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Boxing champion, Rock Blackwell, is iconic in both the ring and the community

rock blackwell

By Naomi K. Bonman 

In the world of sports becoming the greatest is more than just being good at a particular sport. Being great goes beyond the skill set that one has and goes deeper within the athlete’s personality traits. Baltimore native and Trea Day Management and Publicity client, Rock Blackwell, is one of those greats. He demonstrates prominence not only in the ring, but within the community.  He is able to remain humble and above all determined when it comes to reaching any goal that he has set. In a recent interview with the boxing champ, he discussed his inspiration for boxing at an early age, his experience in being trained by boxing legends, and his upcoming fight in Minnesota in December where he will defend his WBU America Title.


Photo Credit: Mike Jon Photography

Since the age of seven, Rock Blackwell knew that he wanted to be a boxing champion. Once he realized that he never gave up on that goal and set out to accomplish it. “I was determined to get it done,” he states. “It was one of those things that I couldn’t walk away from or else my life would feel meaningless if I didn’t pursue it. I kept the faith and stay determined.”

And that determination led him to a few great accomplishments before he went professional. He earned an incredible 156-28 record including becoming the winner of the South Atlantic Championship.

“It was exciting!” Blackwell explained. “It was more so confirmation that I could do this because [at times we’re always questioning ourselves of whether or not we can do something]. Winning that championship motivated me to do more, keep pushing, and work harder.”

Hard work and persistence is what continued to push the rising champ to new heights. As a professional boxer, he joined the International Boxing League (IBL) where he outclassed all challengers on his way to a 15-0 record. By him excelling within the IBL, he was rewarded be being able to travel and box overseas. Although nervous at first, by him being an American boxing in different countries, he quickly adapted after experiencing the support and love shown to him. Blackwell’s favorite place that he has traveled to was Scotland.

“When I went to Scotland that was awesome,” he said. “They showed me a lot of love. Everyone embraced me and made me feel like a Scottish man. It was a very great experience.”

In addition to the countless voyages that the Baltimore native was able to endure, he was also granted the special opportunity to hone his fighting skills while in the IBL from training legends Roger Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather Sr., and Freddy Roach. Each of these individuals taught Blackwell something different. Freddy Roach, who is an offensive coach, taught Blackwell how to sharpen his skills in the ring offensively. On the defensive end, the Mayweather’s showed him how to become better defensively where he worked on his footwork, head movements, and other defensive moves.

“Just to be able to sit and learn boxing from them was amazing!” Blackwell said.

From his numerous accomplishments, trips around the world, and lessons from the legends, Blackwell stated that those things alone does not make him a great. Yes they may make him a good boxer, but he states that, “Personally, I think that being great is what you do for others. It is being a servant to the community.”


Photo Credit: Mike Jon Photography

During his time away from the ring, Blackwell loves going out in the community and reaching out and feeding the hungry. He recently joined the #HTLB (Hashtag Lunch Bag) movement where he is part of a community of people that pack and distribute 1,000 lunches to the homeless community. While he does his civic duties in the city, he offers nourishment to the body and mind while interacting with the less fortunate. His humble rise to super stardom keeps him forever grounded and devoted to helping others out.

Next up for the rising champ is prepping for a big fight in Minnesota on December 10 where he will defend his WBU America Title. He will be going up against JJ Flint.

While he is preparing for his upcoming fight, he has his iPod loaded with his favorite music to motivate him as he is training to before the big day.

“I’m a music junkie,” he states. “I listen to a mixture of everything from Hip Hop to R&B. My favorite artist is Drake. I think he is amazing and I can relate to his music. But overall, I just love music.”

Blackwell would love to leave everyone with a few words of encouragement and motivation which is:

“If you want to accomplish something stick with it. If you really focus on it during both the good and bad times and give it your all, you will be victorious and accomplish it. A lot of people get discouraged on the road to success because of certain things that tend to hinder them on the way, but if you just hang in there and don’t give up you will get it done.”

He continues, “You are powerful beyond measure. Whatever your most dominant thought is, is what you will become.”

To keep up with Rock Blackwell, follow him on Instagram @RockBlackwell. For more information or to book Blackwell, please contact Trea Davenport with Trea Day PR at treadaypr@gmail.com or by calling (678) 327-8281.

Does Racism Raise Your Blood Pressure?

Encountering racism is stressful, but did you know that even the fear of discrimination can cause high blood pressure?

