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BLU Educational Foundation Hosts Annual Scholarship and Awards Reception with More Than $150,000 in Financial Assistance Given to California Students Entering Colleges and Universities this Fall

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- California students heading to institutions of higher learning this fall are receiving much needed financial support thanks to BLU Educational Foundation (BLU).  On Thursday, June 9, BLU held its annual scholarship and awards reception at San Bernardino Valley College where more than $150,000 in educational scholarships was awarded to more than 40 students preparing to start their freshman year at colleges and universities around the country. The students are participants in BLU’s College Exodus Project (CEP), which assists students in obtaining undergraduate and graduate degrees from accredited colleges and universities.  The scholarships are made possible by a new partnership with the Masons of California, a grant from the College Futures Foundation, and private donations. The Masons awarded 12 students with 4-year scholarships totaling more than $80,000. The scholarships cover tuition, fees, and other educational expenses for students.

“We’re extremely proud of our students and very thankful to our funders and donors who make this scholarship opportunity possible,” said Dina Walker, President and CEO of BLU. “The scholarships provide some financial relief for students with limited income and pursuing higher education.”

This is the seventh consecutive year that BLU has awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships to students participating in the CEP, which provides comprehensive college information, assistance and support to help students with admissions, financial aid, retention, and graduation from public and private institutions throughout the country. In exchange, students are expected to contribute to the local economy through employment, internships and/or volunteer service while participating in the program.

“Our mission is to ensure that students in our program come full circle and exit as a college graduate. We stay in close contact with every student throughout their undergraduate experience. We’re dedicated to preparing students to enter college and successfully complete their education,” added Walker.

The CEP was created out of a need to increase the number of Inland Empire students graduating from college. BLU congratulates the following scholarship recipients:

Summit High School

  • Tiffany Abodoh
  • Tiarra Blanche
  • D’Ante Booker
  • Alesha Bowen
  • Amber Clay
  • Davina Clay
  • Jade Gayles
  • Taelor Gray-Arnold
  • Samantha Ndege
  • Ryan Rogers
  • Marcus Shields
  • Makayla Thompson
  • Jabari Watson
  • Angel Williams
  • Desmond Young

Vista Del Lago High School

  • Mario Hernandez
  • Alfonso Madrigal
  • Pearlene Phem

Wilmer Amina Carter High School

  • Jazmine Gray

Eisenhower High School

  • Taja Sinclair

Rialto High School

  • Breanna Earvin
  • Natalie Jews

Arroyo Valley High School

  • Ashly Brown
  • Cynthia Hernandez-Rendon
  • Austin Montoya
  • Maria Tamayo
  • Alejandra Tapia

Middle College High School

  • Jordan Brown

San Bernardino High School

  • Adam El-Sheriff

Rancho Verde high School

  • Ayzia Clowney

Pacific High School

  • Sharece Adams
  • Brahier Anthony
  • Janaye Browne
  • Darnell Collins
  • Kiana Flenor
  • Jasmine Garcia
  • Mister Gibson
  • Aryana Hernandez
  • June James
  • Korion Mabin
  • Casey Ortega
  • Allen Smith
  • Breana Smith
  • Tatyana Taylor
  • Sarah Tilo
  • Emily Turcotte
  • Dominique Whitfield


Val Verde High School

  • Markell Parker

CSU – San Bernardino, Students Find Climate Survey Corrupt and a Waste of Tax-Payer’s Money

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- Black Scholars Matter, Dreamers (Undocumented – AB540), and representatives from a cross-section of our diverse student body here at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) have combined forces to address an unsettling matter that has been perpetuated on our campus in recent years.

It is a matter of great pride that CSUSB serves as a beacon of tolerance, advocacy, and community partnership and for the past several years we have been aggressively promoting unity, inclusivity, empowerment, and shared governance. However, our rich tradition of San Bernardino Strength is in jeopardy as a result of what can only be defined as the self-serving interests of specific CSUSB entities at the exclusion of what is best for our students. That said, this open letter is to share our frustration and disappointment with The Faculty Senate at CSUSB.

It is our position that The Faculty Senate has waged a concerted effort to alienate – undermine – and dismiss students’ voices on campus. Furthermore, the Faculty Senate continues to promote academic segregation and has strategically worked to devalue students’ input. As students at CSUSB we find the recent climate survey to be divisive, misleading, conveniently inaccurate, and deliberately designed to attack President Morales and his administration.

