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No Corners Cut, No Pacifying, No Round-About Way

“If It Looks Like a Duck, Swims Like a Duck, And Quacks Like A Duck, Then It Probably Is a Duck…..!”

Lou Coleman

Lou Coleman

By Lou Coleman

The quote implies that a person can identify an unknown subject by observing that subject’s habitual characteristics. Follow me I’m going somewhere with this.  It is sometimes used to counter abstruse, or even valid, arguments that something is not what it appears to be. Oh, help me Jesus! Ah…

Too many of us that claim we know we’ve been changed still come into church with the same old crippled walk, the same old dry praise, the same old mope, frown, and hung head. When you act like you know you’ve been changed, your posture will change. You’ll come into the house of God with your head held high, no matter what you’re facing, and every time you experience God making a change in your life you’ll have a new shout, new run, new holler. Acts 3: 1-3: 10 tell us that, “We gotta act like we know we’ve been changed!

When you act like you know you’ve been changed, you don’t have to wait for other people to do for you what you can do for yourself. Before the lame man experienced a change, he had to rely on others to carry him where he needed to go. When he got his change though he automatically was able to push himself to a place of praise and worship in God. When you really know you’ve been changed, you don’t have to wait for nobody else to push you to a mindset of praise and worship in God! You don’t have to wait for the preacher, ministers, choir, praise team, or musicians, to push and provoke you to praise, you’ll come in busting the door down with praise because you know you’ve been changed!

When you act like you know you’ve been changed, you don’t allow your location or those around you to control whether you act like you know or not. Notice that the man didn’t wait until he got beyond the vale to praise and worship God, but he started doing it at the temple gate! Too many of us that say we know we’ve been changed only act like it in the house of God if that. When you know you’ve been changed you don’t have to wait until you get into the house of God to give Him praise, but you’ll bust loose with praise anywhere! When you know you’ve been changed, you ain’t worried about whose around you, who’s watching you, or who’s talking about you, you just give God glory. Amen!

In 2 Corinthians 13:5 Paul says to the Corinthian church, “Examine yourselves, whether you are in the faith; prove yourselves (emphasis added).” If there is no evidence of salvation in your life now, you need to face the fact that you may not be a Christian. You need to examine yourself to see whether you are in the faith. How does one do that? Compare your life with the standard Christ presents in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:7) One word summarizes His standard: Righteousness.

Remember, the scribes and Pharisees went to the Temple regularly, paid tithes, fasted, and prayed constantly. But Christ wasn’t impressed with their religious performance. God expects a transformation. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creation; old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” In Matthew 5:13-14 Christ referred to believers as “the salt of the earth” and “the light of the world.” A Christian’s life- style will be easily distinguishable from the worlds. Is it evident to those around you that your life is different? Evidence of salvation is always present in a true believer. Meeting Jesus opens up a whole new world to a person. You have a new nature in your heart – a new influence in your life – new confidence and outlook on life… you laugh at impossibilities. There is a new sense of happiness, usefulness, honor, safety.

Here is the Lord’s challenge – “Let me take you, remold you, change you.” I tell you, “It doesn’t take much of a man to be a Christian, but it takes all of him there is.” “If It Looks Like a Duck, Swims Like a Duck, and Quacks Like a Duck, Then It Probably Is a Duck.

“In All Your Getting, Get Understanding!”

Lou Coleman

Lou Coleman

By Lou Coleman

When you get an understanding,  understand that it’s not your job to figure out how God is going to do what He said He would do. The Word of God is true, pure ,tried and it has already been settled in the heavens,  never to be changedSo, if God speaks, that settles it, Period!

We are to believe what He says, and  trust Him even when we don’t understand what is going on!  Can I tell you that trust requires us to have unanswered questions?  You need to get “comfortable – not knowing.”  Stop trying to figure everything out!  Stop “staring” at your circumstances and fix your eyes on Jesus, “the Author & Finisher of your faith.”  Mediate on His track record for He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. Focus on the unlimited supply of the God we serve, the God of more than enough!

