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Hearts R Us Brings Hope to the ‘Dino’

Hearts 4 us

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- Hearts R Us is made up of a team of five dedicated future social workers in the Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Work program at the California State University, San Bernardino. Since the group’s implementation, they have assessed the need in San Bernardino with troubled youth and low-income families. They have acknowledged that this low-socio economic community represents a cycle of poverty within our youth and families in need. Instead of looking forward to a brighter future, most of these youth simply allow themselves to become another statistic. They continue the cycle of violence, criminal association, homelessness, poverty, and substance abuse. As future social workers, Hearts 4 Us strives to reach out to these youth and families in need to ensure that they  are privileged to earn a college degree and break the cycle of poverty within the San Bernardino community.

Some of the resources that the team provides include assistance with college and scholarship applications, resume building, applying to benefits such as cash-aid, food stamps, and medical. Hearts R Us has a primary mission of assisting the community and enabling all individuals to succeed.

Hearts R Us and Hope In The City will be having a weeklong event where they together will be making dinner to feed the families within San Bernardino County during the week of February 22 and February 23 from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. There will also be a resource fair along on Friday, February 23 from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Everyone is welcome!

Inland Empire Alliance of Black School Educators (IEABSE) Hosts “Meet & Greet” for Inland Empire Black Male Leaders in Education

image3SAN BERNARDINO, CA- On Thursday, January 21, the Inland Empire Alliance of Black School Educators (IEABSE) hosted a “Meet & Greet” to introduce the Inland Empire community to some influential leaders in education. IEABSE invited in the Inland Empire community to meet five prominent African American Male Administrators you may or may not have known existed.

San Bernardino City Unified School District Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Kennon Mitchell, Ph.D., Chaffey College Vice President of Student Services, Dr. Eric Bishop Ed.D., Moreno Valley City College Vice President of Student Services, Dr. Dyrell Foster, Ed.D., San Bernardino Valley College Vice President of Student Services, Dr. Ricky Shabazz, Ed.D., and California State University San Bernardino Vice President of Student Services, Dr. Bryan Hanes, Ed.D all came together to discuss “What it means to be an African American Male in Education, What is being done to support Student Equity, and what can be done to support them in closing the Achievement Gap.” image2

The event located at Azusa Pacific University San Bernardino Campus was attended by over 75 school or college educators and community members. All were greeted by the low hum of instrumental hip hop, the smell of fresh baked “Grand Daddy” macaroni and cheese, Guest Panel and thoughtful conversations surrounding Black Student Achievement. Meriel Anderson-McDade of Riverside Community College remarked, “The energy in here gave me goose bumps, it’s not often we can ask questions of those in such high positions, let alone mingle with so many other educators and parents that are both passionate and positive about helping our youth.”

Keynasia Buffong and Alise Clouser of IEABSE said, “We wanted our communities to know that there are Black male educators in high positions, they are not unicorns, they do exist… we want to show our support while keeping them accountable.” The next IEABSE meeting is scheduled for April. At that meeting influential Black female educators and information regarding the 6th Annual IEABSE High School Black Graduate Recognition & Scholarship Ceremony” will be presented.

IEABSE annually hosts the largest High School Black Graduate Recognition Ceremony in Southern California. The “IE HS Black Grad” will be held this year on May 14th at 2pm on the CSU San Bernardino campus. For more information please contact IEABSE directly at ieabse@gmail.com.


The Boy Scouts Award Whitney M. Young Jr. Service Honor to Waudieur “Woodie” Rucker-Hughes and Carl M. Dameron

Woodie Rucker-Hughes

Woodie Rucker-Hughes

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- The Boy Scouts of America California Inland Empire will honor Waudieur “Woodie” Rucker-Hughes, Child Welfare and Attendance Manager, Riverside Unified School District and Carl M. Dameron, Creative Director, Dameron Communications.  They are the 2016 Whitney M. Young Jr. Service Award Honorees.

The gala is Thursday, March 10 at 6 p.m. at Shandin Hills Golf Club located at 3380 Little Mountain Drive in San Bernardino.  A table of 8, a full page ad in the program, and camp sponsorship for 3 youth is $1,000. Individual tickets are $75.

The Whitney M. Young Jr. Service Award is to recognize outstanding service by an individual for demonstrated involvement in the development and implementation of Scouting opportunities for youth from rural or low-income urban backgrounds-this in fulfillment of Dr. Young’s dream of justice and equality for all.

The proceeds from The Whitney M. Young Jr. Service Award Dinner will support the Assistance to Others Fund of the California Inland Empire Council, Boy Scouts of America, designed to help provide financial outreach for those youth and families in need of Scout registration fees, camperships, Scouting handbooks, uniform needs and training scholarships.

Whitney Moore Young, Jr. was an American civil rights leader, born July 31, 1921 and died March 11, 1971. He spent most of his career working to end employment discrimination in the United States and turning the National Urban League from a relatively passive civil rights organization into one that aggressively worked for equitable access to socioeconomic opportunity for the historically disenfranchised. On March 11, 1971, Whitney Young died of a heart attack after swimming with friends in Lagos, Nigeria. President Nixon sent a plane to Nigeria to collect Young’s body and traveled to Kentucky to deliver the eulogy at Young’s funeral.

“I am honored to be one of the recipients of the Boy Scouts of America Whitney M. Young Jr. Award. Mr. Young was a true Civil Rights advocate, a shrewd and politically aware advisor to President Lyndon Johnson, the president who history notes had some of the greatest Civil Rights legislation and programs created and passed during his tenure,” said Rucker-Hughes.

She added, “Mr. Young was also the recipient of a Presidential Medal of Freedom and in his capacity as a leader of the Urban League, he was a co-sponsor of the historic March on Washington which I had the privilege of participating in. I thank everyone who thought enough of me to nominate me for this Award.”

Rucker-Hughes has meritoriously served the Riverside community at large as a humanitarian and pillar.  She most recently was appointed to the California-Hawaii State NAACP Executive Committee, where she serves as its South East Area Director. Woodie also serves as the NAACP Region 1 Secretary, an elected position that she has held since 2010.

“I am pleased to serve my community and help where ever I can,” said Dameron.  “As a former scout I am honored to serve scouting and to receive the prestigious The Whitney M. Young Jr. Service Award.”

Committed to the Inland Empire Dameron contributes his marketing skills to help non-profits elevate awareness of their service and increase donations. For more information on call Tracy Youden at (909) 793-2463 extension 123.