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Bottom Line

Public Safety Aid For The City of San Bernardino

Publisher’s commentary, by Wallace J. Allen

We all know the general effect when a driver “sees” a police car. The driver tends to “check” himself in terms of speed and general alertness.  As we all agree with that statement, pay particular attention to the fact that the police car could be empty.
We can provide the same effect with Police Trainee’s patrolling and adding to the visual police presence in our cities. This would create a means to place additional, low or no cost uniformed bodies in, for instance, the city of San Bernardino.  They are not full-fledged police officers, but who can tell that from a distance? Patrolling and calling in could be an additional deterrent as could other citizen-plus duties that they could perform.
Though this idea works conceptually, the specifics will have to be negotiated.  The negotiation could be made much easier if the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Regional Training Academy would add an internship component to its training curriculum. This would give the trainees an obvious benefit to have a real on-the-streets experience to increase his/her value for their future job search;  It would also give added value to the academy training reputation and resulting appeal to potential students as well; and additional value will be created for cash-strapped cities like San Bernardino whose Public Safety Budget would find relief in both providing and paying for Public Safety by utilizing the intern-officers.

WHO SHOT TYRONE JONES? Police Offer $10,000 Reward!!

Tyrone Jones helped establish the Westside Nubians in 2007 to help stop the violence in his San Bernardino West Side community. The Nubians patrolled the streets, gave block parties and held community meetings with the goal of helping to keep the peace among the area’s youth. About six weeks ago, on October 14, Jones was shot while sitting in the carport of his home.  According to the police report, the killer leaned over and looked into Tyrone’s face before shooting him in the back of the head.  He is described as about 5 feet 8 inches tall, stocky, approximately 200 pounds and was seen wearing a black t-shirt and camouflage shorts. Tyrone stood up for his community. It is now time for someone to stand up for Tyrone!
If you have or think you have any information that can help capture Tyrone Jones’ killer, contact Sgt. Gary Robertson at the San Bernardino Police department.

BOTTOM LINE… Don’t Give Up On Berdoo!! – Part 2

The San Bernardino City election is partially over and there is the expected run-off for mayor; however, City Council members have been selected. Don’t “hate” on the winners, especially if your chosen candidate did not win. The election is not about creating a winning candidate. It is about electing a candidate that will make the city a winner. If your candidate did not win you still have a representative that needs your input, not to just complain, but to help with solutions.  Regardless of who is in City Hall, we each have the ability to help the City of San Bernardino.
I suggest that we start with the one thing that we each can control, which is our individual attitudes.  Our attitudes are truly the only thing that we should expect to control.  We cannot control everything that happens, but we can control how we respond.  It is not important that you did or did not vote for the winning candidate, what matters in that you dedicate yourself to being properly served.  Write and congratulate the winner and explain how anxious you are to help. Request a written list of priorities and at the same time make your suggestions as what should be on the list.  If you don’t know what you want, how will you recognize it?
The city of San Bernardino will ultimately survive and thrive. Will you be a benefit to its rise from the ashes or will you be attracted to the distractions and eventually give up your stake to the benefit of some opportunistic interloper?  I say, “Don’t give up on Berdoo!”