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BOTTOMLINE: Negotiating Drug Prices Will Make Affordable Health Care More Affordable

Publisher’s Commentary by Wallace J. Allen

Congress is preventing Medicare from performing one of the basic elements of cost savings. An element that is critical to the profit line and in some cases critical to the survival of a business. Negotiating based on all of Medicare’s clients creates a lower cost per unit than if each individual insurer negotiates its own price. Bulk negotiation and purchasing is the answer! Bulk purchasing via direct negotiations with drug manufacturers by Medicare could save billions of dollars.

The 2003 overhaul of Medicare included a concession to the pharmaceutical industry that prevents Medicare from negotiating drug prices directly with the manufacturers… Instead, the individual insurers pay for drugs based on their individual fragmented negotiations, a process which guarantees higher prices.

The drug prices for the Veterans Health Administration and Medicaid, which are negotiated by the federal government, are much lower than those paid by Medicare. A recent study by Carlton University and Public Citizen, an advocacy group, found the negotiated prices are generally 1/3 less than those paid by Medicare. Medicare pays the highest prices on the planet, for drugs manufactured in the USA. The same drugs are exported around the world and delivered for prices that are more often than not, one-tenth of prices in the USA. The same study estimates that negotiating Medicare’s cost could save 16 billion dollars per year.

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The Sweet and Sour Of The San Bernardino Run Off Elections

BOTTOMLINE… Publisher’s Commentary By Wallace J. Allen

Bessine Littlefield-Richard

Bessine Littlefield-Richard

San Bernardino 6th and 7th wards elected their City Council members in a special election on Tuesday. Bessine Littlefield-Richard won the 6th ward seat and incumbent, Jim Mulvihill won the 7th ward seat. I congratulate them both for executing and winning hard fought campaigns and I fully expect that both will work to the benefit of their constituents and the City!

I do think that all four of the candidates were good and I hope that Roxanne Williams and Scott Beard, the unchosen ones, will continue participating in San Bernardino’s “quest for excellence”. The City needs progressive thinkers and vigilant activists to take advantage of it undeniable resources. A bankrupt San Bernardino is still a better place to live and raise a family than much of the rest of the nation.

San Bernardino’s potential is worth the effort to achieve.  The world is waiting for San Bernardino to develop its Route 66 entertainment strip… San Bernardino is the West Coast transportation hub waiting to happen! Our international airport is ready to ship and receive freight from all over the planet. The warehousing is already here. Inland Empire universities and hospitals have earned international acclaim… The weather and area beauty, snow-capped mountains as a backdrop to sunshine and palm trees, make San Bernardino one of the great places on the planet!

It is important that as we create winners, that we do not allow ourselves to create losers. Ours should not be a “winner take all” atmosphere, especially when we are choosing from people who want to aid in our “quest for excellence”.

As I congratulate Bessine Littlefield-Richard and Jim Mulvihill for their victories, I also congratulate Roxanne Williams and Scott Beard for their efforts and encourage them to continue to participate in San Bernardino’s “quest for excellence”!

Mourners Salute “Saint” Dorothy “Mommie Helen” Pryor-Rose

Mommie Helen

Mommie Helen

BOTTOMLINE… Publisher’s Commentary By Wallace J. Allen

The passing of Dorothy Pryor Rose, known as “Mommie Helen,” was acknowledged on Tuesday at a lovefest disguised as a memorial service. The celebration of Dorothy’s life suggested that the sweetest thing at Mommie Helen’s Bakery, the celebrated home of peach cobblers, potato pies, red velvet cake and other “desert-heaven” items… That the sweetest thing was not the deserts, the sweetest thing was Dorothy Pryor-Rose herself, the Mommie Helen!
The recurring theme of the memorial service was “Dorothy was so very nice to me”… “Dorothy was the smile that never went away”… “Dorothy was the forgiver”… Dorothy was my inspiration” and on and on… But nothing I heard was as powerful as what I already knew.
You see, Ms. Dorothy had proven to be a member of the “Band of Angels” on the day that I first met her… The bakery had recently opened and we had completed our first meeting discussing advertising. I was leaving to meet my wife to take her for a very important Dr. Appointment, but my car would not start!  To make a long story short, despite just meeting me, Ms. Dorothy gave me the keys to her car saying, “Go take your wife to the doctor”!
She did not buy advertising from me, but Mommie Helen’s never really needed advertising because of the constant echoes from the screaming accolades and praise that apparently are caused each time someone bites into one of her cakes, cobblers or pies.
So though Mommie Helen’s Bakery will still produce cakes, cobblers and pies that will make you scream with joy, its sweetest item, Mrs. Dorothy Rose-Pryor, has moved on to a new heavenly address! All of us who knew her will miss her, because we will surely remember her.