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Newbie Actor, Gonzalo Martin, Lands First Big Movie Role with Hollywood Icons in Upcoming Thriller ‘When It Rings’

By Naomi K. Bonman

It takes some actors years to get their big break and then it takes others just a short amount of time. Rising Actor, Gonzalo Martin, landed a lead role in the upcoming Indie Film, “When It Rings.” The film features Golden Globe Winner and Best Actress Oscar Nominee Sally Kirkland and is produced by Tyrone Tann of Stauros Entertainment in collaboration with Corona based media company, Trick Shot Media Group.

“It was truly amazing when I found out that was going to be working with someone of such high caliber [Sally Kirkland],” Gonzalo states on his experience working on his first feature film with award winning talent. “I couldn’t believe it. My first feature film and I get this amazing opportunity to be acting side by side with an acting legend. She has done it all and she is amazing.”

Kirkland coached Martin for his lead role in the film. Martin attended New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. He was recently in the BuzzFeed web series “Snapped” and he also starred in an Apple commercial as well as a national commercial for Kellogg’s promoting, “L’eggo my Eggo.” Martin is definitely on his way to stardom.  

In addition to working with Kirkland, Martin also enjoyed working with Tann and is very appreciative of the opportunity that he has given not only himself, but other rising actors as well.

“The thing that I loved most about producing this film was giving new talent, such as Gonzalo Martin, an opportunity to star in their first feature film, as well as to give the directors and producers a chance to spread their wings as filmmakers and directors,” Tann explains. “It was also an honor and privilege to work with [the amazing and talented actress] Sally Kirkland.”

Tann gained notoriety in 1998 by breaking the Guinness World Records for producing the longest single take in a film called, “Bug Night.”

“When It Rings” is a psychological thriller and drama that focuses on a young man, Zach Garland (Gonzalo Martin) who is still haunted by his sister’s death. Ten years after a tragic accident  Zach returns to his childhood home to help his family sell the house. At the home, he finds a toy phone he would use to communicate with his dead sister when he was younger. Years of counseling convinced him it was all in his head until an unexpected call comes through the toy phone, setting off a series of terrifying events, making him question what, and who, is real.

The film is slated to release in early 2018. Check out the behind the scenes trailer below:

The First Roll Out of ‘Encounter Camp’ Sells Out in San Bernardino Mountains, Brings Together to Millennial Entrepreneurs and Professionals

By Naomi K. Bonman

After being exhausted from all the happy hour and per usual networking events at restaurants and local clubs, entrepreneurs and Clark Atlanta University alumni, Shanelle Williams and Kareem Taylor wanted to create something different where other Black entrepreneurs and professionals could come together in an adventurous and fun environment, which is how the Encounter Camp was launched.

“My goal is simple,” Williams, CEO at True Splendor Events and Encounter Co-Founder, explains. “I want to create events and experiences that inspire and change people. I want to create a safe place for people to come and share their fears and their thoughts, and those things they’ve been struggling with but leave refreshed and inspired, and renewed to go out into the world and make a difference.”

And that is exactly what the Encounter Camp offered—refreshment, rejuvenation, and inspiration! The camp was held at the beautiful Pali Retreat in the San Bernardino Mountains from Friday, August 25 to Sunday, August 27. Attendees had a full-fun weekend that consisted of workshops, early morning yoga, dance classes, s’mores around a campfire, and archery. Dance classes were taught by Los Angeles based Choreographer, Luckie, who is known from Oxygen’s hit show “Dance Your A** Off.”

“It was very powerful experience,” Dwight Williams, Art Director from Los Angeles, stated regarding his experience at Encounter Camp. “It was definitely life-changing and reaffirming. It’s for those who want to get away and want to grow. I had a wonderful time with great people, great views, and the facilities were clean. What set it apart was the structure, friendliness, speakers, activities, down to the food and the snacks. It was very well organized.”   

Bummed that you missed out? Well, there are already talks about the next Encounter Camp so make sure you follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @EncounterSoCal or visit www.encountercamp.com and sign up on the email list to stay updated!

Exclusive Interview: Rialto’s WetPaint Larry Chats on Being an Inspiration and Pioneer in the Arts in the Inland Empire

By Naomi K. Bonman

As you drive around Southern California, you can’t help but to notice graffiti. It’s on the freeway bridges, ramps, train cars, abandon buildings, and just about every flat surface that is in attention to the general public.

Graffiti frustrates many because they feel as if it destructs the city unless it is done in a tasteful manner. Over the recent years, we have seen more graffiti artists who have turned their art into something more positive and of value, such as Rialto, California’s own WetPaint Larry.

“I’ve been painting for a long time,” he states on what inspires him to paint. “Everything around me inspires me to go harder. I have a lot of things that I paint that makes me feel good.”

WetPaint Larry started off doing graffiti but now he paints murals for small businesses, cities, and schools. He is known well regionally and has built up an impressive social media following with over 15,000 followers on Instagram. Larry’s accomplishments recently earned him recognition in the “Under 30 Awards” that was presented by Assemblywoman Eloise Gomez Reyes. 

“That was a good highlight for this year,” WetPaint Larry discusses his recent achievement. “That was something huge for me because when I went in there and looked around I seen high rank [city officials]. As I sat there, I thought ‘[Man], I’m among great people that are doing great work. So, for me that’s huge from being a graffiti artist to getting that award. I look at it all the time.”

Since his latest city achievement, WetPaint Larry has been on the grind with trying to secure more jobs for himself in the schools. He is looking forward to expanding beyond Rialto and has had school officials from Fontana and San Bernardino call him to do some work for their schools.

You can check out WetPaint Larry’s work on his Instagram page @wetpaintlarry and if you want to collaborate with him on a project send him a direct message via the platform.