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Taylion Academy’s Teachers are as Unique as Their Students

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- The newest Taylion Academy, located in the heart of San Bernardino, sees every student as a unique and talented individual. 
“Taylion also believes that it takes a talented, unique teacher to connect with today’s students on an educational level. Terry Trebilcock is a shining example of a teacher that connects with his students,” said Tim Smith president of Taylion Academy.
Trebilcock, known as Mr. T to his students, is one of the teachers on the San Bernardino campus. If experience is the greatest teacher, then Trebilcock is in the right profession, as he has been teaching for more than 39 years. 
“I have actually been teaching since about 1975, I taught engineering classes at Henry Ford Community College in Michigan,” said Trebilcock. “I also taught business classes at Chaffey College for about three years.”
Trebilcock holds credentials in Physics and Math Fundamentals.  For Trebilcock, the reason for teaching has been, and always will be, the students.
“I like the feeling you get when the light bulb goes on for these kids, and you see what they can do with it,” said Trebilcock. “For example, two kids I taught last year in engineering classes, they liked engineering so much they applied at Chaffey to get for their engineering program.  To me, that’s the biggest payoff.”
Trebilcock is not only a dedicated, highly qualified teacher, but is a man of many talents, including Pool. “In 2013 I ranked in the top 100 in U.S. Amateur Pool.” He plans to compete in an upcoming tournament in February.
Kids are a major aspect of Trebilcock’s life, and it shows when one looks at the success of his son, Terry Trebilcock, Jr. If that name sounds familiar, it is because he is the owner of King of the Cage, a Mixed Martial Arts promotion based in Southern California.
King of the Cage is wildly popular in the Inland Empire. That makes for some pretty interesting conversations with Trebilcock’s students.
Taylion’s Grand Opening Celebration is set for Friday, December 5 at noon at 1184 W. 2nd Street, Suite 101, San Bernardino, CA 92410.  Please RSVP by calling (909) 889-5152
For more information on Taylion Academy, call (909) 889-5152.

About Taylion Academy
At Taylion Academy we are committed to providing students with the most flexible options of Independent Study, Online Learning and Homeschooling, so that our students can benefit from personalized learning plans that are designed to allow them to thrive and succeed at their own pace. We understand each student learns differently and education should be just as individualized as the needs, strengths and weaknesses of our students. Therefore, we have made it our sole mission to inspire our students and parents, provide advanced tools and systems for learning, and offer more choices to give you the best chance to fulfill each student’s dreams!



LOS ANGELES, CA- As California endures a historic drought and recovers from recent wildfires, residents need to prepare for the possibility of mudslides and flooding triggered by the current major rainstorm affecting the southland, the biggest of the year. Dangerous areas include zones previously affected by the #ColbyFire in the San Gabriel Mountains, near Los Angeles, where up to 6 inches of rain are expected, and sections of the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), in Malibu. Various downed power lines and flooding problems have been reported and mandatory evacuations issued. As a reminder, flooding is the most common and costly natural disaster in the United States, causing about $50 billion in economic losses each year, according to the Insurance Information Institute. State Farm encourages residents to take the following steps to protect:


  • Listen to first responders and to the news - If a mandatory evacuation has been ordered in your area, gather your most important documents and key belongings and leave your house promptly.
  • Drive in “defense mode” – In heavy rain and during flash floods seek high ground, turn on your lights, slow down, maintain more distance with other cars, and avoid driving on roads covered by water.
  • Keep Tank Full and Change Wipers – Wipers should be replaced if the windshield view is smeared.
  • Have a Road Survival Kit in the car– It should include a: tool set, spare tire, car jack, first aid kit, blanket, rain jacket, plastic tarp, jumper cables, flash light, gloves, spare cloths, water, non-perishable food, and road flares.


  • Inspect Your Home – As the storm progresses, inspect your home and monitor rain gutters, roof, yard, out-buildings, and trees and shrubs for possible hazards.
  • Make an Inventory – Create an inventory taking photos and short videos of your possessions in each room.
  • Create an Emergency kit – Make sure you have plenty of emergency supplies like batteries, blankets, flashlights, water and non-perishable foods.
  • Have an Evacuation plan – If you live close to a hillside area, have a disaster evacuation plan.


  • Flood damage and homes – damage due to floods is typically not covered by standard homeowners or renters insurance policies. Should you live in an area that is prone to floods or mudslides, consider purchasing flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program: Floodsmart.gov.
  • Flood damage and cars – comprehensive coverage on a typical auto insurance policy will cover damage to a car caused by a flood.
  • Talk to your agent – review your policies and discuss your insurance needs.

“While these weather conditions persist, if you can avoid driving unless necessary that would be best. And at home, monitor if the water is finding its way in and act,” said Jordi Ortega, spokesman for State Farm, who added: “Now is a good time to call your agent and review your home insurance policy.”


About State Farm

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Men in Math and Science Event Hosted at Valley College

Dean Hua and students

Dean Hua and students

SAN BERNARDINO, CA― HSI STEM Pass-Go sponsored the Annual Men in Mathematics and Science Event on October 24 at San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC).  Over 300 students from San Bernardino, Carter, Indian Springs, Arroyo Valley, and Middle College high schools and SBVC attended.  SBVC’s Vice President of Instruction, Dr. Haragewen Kinde, and Project Director Marc Donnhauser greeted the students who were then treated to an interactive presentation from Subzero Ice Cream.

Subzero demonstrated the math and science behind using liquid nitrogen to produce ice cream. Participants then engaged in a question and answer period with a panel of STEM professionals from various industries including healthcare, business, education, technology, and the U.S. military. Students then participated in break-out sessions with stimulating topics including: Is Your Girlfriend Crazy?: The Mathematics Behind Relationships; Nuclear Power in the US Navy; Chemistry in Action; Computer Coding, and; Mathematics in Your Bones.

A current SBVC student delivered an inspiring presentation on “How Anyone Can Succeed in Mathematics.”  The entire event emphasized how vital mathematics is to STEM careers and taught students how critical thinking skills obtained through STEM Education can lead to successful careers and lifestyles.

California State University, San Bernardino STEM Pass-Go staff were present to inform students of the STEM Educational opportunities at CSUSB, and reinforce the seamless transition for STEM Students as they progress in their education from SBVC to CSUSB.  Students enjoyed lunch from the Carl’s Jr. Food Truck and dessert from Subzero Ice Cream.

The Men in Mathematics and Science Event was a collaborative effort between the HSI STEM Pass-Go Program, SBVC faculty and staff, CSUSB, and the Alliance for Education.

If you would like more information on this topic, please visit www.sbvcstem.org.