esteem, character, integrity and capacity of young women ages 12-21 so that they may achieve their highest potential. YWE accomplishes its purpose through strategic partnerships with other organizations. YWE is guided by ethics and principles which exhibit respect for cultural diversity.

All inquiries, pre-register individual or groups, please email Tiffany James at ywefoundation@gmail.com.

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Kenya Brings in World’s Toughest Plastic Bag Ban: Four Years’ Jail Or $40,000 Fine

Producing, selling and using plastic bags becomes illegal as officials say they want to target manufacturers and sellers first

NATIONAL- Kenyans producing, selling or even using plastic bags will risk imprisonment of up to four years or fines of $40,000 from Monday, as the world’s toughest law aimed at reducing plastic pollution came into effect.

The East African nation joins more than 40 other countries that have banned, partly banned or taxed single use plastic bags, including China, France, Rwanda, and Italy. 

Many bags drift into the ocean, strangling turtles, suffocating seabirds and filling the stomachs of dolphins and whales with waste until they die of starvation. 

“If we continue like this, by 2050, we will have more plastic in the ocean than fish,” said Habib El-Habr, an expert on marine litter working with the UN environment programme in Kenya.

Plastic bags, which El-Habr says take between 500 to 1,000 years to break down, also enter the human food chain through fish and other animals. In Nairobi’s slaughterhouses, some cows destined for human consumption had 20 bags removed from their stomachs.

“This is something we didn’t get 10 years ago but now it’s almost on a daily basis,” said county vet Mbuthi Kinyanjui as he watched men in bloodied white uniforms scoop sodden plastic bags from the stomachs of cow carcasses.

Kenya’s law allows police to go after anyone even carrying a plastic bag. But Judy Wakhungu, Kenya’s environment minister, said enforcement would initially be directed at manufacturers and suppliers. 

It took Kenya three attempts over 10 years to finally pass the ban, and not everyone is a fan. 

Samuel Matonda, spokesman for the Kenya Association of Manufacturers, said it would cost 60,000 jobs and force 176 manufacturers to close. Kenya is a major exporter of plastic bags to the region. 

“The knock-on effects will be very severe,” Matonda said. “It will even affect the women who sell vegetables in the market – how will their customers carry their shopping home?” 

Big Kenyan supermarket chains like France’s Carrefour and Nakumatt have already started offering customers cloth bags as alternatives.