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“A House is Not a Home!”

Lou Coleman

Lou Coleman

By Lou Coleman

Don’t get it twisted!  Don’t fool yourself and don’t be fooled. Unless your house is built by wisdom and established by understanding, your house is not a home. [Proverbs 24:3] And just so that we are on the same page, I want you to know that I’m not talking about your physical house, I’m talking about your spiritual house. You see in [Matthew 7:24–27] Jesus tells a parable that compares and contrasts two builders: one wise and one foolish. One man built his house on the sand while the other built his house on the Rock. In this context, building on the sand speaks of people who hear the Gospel, but instead of believing the Gospel and coming to faith in Jesus, they believe they can build their lives on the shifting sands of human philosophy, wisdom, opinion, and religious achievement. They are driven by outward, religious appearances and faith in themselves, rather than faith in Jesus. People who build their house on the sand hear the Gospel and believe its general message, but they choose to follow God on their own terms. To them, His Word is open to interpretation. If He commands them to do something they will obey if they choose to. If they don’t like it they won’t do it. People who build their house on the sand they build the house of their lives on self-will, self-fulfillment, self-sufficiency, self-satisfaction, and self-righteousness. Theirs is a works based religion that has the appearance of being right but that lacks the power to save the soul. As [2 Timothy 3:5] says, “Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof…” People who build their house on the sand believe they can pray a prayer, sign a card, join a church, and all will be well. People who build their house on the sand can turn it on and off like flipping a switch. They can be in today and out tomorrow.

But then while one man built his house on the sand, the other dug deep. He dug until he reached the bedrock and built his house on the Rock. The Rock does not move. It is unchanging and stable. Building on the Rock speaks of people who hear the Gospel and believe it to the point that they build their lives on it. People who build their house on the Rock understand that Jesus alone has the power to save their souls. People who build their house on the Rock hear God’s Word and they conforms their lives to it. People who build their house on the Rock, they hear the truth about Jesus and they believe it. They embrace it. They yield to it. The message changes their lives. What God tells them to do in His Word, they do. What God warns them not to do, they avoid. They pay any price, walk any path, and do anything the Lord tells them to do. They love Him, honor Him, and obey Him. I’m talking about people who build their house on the Rock.

I want you to know that the parable tells us that the rain came, the flood followed, and the wind of destruction blew. This image is not just about some storm in life. This is the image of judgment. In the end both houses were subjected to a terrible storm of judgment. One house stood, the other was totally destroyed. The house that was built on the sand could not face the withering judgment of God, and it collapsed. Jesus said, “And great was the fall of it.” This means that the house was utterly destroyed. There was nothing left to show for the life lived within it. Everything was destroyed and swept away as if it had never existed. But as far as the house that was built on the Rock. It experienced the same storm. The rain, the flood and the wind “beat upon” the house. This house was battered, but it stood against the storm that was thrown against it. This house was shaken, but it did not fall. It stood on a firm foundation, and it weathered the storm. I want you to know that there is a storm coming; a day of judgment; a day when every person will face God.  I ask you, how is your foundation? If you haven’t built your house on the Rock, today is today. What is your life; but a vapor that appears for a while, and then disappear. Establish your firm foundation today!


Obituary: Terence Larae McGee

Terence Larae McGee

Terence Larae McGee

Terence Larae McGee went home to be with the Lord on Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at the age of 50.   Terence was born to Betty Jean Johnson and Harrell McGee on January 11, 1965 in San Bernardino, California.  Terence graduated from Cajon High School in 1983 and was a third generation member of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in San Bernardino where he served on many ministries over the years, which included Evangelism, Men’s Choir and Layman.  Terence had a strong, bold faith in the Lord and he shared the goodness of Jesus Christ with those who crossed his path.  Terence believed his life’s purpose was to be the love and protection of family and he spent countless years serving up spiritual encouragement weekly to those who are sick and in long-term care centers.

Terence is survived by his daughters Colibri McGee and Satyn Bailey; his grandson, Titan Bailey; his Father John Funderburk; his brother Courtney McGee and wife Cheryl McGee and their children Tyne McGee, Patrick St. Louis, Courtney McGee Jr., and Kestin McGee; his sister Regina Winston and husband Delbert Winston and their daughter Faith Winston; and a host of other relatives and friends.

Services will be held at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church at 1575 W. 17th Street in San Bernardino on Friday, December 11, 2015 at 10 a.m.  Repast will also be held at New Hope Church immediately following interment.  Harrison-Ross Mortuary will be assisting the family.

For more information, please contact New Hope Missionary Baptist Church at (909) 887-2526.

Letter to the Editor: We Speak As One Voice

By Keith McCarte

I have traveled around the world to at least 27 different countries.  I have actually lived in 4 different countries for extended periods of time.  I must say, that since before December 2, 2015, San Bernardino has had the highest per capita number of people who loved and cared for their community than any other place I have been.   A close second is Basel, Switzerland where most people speak at least four languages.  In Basil, they learn and study the language of culture.  Whereas here in San Bernardino we live, eat and breathe culture on a daily basis.

With this cultural aspect comes several groups of people who feel very strongly about how to better their community.  We have battled issues such as homelessness, education, employment and economic bolstering during a sagging global economy.  Even though each sect of the community has varying opinions as to how to better our community, each group is intensely motivated to make our community better as a whole and they do so by having a common respect for parallel or opposing opinions.

This is the reason I rank the citizens of San Bernardino number one when it comes to love and care for their community.

Now we have been saddled with a calamity of the first order-the horrific shooting incident of December 2, 2015.  San Bernardino has not been weakened.  On the contrary, we have become stronger and will continue to become even stronger.

We continue to love and care for our community but now we do so with one voice.  Now our voice resonates beyond city boundaries.  It now resonates nationally and internationally.  The whole world is watching and we have stepped up to the plate to become leaders as a city and as a community.  We have shown the world a good example of having love and respect for each other, love and respect for the victims and love and respect for our country.  Have you noticed that our leaders and the citizens within has focused on expressing love and condolences, opposed to the alternative?  We are no longer, Black, White, Latino, African American, Mexican or Asian.  We are San Bernadinians.  We are no longer conservative or liberal, we are San Bernardinians first and foremost.

Out of respect for the victims who have lost their lives, were injured or traumatized we must hold dear to our core values and continue to speak these values to the world as one voice.  We will speak as San Bernardinians.  We must become even closer to our neighbors and friends.  This closeness is not for the purpose of spying on their lives but for the purposes of showing our love and support to each other in times of need.  Let us continue to set good examples in our everyday lives.  Remember…we are San Bernardinians and we speak as one voice.