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Being Prepared for the Unexpected

By Naomi K. Bonman

Do you have life insurance? Most will answer that question with the response of, “Well, why do I need it?” or “No and it really doesn’t benefit me right now.” People don’t think of getting life insurance until it’s too late or when they realize that they are in a situation where they urgently need it.

I recently had a deep conversation with two women who know the importance of having a policy. Life insurance just doesn’t cover death expenses, but it is also good for other occurrences that life throws our way. Angela Alexander and Jessica Poche both went through different situations where they learned the benefit of having life insurance and the circumstances of not having it.

Jessica, who was insured, was married to her husband for a year and five months. During their marriage, her husband fell terribly ill and had a $700,000 life insurance policy that just needed to be updated with Jessica’s information. He insisted that she update it, but Jessica believed with all her heart that her husband would be healed. When he later passed, she then realized why the policy would have made a difference.

Angela is the author of “Miracles in Action”, which is a book based on her story of her twin 8-year-old boys who were killed in a car accident when she was deployed in Japan. The day before she lost her boys a friend called her asking her about life insurance. She was given a month free trial and just signed up, not knowing that the next day after getting coverage on the entire family, that she would need it for her babies. The boys had written letters prior to their passing saying that they would. So, for her, not expecting to lose her children, but being responsible, she was taken care of when it came to their funerals and other expenses. 

It’s Not Too Late…Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mom

By Naomi K. Bonman

The days just go by too quick that it is easy to forget holidays, such as Mother’s Day which just seemed to creep up on us. Some like to take their mothers out to lunch or dinner, while others enjoy gift giving. If you still need to get your mom a something this Sunday, we put together a list of things that she would love.

A bucket bag of woven straw is low key enough for a day at the beach, or can be dressed up to add playfulness to a more formal look. You can get her the ‘Small Straw Bucket Bag’ by Caterina Bertini, for $78 at Bloomingdale’s.

Charming Charlie is also a one-stop shop for the all needs of a fashionable woman! There you can pick mom up an outfit, a piece of jewelry to go with it, and don’t forget to top it off with a nice handbag! The best thing about Charming Charlie is that everything is color coded by section making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

If your mom or wife is into home decorating, Home Goods is perfect to find nice wall décor; bath, kitchen, and bedroom appliances and accessories; and much more.

Lastly. If you rather do it yourself, you can always go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels where you will find jewelry kits, scrapbooks to put in your best memories with mom in, and more artsy stuff for the creative individual.

Meet Author, Musician, Healer, and Intuitive Thought Leader, Ezina

By Naomi K. Bonman

I love great energy and people that possess it. There were nothing but great and positive vibes during my recent interview with Ezina. Ezina is an author, musician, yogi, filmmaker, and a philanthropic humanitarian. She is also the great niece of the legendary Bobby Womack, and yes she is just as talented as her late great uncle. But as they say, talent sure does run the family.

When you listen to Ezina’s music, you can take it with you in just about any atmosphere because her melodies fuse together Neo Soul, Reggae, Alternative Rock, and Pop. You can vibe to it over a candle lit dinner with your honey, dance to it at a local bar with a group of friends, mediate to it during a yoga session, or simply just relax to it on a nice, sunny afternoon or gloomy, rainy day.

In addition to her music, she also has several books that she has written and one that she is currently working on. Her books, like her music, also provide healing as well as thought provoking messages. Thus, coinciding with her mission to use her music and books to inspire and bring people together and to use the tools of yoga to help others thrive.

To and learn more about Mrs. Ezina and her current projects and endeavors, please check out the interview below.