I tell you, it is important that you do not try to figure out, calculate, or reason how God is going to heal, deliver, set free, meet your needs, etc… rather you must just believe. When you try to figure out in your mind how God is going to do something, then you are not trusting. God never told us that faith required us to figure it out; rather faith requires us to rely on the truth and integrity of His Word. Can I help somebody right now. I know your figuring it out, is your back up plan, just in case God does not come through. But  I want you to know that anytime that you have a backup plan for God, then you are not believing Him.

You must begin to believe God first, and not require Him to prove that He can do it. God must become your salvation in all things. You are not to try to figure out how He is going to do what He promised to do. That’s His job.  Your job is to release your faith. You must release it and trust God. Psalms 37:5 says, “Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass.” So stop trying to figure everything out! Put it away and raise your hands in Praise, thus saying “I trust you God, and I give it to you.” And when you pray, thank Him and expect Him to honor His Word, for  “this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask any thing according to His will, He hearth us.” Don’t try and figure it out any more, just let go and let God. It may not make sense right now, but one day when God’s whole plan unfolds you’ll see what God was up to.

“Let the Devil Know That ….It’s going to take more than that!”

Lou Coleman

Lou Coleman

By Lou Coleman

In this life, if you choose to follow God’s assignment and God’s call on your life, know that it won’t be easy. It will not be a bed of roses. The reality is, there will come times in your life, rather than whining about how bad things are, you have to develop the resolve to square your shoulders and look the devil square in the eye and tell him, “It’s going to take more than that.”

In the Scripture, Paul tells about all the things he went through. It is a litany of experiences from one extreme to the next. Out of the context of this crisis, he talks about how he went through it all to help us understand that our assignment in the earth realm has to be GREATER than our assault in the earth realm. The Apostle Paul had to face all sorts of threats and dangers. The detailed plots on his life, angry crowds, and storms at sea, shipwrecks, all the forces of hell seemed to have been intensifying their efforts to keep him from reaching Rome.  But after two weeks of hurricane storm at sea, he survived the storm; he made it through the shipwreck; he made it through the rain. He survived the snake attack unharmed, and then he turned around and healed a number of sick people on the island. What the devil intended for evil, God turned into good.Tell the Devil, “It’s going to take more than that!”

What makes us who we are is our resolve to tell the Devil that we are not rookies at this thing. That it’s going to take more that that to break us.That it’s going to take more than that to make us walk away. That it’s going to take more than that to uproot us. For we have been at this thing too long and we have seen God turn situations around and we believe in our Spirit that God is able to sustain us. Tell him that you have chosen to look to the hills from which comes your help. The Preservation of God. He preserved Noah and his family. He preserved Abraham when he went down to Egypt. He preserved the children of Israel in Egypt and in the wilderness. He preserved Jonah in the fish’s belly. He preserved Joseph in prison and made him prince in the palace of Egypt. He preserved Peter in prison and from death and He will preserve me. I tell you, “It’s going to take more than that!”

Can I testify for a moment. The devil tried to take me out and the crowd was watching and waiting happily to see me drop dead so they could get a kick out of it and throw themselves a devil’s party. But God kept me; He preserved me, and I’M STILL HERE. I refuse to die! I’m never going to quit! “It’s going to take more than that!”

What’s the point of all this?  Don’t be ignorant. Make no mistake about it; the Devil wants to deprive you of love and of life. He wants to destroy and do away with the very reason you were created. He wants to muffle and neutralize your glory unto God the Father. He wants to get you to neglect your purpose by allowing things and situations in your life to become distractions. He will speak lies and say you have no purpose here. He will begin to make you feel as if your life is useless, that everything you do is ineffective. I tell you, The Devil is a liar!  Even though he is powerful and he is out to kill our purpose, by trying everything in his power to get us to neglect and turn away from our purpose, “It’s going to take more than that!” “Greater is He that is in us, than He that is in the world.”