It is no secret that as our first Latino President at California State University, San Bernardino (a federally recognized Hispanic Serving Institution), President Morales has been the recipient of open hostility – particularly from faculty members who have undeniably expressed their unequivocal prejudices towards our president and by extension towards our students. Moreover, as students of color from diverse backgrounds ourselves, we have experienced firsthand discrimination and alienation in our own classrooms from some faculty members. The inability and/or unwillingness of our Faculty Senate to listen to and address our concerns has caused us to pursue a variety of avenues of recourse – both within and without the university – in order to ensure an accessible and quality education for ALL students – not just SOME students. This is particularly important when 80% of our students are First Generation enrollees who lack the institutional knowledge to navigate “The System” by themselves.

Black Scholars Matter, Dreamers (Undocumented – AB540) and representatives from a cross-section of our diverse student body on campus have worked with President Morales and his administration (in addition to College Deans, Department Chairs, Student Affairs Officers, and willing faculty members) to promote unity, autonomy, professionalism, academic efficacy, and a climate that encourages inclusivity. Students have publically supported President Morales because, unlike The Faculty Senate, President Morales values and encourages our participation in the shared governance process. President Morales’ contributions to our success include, but are not limited to: increased jobs for students on campus, increased student scholarships, and expanded student resources and access to said resources – just to name a few. Thus, it is no surprise that The Faculty Senate intentionally excluded student participation in the climate survey.

As student representatives, we have attended The Faculty Senate meetings and find their presentations offensive, destructive, and unproductive. The Faculty Senate does not represent many of the amazing faculty members we have on campus. The Faculty Senate is comprised of entrenched faculty members who neglect our students so as to utilize their taxpayer funded tenure time to wage war against President Morales.

Fortunately, CSUSB is also home to faculty members who do not attack our students, but work with our students to improve our professional and academic careers. These faculty members get very little credit and many times no recognition. The corruption in which the climate survey was conducted does not in any way reflect on our real allies who actually work to improve our academic and professional climate here at CSUSB. In many cases, these faculty members are also silenced by the entrenched faculty of The Faculty Senate.

At a time when the City of San Bernardino is garnering international notoriety for our very real problems with crime, poverty, and economic instability our sole focus at CSUSB should be to serve as the intellectual and cultural hub for our shared communities. With the eyes of the world on us, we should be the model of shared governance, tolerance, and inclusivity. That is why it is critical that we here at CSUSB accept our charter and work together to improve not only the climate of our campus but of our entire City of San Bernardino. As students at CSUSB in order to support a city we love, we are committed to finding ways to stay in San Bernardino after we graduate in order to help address some of the social and economic disparities we have both witnessed and experienced firsthand. We shouldn’t have to battle our own faculty to accomplish this goal. We look forward to the day when The Faculty Senate (and some of their faculty supporting allies) can get over their prejudices and narcissism so that we can all work together towards the renaissance of San Bernardino as one of the best cities in which to live, work, and learn.


St. Paul Church Anniversary 112 Years of Service in the Community

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church will celebrate its 112th Anniversary of serving the San Bernardino Community at the 10 a.m.  worship service on Sunday, June 26. The guest Preacher will be Rev. Dr. Cecil (Chip) Murray followed by a luncheon and concert featuring The Starlights at 12:30 p.m.

St Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church was founded and organized on Easter Sunday in the year of our Lord, 1904, by Presiding Elder Reverend James H. Wilson, in a Holiness Church Tent. A Caucasian minister and his wife were conducting revival services in the 700 block of Fifth Street. Mr. Inghram was granted permission by the Holiness Minister to allow Reverend Wilson to come down and organize the church. He not only permitted it but also asked Reverend Wilson to come and deliver the Easter Sunday message to his congregation. The type of town San Bernardino was in 1904 made it quite difficult to establish a Negro Church. There were 300 Negroes in San Bernardino County, the largest county by area in the United States. As we write this history in 1970, we have a Negro population of 17,000 in the city of San Bernardino.”  Today, the African-American population of San Bernardino City is 30,161.

The actual beginning of the church membership is very humble.  The required 12 members to establish a church were: Henry D. Inghram, his wife Mary Ella Inghram, their children Henry, Ben, Howard, and infant daughter Ruth Rebecca; Mrs. Martha Bush and her son Earnest.  From that required twelve, the church has moved from 6th and Harris Street to their current location at 1355 West 21st Street in San Bernardino.

The church has nurtured the first African-American Superintendent of Schools and the first African American physician for the City of San Bernardino. From those “first” they  have cultivated doctors, nurses, lawyers, educators, law enforcement officers, artists and singers.  These are the children of St. Paul AME Church, proud members of St. Paul AME Church.

Once again, they invite you to join them in celebration of 112 years of service to God our Father, Christ Our Redeemer, The Holy Spirit Our Comforter, Humankind Our Family.