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#MenMob Encourages Young Men to Achieve during Black & Brown Conference at CSUSB

Tomas Morales, President, California State University, San Bernardino, (center), & several community members who joined the 'MOB'  to greet & encourage the invited students, & to connect them to an academic future with CSUSB, & beyond.

Tomas Morales, President, California State University, San Bernardino, (center), & several community members who joined the ‘MOB’ to greet & encourage the invited students, & to connect them to an academic future with CSUSB, & beyond.

By John Coleman

On October 23, buses from the Colton Joint Unified School District,  Fontana Unified School District,  Rialto Unified School District,  San Bernardino City Unified School district and Victor Valley Joint Unified School District, brought more than 300 African American and Latino eighth-grade boys to the Inaugural Black & Brown Conference for Young Males at California State University, San Bernardino.

As the students arrived, they were surprised but excited to be greeted by a “MOB” of campus and community leaders, including CSUSB President, Dr Tomas Morales;  City of San Bernardino Mayor, R. Carey Davis; a handful of others.

The FELLAS, a group of African American men who took time from their businesses and jobs to show their support for the growth, education and advancement of our Black & Brown youth, especially the males; that they, too, could take and learn required courses,  that the work they do in high school will prepare them for success in college and careers,  and that they still will have time for fun and a good life.

They entered the CSUSB Inaugural Black & Brown Conference as ‘champions’ through a path of well-wishers giving ‘high fives’ to each visiting student. Campus and Conference officials reported that student high energy and good behavior persisted throughout the Conference Program and events.

Veterans Ride Omnitrans Free on Veterans Day

OmniTransSAN BERNARDINO, CA- In appreciation for the contributions of the men and women who have served in our nation’s armed forces, Omnitrans is offering free bus rides to US military veterans on Veterans Day, Wednesday, November 11.

Veterans may simply show retired military ID when boarding any Omnitrans bus including the sbX rapid line, freeway express and local bus routes, or OmniGo community shuttles. Accepted IDs include those issued by US Departments of Defense or Veterans Affairs, and San Bernardino County Veterans Affairs.

“It’s our way of saluting those who served to protect our freedom,” said Omnitrans CEO/General Manager P. Scott Graham, himself a veteran of the US Marine Corps.  Approximately 79,000 veterans reside in the Omnitrans service area of the San Bernardino Valley, stretching from Yucaipa in the east to the Los Angeles County line in the west.

In January 2015, Omnitrans introduced a reduced fare category for veterans.  “Since then, we have tallied over 100,000 rides taken by local veterans,” said Omnitrans spokesperson Wendy Williams.  Osvaldo Maysonet, 211 Access & Mobility Coordinator for VetLink was instrumental in advocating for the discounted veteran fare.

“The introduction of a veterans fare by Omnitrans has meant the world to our veteran population of the San Bernardino Valley,” said Maysonet. “The thing I like the most is that Omnitrans sees this veteran fare not as a financial burden, but as just a small token of appreciation for their service to our country.

Bully Awareness Network, Dr. JJ Spinner Bring Awareness to End all Forms of Bullying with the Move 2 Improve Tour

Dr. Spinner

Dr. Spinner

LOS ANGELES, CA- Happening on Saturday, November 7, at the Chucos Youth Justice Center, in Inglewood, the Bully Awareness Network will launch its Move 2 Improve Tour, which consists of a series of events that seeks to empower the youth and encourage them to mirror and exemplify positive behavior. Dr. Spinner, the organization’s founder and president, believes that this is the first step to ending all forms of bullying is to change the behavior of individuals positively.

The Bully Awareness Network’s events have been called memorable and epic and have captured the city by storm as reported in CNN ireport, and the organization, a non-profit, has drawn rave reviews that have touted its president, Dr. Spinner, as the “Black Pope.”   Dr. Spinner has gone into schools, churches and communities, to preach his mantra, “end all forms of bullying.”  His passion stems from wanting to see all children, teenagers and young adults to be in environments that are free from bullying.

His noted book, A Systematic Approach to Ending Bullying caught the attention of Lou Gossett Jr. , who considers this book to be a must read and the methodologies discussed in the book essential to end bullying in our society.  Bullying is not only one person’s problem; it is everyone’s problem to come together as a cohesive unit to resolve this travesty.  The Bully Awareness Network’s supporters include: students, parents, community leaders, government executives, city officials, celebrities, professional athletes and others; noted individuals include: Senator Holly Mitchell, Ambassador Diane Watson, Lou Gossett Jr., John Amos,  the legendary Supremes, Jewel Diamond Taylor, Lisa Nichols, and Reverent June Diamond Taylor.

The thing the separates the movement from others is what it represents.  According to Dr. Spinner, “We strive to be a true network, like Gumbo, a lot of ingredients that forms a cohesive, savory taste. We welcome other organizations, share our resources, and bring a platform of unconditional love and unity.”  The Bully Awareness Network’s mission is to end all forms of bullying by purposefully seeking to teach and spread the core building blocks of its anti-bullying program: unity, knowledge, entrepreneurship and leadership.

The organization’s November 7 event will allow the youth to showcase his/her unique and special talents in dance, rap and signing in front of the industry’s best to encourage the youth that being gifted, talented and uniqueness should never be the basis of being bullied but the basis of the evidence of one’s greatness, which is why our creator only could make only one of me.  Some of the judges for the dance battle include Shane Sparks from America Can Dance Contest, one of the top Choreographers in the world; Ceasare Willis from the dance film Rize; and Kio from Dancing with the Stars; and Boogaloo Shrimp, one of the originators of the dance battle.   The judges for the signing portion include Kevin McCall, a Grammy award winner songwriter/singer who has written hit songs for Chris Brown; Cheryl Cooley of the fabled group Klymaxx; Dorsey Fuller, the head director for the beat and manager for the Grammy nominee Angie Fisher; and Kurupt.

The Bully Awareness Network is pleased to have Jerome Ro Brooks, an actor in Tyler Perry’s the Haves and the Have Nots, and Victor Battle, a national casting director, as presenters to speak to the youth about acting and getting casted.  In addition to the talent showcase and presentations, the youth will hear many positive messages in alignment with the organization’s mission from the best speakers, attorneys, city officials and school officials and more. There will be number of noteworthy celebrity speakers such as Gary Gary, director of the hit sensation movie Straight Out of Compton. The event will end with a comedy show, starring Wild ‘N Out very own funny woman, Aarona Lopez; Lester Barrie, a renown actor and comedian, and a host of others.

The Move 2 Improve tour will continue on December 22 with its toy give-a-way and Christmas Extravaganza at the Bradley Source Family Center. Selected contestants from the November 7 event will receive the opportunity to perform at the event in front of prominent city officials, celebrities, and elected guest.   In January 2016, the Bully Awareness Network has been selected to be a part of the Martin Luther King Parade, as a recognized non-profit organization for its service to the community.