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To All You Halfhearted, Self-Satisfied, Fence Straddling Christians…”

Lou Coleman-Yeboah

Lou Coleman-Yeboah

By Lou Coleman-Yeboah

Jesus says you make him sick to His stomach. He says, “He knows your deeds and works, that you are neither cold nor hot, and that He wish that you were either one or the other, cold or hot!–but because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, He’s going to spew you out of His mouth….”—[Revelation 3:15,16,19] For you provide neither refreshment nor healing. You are useless to Him and His purposes for the church in the world. Conniving, trying to have your cake and eat it too, trying to get the full reward but not paying the cost. Repent you hypocrite! For half-heartiness is treacherous in God’s eyes. Half-heartiness is a serious mistake. You better think deeply about Apostle Peter’s warning, “For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God…”  You may be 80 percent for God and 20 percent for the world, but the truth is that not even 99.999 percent is good enough for God. He requires of you nothing less than total commitment. There is no gray area! You got that?

Listen, it doesn’t matter if you are Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Evangelicals, Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal/Charismatic, Christian, Assemblies of God, Seventh-Day Adventist, Mormon / Latter-Day Saints, Churches of Christ, Jehovah’s Witness, Buddhism, Hinduism or whatever, you better know that if you are half-hearted and self-satisfying, you are in danger of being violently rejected. Jesus says, “If you do not repent and become zealous, then the mechanical, cool, superficiality of your faith will be your destruction, and He will spew you out of His mouth.”

I want you to know that in [Amos chapter 5], God boldly confronts the sin of His people. He declares that He despised their actions…He hated their religious festivals and observances. He refused to accept their offerings and sacrifices. The sound of their praise made Him angry and He was fed up with their idolatry. The call of Christ, to the church at Laodicea and for you today is to repent of all wickedness, all half-heartedness and all self-sufficiency. You can longer halt between two opinions. Repent before it’s too late!

Exclusive Interview: Chante Moore Chats on New Album, Tour, and Love

Chante-Moore-THE-RISE-OF-THE-PHOENIX_By Naomi K. Bonman

Where are all my R&B lovers at? You know those ‘REAL ONES’? Those of you that love that music that just feels good to the mind, body, and soul? Those that enjoy those love songs that you can vibe and chill to. If that’s you then you are probably a fan of and are very familiar with Ms. Chante Moore.

Those that follow her regularly have probably been anticipating on when her next album, “Rise of the Phoenix” will be dropping. Well, it’s finally here and you can pre-order it today to get it on the release date on Friday, September 29. 

In efforts to promote the album, Chante did a few phone interviews last week and I was blessed to be one of those lucky individuals that got the opportunity to chat with her for a few minutes. We talked about love, what’s she’s been up to, and of course the new album. 


Chante Moore (Podcast/Radio Interview: Click Here)

Your new and long awaited album, “Rise of the Phoenix” releases on Friday, September 29. What can fans except from this one compared to previous albums?

…I think these are songs that they can make love to, songs that they can dance too, and songs that they can drive too [laughs]. I think that it just gives you a little bit of everything. These are beautiful times when we can share our lives in song. I just try to make sure that I put all of my heart and experiences into the music because it is important for me to share my real heart and not just what somebody else may think that I may sing. These are all songs from my heart.

Are there any shows or a tour coming up to compliment the new album?

We certainly will be on tour. The best thing that you can do for those dates because I’m horrible, I don’t remember sometimes what day it is today, so please don’t go by me [laughs] but look it up on ChanteMoore.com. We will definitely be posting the dates on there, so yes be on the look out for the ‘Rise of the Phoenix’ tour.

One of the ways that people have been able to connect with you is when it comes to love. So what lessons in love have you learned?

To take each moment as it comes, and I say ‘Carpie Diem’ a lot, just seize the day, seize the moments that come and make the most of them because when you’re with the people that you love tomorrow is not promised. So, if you make sure that you give all and you say everything that you mean to say, and if you love them tell them that you love them. If you’re disappointed in something let them know that with love that you’re disappointed or want more out of this or that. I think being honest and open and supportive of the ones we love, you don’t have time for all the fake and wasting time lying and deceitfulness.

I agree. In addition to your music, you’ve been doing some acting. I recently seen you in a few stage productions. So, do you have any new acting gigs coming up?

Not now. Right now I just want to go and support the record and let the people know that its out on the 29th and I did a Christmas album as well, so that comes out in November. The first week of November. So, right now it’s about the music. I didn’t want to do another play because you do have to promote the play and make sure your present for that, so I didn’t want to anything but focus on the music and the performances that are coming up.

Understood. So, you’re working on a Christmas album, what can we except from that?

There’s four remakes and six originals and it’s called “Christmas Back to You,” and it will be out in November. We already shot one video and we’re going to shoot a couple more. But it’s really good [laughs]. I love it! I’m listening to it a lot now; I’m listening to my other CD. I just mix them up. What’s beautiful is that they’re all about love and loving each other and taking time out to love each other with your family and your loved ones. That’s what it’s about. That’s what life really is. That’s apart of life that makes life worth living. It’s not just about going day to day. It’s like Groundhog Day, if you don’t make it special. So, that’s really part of my mode of operation! [laughs]

Awesome! Love it! What is one unknown, fun fact that fans may not know about Chante?

Well, let’s see…I’m sort of a foodie. Not sort of, I’m a foodie [laughs]. I love food! I have named my inner eater. I’m always saying that there’s a fat girl dying to get out and I don’t let her out [laughs], but I did name her. Her name is Beaula and whenever I’m really super hungry, I’m like, “Oh, my god, Beaula stop!” [laughs] but she loves to eat. So, whenever I’m really eating something good, most of my fans know that I really do love to eat. They know, “Uh, oh there goes Beaula!” That is one thing that I absolute love and I also love just laughing. I love watching crazy movies and funny movies and love stories. I love old movies as well. It’s just about taking in the moment that makes life bright and fun because there’s enough negativity that’s going to come from every direction without even asking for it so prepare for that, but try to smile as much as you can.

Awesome! Thank you, Chante,!

It’s my pleasure.

How can we remind people to follow you?

You can follow me @IAMCHANTEMOORE on Instagram and Twitter. @ChanteMoore on Facebook. If you forget all of that stuff, just go to chantemoore.com and you can get all the information for my tours, my YouTube channel, @ChanteMoore by the way, and you can get information for the new record where you can order right this moment and get it on the 29th! I encourage you to pre-order and get it immediately.  

What It Do With the LUE: Clyde Gatewood

By Lue Dowdy

Clyde Gatewood is What It Do!

Big, sexy, and confident is what he is. Born and raised in Rialto, California, Clyde Gatewood also known as G Woods, he possesses several talents.

Currently working on a new music project, singing and song writing is something that comes natural to Clyde. Along with the music, Clyde is a truck driver and Blogger that loves to make people laugh and pissed at the same time. He’s a loving family man and an entrepreneur that is in the process of starting his own trucking company. He finds the time and energy to make it all balance.

Clyde is also this year’s winner of LUE Productions “Big Sexy Men Competition.” He saw! He came! He conquered! Once again, congratulations to Clyde Gatewood.

Until next week folks L’z!