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What It Do With LUE – This Week Mi$fit



This week’s artist’s review is a true talent. I’m featuring the man himself, Mi$fit. Phillip Quadir Bailey, better known as Mi$fit: The Born Hustler, is making noise in the entertainment game. His single “Where They Do That At” is most definitely a banger, a project put out by Sity Counsil Entertainment. I met Mi$fit through a contact a few months ago. I was told by this individual, “Wait until you hear and see this dude in action”. I must confess, I was not disappointed. Mi$fit came to our studio ready. I asked him to perform in front of the folks that were there, and he did just that with no hesitation.

This past Sunday, I had a chance interview and see him perform in Los Angeles for LaTrina Blackberry’s, 6th Annual Western Conference. Mi$fit is definitely no stranger to the stage or the MIC. He commanded the crowd. I love to watch the reaction of the audience whenever a performer performs. The expression and body language tells it all. The crowd was hyped and well engaged. I give Mi$fit two thumbs up for a great performance.

This entertainer has a little more to him than just music. He has a love for the kids. Mi$fit has created a foundation entitled Misfit for the Kids. Misfit coaches Eastvale Pop Warner, and is involved in community services. He has also created the anthem for Eastvale Pop Warner and will be shooting a video to the anthem within the next month. He has raised more than $500.00 for the Eastvale community and is currently working with the Mayor of Eastvale. He is also the owner of, PAC Entertainment, which stands for, “People And Creativity”, for trouble kids to help channel their energy into a positive manner. For more information on this foundation, please contact Phillip Quadir Bailey at 951-454-0489 or 909-437-9318.

I predict a bright future for this talented artist. For more information on upcoming shows and music, please check out his face book page and Soundcloud under ‘Mi$fit- The Born Hustler’ or you can find him on all Sity Council Entertainment social media sites.

Once again it’s ya girl LUE keeping you informed of the talent in the IE and surrounding cities. Until next week, TTFN!

Calling All Student Actors, Singers and Dancers

ICPA Dancer

ICPA Dancer

UPLAND, CA- The Inland Conservatory for the Performing Arts School (ICPA) will be hosting auditions for youth ages 8 to 16 to be a part of its Acting Ensemble. Youth will be auditioning to be a part of the school’s theater department where they will participate in classes lead by Professor Bianca Swan. Classes include plays, musicals, scene study and monologue study. Auditions will be held at the ICPA Headquarters, 814 Alpine Street, Upland, CA 91786, on Saturday, August 17 at 10 a.m. For more information or to register online, visit www.icpa-ca.com/auditions.


Field of Dreams Takes Place at 66ers San Manuel Stadium


SAN BERNARDINO, CA- Experience the rematch in the 2013 2nd Annual softball game! This year’s theme is “Field of Dreams”. The competing teams are Joe’s Thugs and Ray’s Wild Band. The event will take place Thursday August 15, 2013, from 5:30-9:00 p.m. in the Inland Empire’s 66ers San Manuel stadium. There will also be a special tribute and jersey retirement presented by Anne Mayer RCTC Executive Director, to honor former CTC Executive Director Bimla Rhinehart. Who will dominate the field? Who will come out victorious? Come and find out!