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Sherri Bryant Performs Live This Saturday

WALNUT, CA- In March, you were introduced you to Gospel Sensation, Sherri Bryant, who had recently released her new single, “You Are Greater.” This song took us through Sherri’s personal journey from fear to faith as she faced the possibility of losing her home to foreclosure. After seeing how God brought her through that time in her life, Sherri began writing and singing songs directly to God thanking Him for His incredible grace.     

Now that Sherri’s album is complete, she would love for you to join her and her friends at a concert celebrating our magnificent God and the release of her new CD, ‘True Worship’. Come with us as we take some time away from our busy lives to sing songs to God that come from deep down in our hearts.   

The concert will take place Saturday, August 5 at 7:30 p.m. at City Blessing Church located at 18901 Amar Road in Walnut. Tickets are $5 at the door. 

Redlands Holds Neighborhood Community Meeting

By John Coleman

REDLANDS, CA- Carlotta Poole is a Redlander.  She is born, schooled, and lived here most of her life.  Following the death of her father, she returned to her childhood home and began to settle into typical Redlands life.  Then a fire burned the brush in the open field near the freeway interchange area and across from her home. She then raised awareness of other (hidden in full sight) ?issues and needs of the city.

She walked through the neighborhood, knocked on doors, and asked neighbors what city issues concerned them. She collected a list of issues, names, and addresses, then notified City Officials of her findings. They responded to the information by visibly dealing with a frequently identified issue and the city planned with Ms. Poole for a time and place where community members could meet with City Officials, raise questions, and share in seeking solutions.

Ms. Poole again walked through the neighborhood, knocked on doors, prepared and distributed notices of the event which was held on Tuesday, July 25 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Redlands Senior Center.

OnTrac Opens Their Largest Facility in Fontana

FONTANA, CA- OnTrac, a logistics company specializing in contracting small parcel shipping services in the Western United States, welcomed the public to their flagship facility on Thursday, June 22. The Fontana facility is over five times the size of the two previous facilities OnTrac has in nearby Ontario. With almost 600,000 square feet, this facility is now the largest facility company-wide and services Fontana, Ontario and the entire Inland Empire. 

Shield Healthcare Purchasing Director Jeff Lichtenstein says, “I’ve been with Shield Healthcare for about nine years. All this time I’ve had a relationship with OnTrac and it has been a great relationship. Being able to cut through the red tape and deal with the people we need to deal with on a quick basis is very valuable for Shield Healthcare. We would like to congratulate them on their new Fontana facility.”

The Fontana facility is one out of 19 facilities California-wide and allows OnTrac to process packages that are offloaded to Commerce, as well as gain tremendous efficiencies and flexibility to keep OnTrac agile for their customers. There are 115 dock doors and 8,000 packages an hour travel through this facility. Next year, OnTrac plans on fully automating the Fontana facility and will have the capability of moving 35,000 packages an hour means that a package can move from unload to load in about three and a half minutes to get out on the road to their destination. By processing packages faster and minimizing the time in the facility, OnTrac is not only more efficient in this building, but also throughout their entire eight-state footprint. 

“This facility is important to us. Not only is it our newest facility.  It is also our largest at just under 600,000 square feet,” says Laura Peterson, vice president of public relations and marketing. “We have improved our square footage by five or six times and we’ve tripled the number of employees. And more exciting is that next year, we plan on fully automating this building, which I believe will make us the first regional carrier to have a fully automated facility.”

With the expansion in facility size and additional packages, OnTrac has also tripled their staff from what it was before. There are over 300 people employed at this facility and are OnTrac is still hiring today. As peak season approaches, OnTrac will be hiring additional sorters to manage the influx of holiday shipping. Currently, OnTrac is hiring a total of 17 positions between AM Package Handlers, PM Package Handlers, IR Package Handlers, and a Linehaul Dispatch. For more information and to apply, please go to www.ontrac.com/careers.

About OnTrac

OnTrac specializes in delivery services throughout the eight western area states, an area that is home to over 60 million consumers. OnTrac was founded in 1991, and has grown to become a top choice for e-commerce and companies looking to speed up parcel distribution without the cost of express shipping. In 2014, OnTrac launched DirectPost, and became the first regional logistics company to offer a USPS Package Consolidation Service. OnTrac is a SmartWay Transport Partner, a USPS Workshare Partner, and is integrated with over thirty different multi-carrier software providers. OnTrac is comprised of three divisions based on service offerings; overnight, messenger, and international.  For more information on overnight services, call 800.334.5000 or visit ontrac.com. For more information on messenger services, call 888.334.5001 or visit ontracmessenger.com. For more information on international services, call 800.628.4868 or visit ontracinternational.com.