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Mourners Salute “Saint” Dorothy “Mommie Helen” Pryor-Rose

Mommie Helen

Mommie Helen

BOTTOMLINE… Publisher’s Commentary By Wallace J. Allen

The passing of Dorothy Pryor Rose, known as “Mommie Helen,” was acknowledged on Tuesday at a lovefest disguised as a memorial service. The celebration of Dorothy’s life suggested that the sweetest thing at Mommie Helen’s Bakery, the celebrated home of peach cobblers, potato pies, red velvet cake and other “desert-heaven” items… That the sweetest thing was not the deserts, the sweetest thing was Dorothy Pryor-Rose herself, the Mommie Helen!
The recurring theme of the memorial service was “Dorothy was so very nice to me”… “Dorothy was the smile that never went away”… “Dorothy was the forgiver”… Dorothy was my inspiration” and on and on… But nothing I heard was as powerful as what I already knew.
You see, Ms. Dorothy had proven to be a member of the “Band of Angels” on the day that I first met her… The bakery had recently opened and we had completed our first meeting discussing advertising. I was leaving to meet my wife to take her for a very important Dr. Appointment, but my car would not start!  To make a long story short, despite just meeting me, Ms. Dorothy gave me the keys to her car saying, “Go take your wife to the doctor”!
She did not buy advertising from me, but Mommie Helen’s never really needed advertising because of the constant echoes from the screaming accolades and praise that apparently are caused each time someone bites into one of her cakes, cobblers or pies.
So though Mommie Helen’s Bakery will still produce cakes, cobblers and pies that will make you scream with joy, its sweetest item, Mrs. Dorothy Rose-Pryor, has moved on to a new heavenly address! All of us who knew her will miss her, because we will surely remember her.

BOTTOMLINE: If You Don’t Vote, You Don’t Care… If You Don’t Care You Don’t Count!

Publisher’s Commentary   By Wallace J. Allen

Less than fourteen percent of San Bernardino’s eligible voters bothered to vote in the past November elections. Elections that selected five City Council Members who will make the major policy decisions to lead the city out of bankruptcy!

Sixth Ward voters get a chance for a ‘do over’! They will get a second opportunity to vote for the candidate of their choice. There is a special run-off election scheduled for Tuesday February 2. The special election will decide the occupant of the 6th Ward Seat.  In the November’ general election, only 3 of every 20 people registered to vote in San Bernardino’s 6th ward, did so.

Is it correct to assume that the other seventeen people who didn’t vote don’t really care who is “in charge” in City Hall? Or maybe they just trust the judgment of the three who decided to vote.

Anyone that holds elected position for a constituency that votes at a less than fifteen percent rate knows the people they represent “don’t really give a hoot”! How the elected official responds to that fact is a demonstration of their integrity… But we have to admit, it is probably difficult to drive a hard negotiation for your constituency when the elected official that is being negotiated with knows that the people that you are representing, “don’t really give a hoot”!

A Sixth Ward Candidates Forum & Debate is scheduled for 6 PM Monday January 11. Sixth Ward voters can see, hear and question the two wonderful women who are candidates for the right to represent the Sixth Ward.  The Forum is at the Ingrahm Community center, 2050 N. Mt Vernon Avenue.

If you are eligible to be a voter, you should care about the condition of your streets and street lights, about garbage and blight, about fire protection and police services, about parks and activities for children and senior citizens. You should care about business and job development! The list goes on and so does government that probably doesn’t serve you, but it appears that 17 out of 20 of you “don’t really give a hoot”! There is too much at stake to not vote!

“You will probably lose more by not voting than you gain by voting. It is kind of like treading water, you don’t get far doing it, but you can lose everything if you don’t! “- Wha-Lee.



BOTTOMLINE: POLICE LIES MATTER, Caught You in A Lie… How many have I missed You In?

Publisher’s Commentary by Wallace J. Allen

The Chicago Police Department covered up a brutal police shooting. They destroyed and hide video evidence of one of their officers shooting and killing a Black Teenage boy. The officer then continued to riddle the apparently dead body with additional bullets… A total of sixteen bullets!

The officer said he was threatened by the boy… There were at least three other police officers witnessing the shooting… They were on duty, so some will argue, they were really participating.  Their “incident reports” regarding the shooting obviously supported the “boy was threatening” story!

The Chicago Police Department convinced the victim’s family to promise to keep silent about the shooting by quickly offering 5-million dollars in ‘hush mouth” money! One question is, did the Chicago Police Department tell the family how the killing really took place and that there was a video of the entire sixteen shot shooting?  If not, it looks like another lie that the Chicago Police Department is caught in.

A stubborn journalist sued the Chicago Police Department in a “freedom of information” action and was awarded the power to force the release of the video.

The video shows the teenager walking away from the policeman who started shooting the “threatening” boy while he was at least two car lengths away from the officer… The officer shot sixteen times and each bullet ended its journey with body wrenching impact on the dying, and for some of the bullets, the dead body of the teenaged Black Boy.

The Chicago Police Department’s response to being caught in this morass of lies has to this point been to, after a year, finally charge the shooter with murder. However, that arrest occurred only hours before court ordered public viewing of the incriminating video.  Days of community protest and national outrage have initiated the Mayor’s firing of the Police Chief and his request that the citizens of Chicago trust his good intentions.  That would suggest that the mayor had not seen the video and that he was not party to the cover up… Would you drink that Kool-Aid?