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Artist Review: Sharon Perrin and De’Andre Brown

The Street Magazine crew are pretty busy with a world-wide circulation.

The Street Magazine crew are pretty busy with a world-wide circulation.

SAN BERNARDINO, CA— What’s going on IE and neighboring cities! It’s ya girl, Ms. LUE once again. This week, I’m honored to feature the multi-talented – Ms. Sharon Perrin, Mother/Rapper/Magazine Owner.

You may have seen a large van traveling through your neighborhood with the décor on the sides of Hip Hop Moguls such as Snoop Dog, Ice Cube, E-40, indie recording artist Lo’Key Tha YG that reads “Street Motivation Mag” along the side designed by staff member and owner of 120designs.net, and you may have wondered to yourself “Who are they?” or “What do they do?”.

Well this person is no other than my good friend and extended Big Sister, Ms. Sharon Perrin and her son De’Andre Brown. Sharon and De’Andre

(aka Lo’Key tha YG) started Street Motivation Magazine in 2005 and since then, many artists credit the magazine as “The missing link to many independent artists to not only gain more exposure, but a stage to be advertised in a more professional light.”

How did this come about? Well in the early 80’s Sharon aka “Miz Tasti” was a female hip hop artist herself, and the first signed female rapper from Pomona, CA. Through her unique stylings, Miz Tasti encapsulated a roughness vocal sound of the west coast that everyone came to love, but with a style of her own that ranged to a “Dirty Down South touch” with the intoxicating lyricism of her own. She performed at countless on-and off-campus events and showcases, and had quickly become a popular local entertainer, and acquired since 1985 her own following of screaming teens, adolescent fans and adult admirers.

Miz Tasti began to give back because she understands the power of music, and wants everyone to be touched by her expression and love of Hip-Hop. This beautiful lady has been featured in various magazines and newspapers from Urban Smarts Mag., Low-Life UK hip hop Mag., the World Wide Westside Mag., and The Hip Hop Core Mag and more.

De’Andre Brown and his mother Sharon Perrin founded Street Motivation Magazine eight years ago.

De’Andre Brown and his mother Sharon Perrin founded Street Motivation Magazine eight years ago.

As an artist, herer performances earned the respect of critics, who wrote:  “One female Rapper I find myself playing quite often. Miz Tasti is likable, Lyrics are head nodding material and the beats have movement”, Much props —Africa’s Gateway Mag. “Tonos Entertainment top-pick for Female Rapper for major indie label distribution—Head of A&R Simon Gillies. “Tast i has always had the ability to make others stop, look and gather around her, to hear this Hip-Hop Diva do her on the microphone is pure fire”—- Slip N Slide Records..

In 2000 she founded FEAA Camp (Feline Entertainment Artist Association) to provide female performers encouragement and the opportunity to collaborate with one another ,in a male dominated industry. In 2005 she and De’Andre founded Street Motivation Magazine, and continue to educate, inspire and motivate artists that wish to promote and advertise themselves in a professional and affordable way.

The magazine is a quarterly print publication with readers and subscribers from throughout Southern California and the world including Texas, New York, Japan, Slovakia, England, Bangladesh, Germany and more. Designed to meet the needs of indie artists, Street Motivation Magazine meshes together the city’s urban society with local and national updates on music, the latest in news, and events, and seeks a wide and diverse market including men, women, and children with a vision to appeal to a diverse readership of people of all ethnic and racial groups, and to attract both professionals and simple music lovers. .

Street Motivation Magazine has featured and interviewed not only artist, entrepreneurs, and business owners, but was also the first magazine to feature on the cover not one, but two men featured in the TV series “American Gangsters:” “Freeway” Ricky Ross and New York’s Chaz “Slim” Williams. Several top artists that have graced its pages include King T, Above The Law, Kurupt, Kokane, Suga Free, Soulful Ricky Jones, DJ Battle Cat, Jayo Felony, Medusa, C-BO, Brotha Lynch Hung, SlyBoogy, RBX, Dresta Da Gangsta, BG Knock-Out, Chill (Compton’s Most Wanted) Crooked I, Graph, Snoop Doggs artist The Hustle Boys and Dubb Union, and the list goes on.