A report released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the nation’s largest philanthropy dedicated to health and health care, found that hypervigilance—the tension and anxiety people feel when they fear they will experience discrimination—contributes to higher rates of hypertension among Blacks.

“We think that the chronic activation of the biological stress response system that takes place when a person anticipates a negative event like encountering discrimination is what contributes to the higher rates of hypertension among the Blacks in our study,” said Margaret Hicken, PhD, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholar and the study’s leader.


In cases where racism-related vigilance is low or absent, Blacks and Whites have similar levels of hypertension. But when people report chronic vigilance, the rates in Blacks rise significantly.Disparities in hypertension are considered a significant contributor to health disparities overall in the United States.




“I Want You to Know That… You Are Not the Only One!”

Lou Coleman

Lou Coleman

One of the things that the Bible gives us is incredible testimonies. It gives us a glimpse of the struggles and successes of people that went through some things. Without these testimonies, we would think that we were the only ones who went through what we are going through. I’m talking to somebody today who’s agitated, and stirred in your spirit, because you sense God is calling you to another level. Many times the agitation and frustration you feel is the unwillingness of the flesh to make the necessary adjustments. Don’t think that what you are experiencing is some strange or unique battle. On the contrary, you are in good company! Recall Job, Jeremiah, Elijah, David, and Paul. Perhaps like Paul, you are being pressed beyond measure, tested beyond your endurance and you’re on the brink of giving up. I just stop by to encourage you to keep your faith; because God is going to see you through. When you think you can’t go on another hour, when everything looks absolutely hopeless, cry out to God with all that is in you, “Lord, help!” Consider the counsel of the psalmist: Psalm 58:16-18; 18:1-6; 32:2-3; and the key verse 72:12.

Can I tell you about Jeremiah?  Jeremiah was called at an early age, and he was called to a great assignment, but Jeremiah felt that his assignment was too great for him. The persecution that he endured as a result of doing what God called him to do force him to throw his hands up and tell the Lord that he wanted to quit!”  This message today is for people just like Jeremiah. You know that God has a great assignment for your life, but the truth is you are at a place in your life where you are contemplating just giving up. Some of you woke up this morning declaring, “If I don’t get a Word today I AM DONE!”  You have decided that you are not going to fight for it anymore. Your frustration is at an all time high. You love the Lord, but you have decided that God is going to have to find somebody else to finish your assignment.  But isn’t it amazing how God will send His Word at the right time so we cannot walk away from the awesome thing that He is going to do in our life.

There are two things that I would like for you to REMEMBER ALWAYS. No matter what the devil is doing with you, you must know that you are necessary and that you are significant to the Kingdom. You see the enemy is trying to corrupt you, “He don’t want you to know the truth”. In fact he don’t even like you because when you made up in your mind that you’re going to serve God, the devil got real angry with you. But, “To Hell with the Devil!”    When you have gone through Hell, and High Water, and you know God brought you out, you don’t mind saying something; you don’t mind telling the devil, “The Hell with You!”  The devil realizes that if he can make you give up, he will literally manipulate God’s agenda for you. That’s why Quitting is not an option! You may say, but you don’t understand! Oh I understand alright. Assignments are tough! Jeremiah assignment was to prophesy concerning Judah and Jerusalem. Jeremiah’s assignment was to go to the people of God who had fallen into apathy. These were people that had become lukewarm and had chosen to fall away from God. These were people that God had been good too, but had chosen to live contrary to His Word and as a result had become so arrogant that they walked around saying they could do what they wanted to do because God was with them. These were the people that Jeremiah had to prophesy to. When God gives you an assignment, the assignment is never to make the comfortable more comfortable. The assignment is always to make the comfortable uncomfortable. The assignment is always to effect change. It is to push them into their destiny whether they like it or not. Your conflict, agitation, frustration is because God has placed a call on your life. And the enemy is trying to stop you so the assignment will never come to fruition. But the devil is so stupid, he don’t realize you can’t hinder God’s work.


All of us have cried over what we have gone through while trying to do God’s will. It is a test of our character. God wants to know if you will represent Him while you are going through what you are going through. It is about how you will act under pressure. You were anointed for your assignment. This is really about a commitment.  You have to realize the Sovereignty of God. You have to realize that you didn’t choose the assignment, the assignment chose you. If you give up, somebody’s life will be affected. God has sent His Word to remind you that you have been anointed for the trial. You have been consecrated for this. “I Want You to Know That…You Are Not the Only One!” Thank God for His Word – Revelation.