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Wal Mart vs Unions, Trades, Labor and Democratic Party


By Audrey Thompson

Wal Mart is very popular in the African American community, and other low income areas. Wal Mart hires African Americans and their prices are affordable for everyone.

Back when Ford Motor company started, Mr. Ford was adamant about his employees being able to afford his cars. He set affordable prices so not only could regular consumers buy his cars but his  workers too. This is the same for Wal Mart, employees and regular customers can afford Wal Mart products.

Now you have the Unions, Trades, Labor  and  Democrats crying foul. They argue that Wal Mart does not pay their employees fair wages, poor working conditions and poor health insurance coverage. In addition, they argue that Wal Mart closes small business, Mom & Pop stores. So, for that reason the Unions, Trades, Labor and the Democratic Party fight hard to prevent Wal Mart from building in low income communities. Translating into maintaining the high unemployment rate in the African American communities.

Well let’s look at their argument . Usually the so called Mom & Pop stores are family owned and hire less than 25 employees, if that many, and I doubt they have health insurance either. Remember, that was one of the issues regarding Obamacare, that small businesses could not afford healthcare, at all. Quiet as it’s kept, many of the so called Mom & Pop stores are really boutiques and we all know low income African Americans are not shopping at those over priced boutiques and specialty shops.

Let me tell you what’s really goings on. The Unions, Trades, Labor  and the Democratic Party are pissed off at Wal Mart because they won’t unionize, thus getting union dues from tens of thousands of Wal Mart workers. This translates into hundreds of millions of dollars to the Unions, Trades and Labor. Wal Mart hires more African American community members in the cities they build then Unions, Trade and Labor hire in the cities they are working. The Democratic Party needs to back the Unions with this argument because they know it is Union, Trade and Labor money that fuel their campaigns.

Don’t get me wrong, Democrats need money to run their campaigns, however, not at the expense of the African American community. Once again, the Unions, Trades, Labor and the Democratic Party are misusing the African American vote to keep their own personal agenda in full throttle. They continue to misrepresent the truth and hope we will continue to fall for the okeedoke.

You can keep your Trade, Labor, Unions and Democratic Party. I’ll take a job, minimum wage, ability to move up in the company with a pay raise, some health and dental care and  products my family can absolutely afford.

It’s all about jobs in our community. If Wal Mart in our community bring  jobs at minimum wage and some health insurance without Unions, Trades, Labor and the Democratic Party, how bout this – 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing! 100% of nothing is what the Unions, Trades, Labor and Democratic Party is offering the African American family and community.

LUE PRODUCTIONS: Youth Showcase Auditions


Youth Auditions is WHAT IT DO this Saturday! The auditions are being sponsored by LUE Productions, Westside Story Newspaper, Black Chamber of Commerce Inland Cities, Family First Entertainment, Pretty Pockets, and Cold Cutz Barber Shop.  Youth will be auditioning for the ‘Youth Showcase’ which will be held on Saturday, December 13th .

This is a Great opportunity for our FUTURE TO SHOWCASE THEIR TALENT! We are calling all Gospel Acts, Singers, Singing Groups, Poets, Spoken Word Artists, Dancers, Rappers, Comedians, and More! We are also looking for youth hosts and models. All participants must be 19 and under.

The auditions will take place on Saturday, September 27 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 114 S. Arrowhead Avenue in San Bernardino (92408). You may send us an audition tape if unable to make auditions. All final contestants will be contacted by Monday, September 29.

For more information, please contact LUE PRODUCTIONS (909) 567-1000 or by email at Lue.info@yahoo.com. You may also contact BossRell of LUE P. at (909) 496-2151, TeeAuna of Pretty Pockets (model coordinator) at (310) 866-7545, or Deeveatva Foy of LUE P. (model coordinator) (909) 556-7637

Actress Erika Ringor and Olympian Brigetta Barrett Honored at the 2nd Annual Pink and White Celebration

Actress Erika Ringor

Actress Erika Ringor

RIVERSIDE, CA – The 2nd Annual Pink and White Celebration is on Sunday, October 5 at D and D’s Dance Center in Riverside at 1445 Spruce Street.  “We are honoring local breast cancer survivors.  We also honor two women who are positive role models relative to health and wellness,” said breast cancer survivor Carrie Madrid, founder and CEO of Lady Huskies, Inc.

This year the “Woman of Excellence Award” has been added to the 2nd Annual Pink and White Celebration.  “The two honorees chosen this year have overcome adversity and excelled in their personal lives to not only achieve greatness, but have dedicated themselves to raising awareness of women’s health and wellness,” said Madrid.The honorees chosen are actress Erika Ringor and 2012 track Olympian Brigetta Barrett.

Erika is known for her role in the motion picture Love and Basketball, among other movies and is now a Fitness and Health Coach for a major health and wellness company.  Brigetta Barrett is a high jumper from the United States. Her biggest success is winning the silver medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. She is returning to the 2016 Olympics.

Brigetta Barrett

Brigetta Barrett

This breast cancer awareness month fundraising gala was created by Madrid a Stage III breast cancer survivor of two years.  Madrid shares her story in hopes of raising awareness and inspiring others to beat breast cancer. The “Woman of Excellence Award” honorees will be presented with an original work of art created by artist John Barge III  www.johnbarge3.com. The official unveilings of these works of art will take place at the 2nd Annual Pink & White Celebration.

“We invite everyone to attend and enjoy this celebration of hope,” said Madrid.  She added, ”Special appearances at the celebration include: jazz saxophonist, Mark Allen Felton and vocalists, “L.A. the Don” with Jazmine Culpepper; World Champion Mixed Marshal Arts (MMA) Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Jenae Noonan and artist Brandy Loves2Draw”, said Madrid.

Tickets are $25 per person and can be purchased on the website or at the door.  Tables of eight are available for $200 if purchased by October 1. All breast cancer survivors must be registered by October 1. For more information or to register a survivor, make a donation; please contact Carrie Madrid at 951-707-7965 or carrie_madrid@yahoo.com.