Contact information for this Entrepreneur, Mother, Manager, Owner, and Motivator, who founded this magazine on a mother and son’s sweat, tears and a dream, is: Street Motivation Magazine, P.O. Box 90254, San Bernardino, Ca. 92427

909-804-2029 or 323-642-7702, info@sm-mag.com, or visit www.sm-mag.com.

Women Warriors Fitness Invitational 2013

Presented By the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

All Women are Welcome to Participate



SAN BERNARDINO, CA— Do YOU have what it takes to be a Deputy Sheriff?  Then prove yourself, or just prove to yourself that you are FIT!  Register to participate in the “Women Warriors Fitness Invitational 2013,” presented by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.  This event will take place on Saturday, July 20, 2013  from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (Check-In starts at 7:00 a.m.) at the Sheriff’s Basic Academy.

This event is open to ALL women, age 21 and older. Participants must present a valid ID and signed waiver at check in. Appropriate fitness attire and running shoes are required. The fitness challenge will consist of a “pursuit and rescue” obstacle course, push ups, sit ups and a 1 ½ mile run. Guest speakers from the Sheriff’s Department will give a brief presentation prior to the event.

Only participants in the event will be allowed on the premises. Absolutely No Males, No Spectators, No Cchildren. Non- participants are not allowed and will be turned away. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Basic Academy is located at 18000 Institution Road, San Bernardino, CA. Register online at www.SheriffsJobs.com.  The Online Registration deadline is Monday, July 15, 2013. For more information call 909-387-3675 or 909-387-3750.

20th Annual Black Graduate Recognition Ceremony Will Celebrate Student Success

Thomasina Hill

Thomasina Hill

SAN BERNARDINO, CA— The 20th Annual Black Graduate Recognition Ceremony at California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB)will be held this Saturday, which will take place on Saturday, June 8 at CSUSB’s Coussoulis Arena at 7 p.m.  Embracing African American culture, the ceremony celebrates the graduates’ success, and the student can dress in graduation attire and receive symbolic kente stoles. Guests are welcomed to dress in African American traditional cultural clothing.
The theme for the event is “Closer to my Dreams.” CSUSB students Lee Moore and Jeremy Young speak at the event. Moore, a first-generation college graduate and will receive her B.A. in psychology, and plans to pursue a graduate degree in clinical social work at the University of Nevada. Young will graduate with a degree in information systems and technology, and is the current president of the student group Enrichment Through Action, a community service-based CSUSB organization at CSUSB.
Thomasina Hill, a San Bernardino native, will graduate with distinction with a B.A. in English with a concentration in Literature, and will perform an original poem at the ceremony. Thomasina has applied for a dual Master’s program in English Composition and Literature.
Danny Tillman, a 2003 CSUSB alumnus with a B.B. in business administration with a concentration in information technology. He works as an Information Systems administrator for the County of San Bernardino, serves on the Board of Trustees for the San Bernardino City Unified School District, and is a candidate for California’s 31st Congressional District seat.
Jenise Bush, co-founder of the CSUSB Black Graduate Recognition Ceremony, and a CSUSB alumna who earned three credentials and two degrees, and is currently pursuing a doctorate at the University of La Verne, will emcee the event. Children Performers from Dare to Dream Arts Academy will dance at the event.
Tickets are $50, and can be purchased in the Santos Manuel Student Union’s Student Leadership and Development office, Room 204. Students who purchase tickets can have an unlimited number of guests that can attend the event with them. Parking is $5.  For more information, contact Doreen Hatcher at 909-537-5234, dhatcher@csusb.edu, or Misty Levingston at 909-537-7198, mlevings@csusb.edu.