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What It Do with the LUE: 3rd Ultimate Lowrider Photoshoot and Models

By Lue Dowdy

(EMPIRE NEWS NETWORK (ENN)- The 3rdUltimate Lowrider Photoshoot and Models is What It Do! We are calling all models, slim or thick!

Diva Outlaw is providing an opportunity for you to expand your professional portfolio with some fresh and edgy photos. You can sign up with Diva Outlaw and have these phenomenal photographers, ‘Trademenz Loung’, ‘The LBC Photographer’, and guest photographer ‘FGO Fantasy’ take your photos on Sunday, May 19. Come out, have fun and network with other models. For more details email Riisha Shelby, owner of Diva Outlaw at divaoutlawapparel@gmail.com.

Until next week L’s.


BOTTOMLINE: What Happens When Someone Calls the Police on a Black Man?

Publisher’s Commentary by Wallace J. Allen

(EMPIRE NEWS NETWORK (ENN)- It appears that police take complaints about Black men as orders to arrest! I expect that the police should validate the accuracy of the call and the level of threat prior to arresting or shooting!

Did the police in Sacramento check the validity of the phone call about someone breaking car windows prior to responding and chasing someone to the area of Stephon Clark’s Grandmother’s backyard, where upon seeing Stephon with his cell phone in his hand? They screamed “gun” and shot him 8 times, killing him. Six shots of which were in the back! Were the police sure that the person they had been chasing was the person standing in the yard? Were they sure that the person they were chasing had broken any car windows?

When the police responded to a call from the Starbucks store about trespassers that had not yet made a purchase, did they investigate the validity of the call? Did they question and determine if there was a threat that required or justified the arrest of the two Black men?  How many people have the police removed, in handcuffs, from a Starbucks because of their slow order or for waiting to meet someone that completes their party?

Starbucks, you and I have the ability to call the police for any reason; however, it is up to the police to validate the reason prior to taking action!

We will discuss this subject further and “What happens when we choose to not vote” during this Sunday’s edition of “Empire Talks Back” at 10 a.m.  on KCAA1050 AM, 102.3 and 106.5 FM. There is also a live video stream via www.kcaaradio.com and you can listen on your phone by dialing (701) 801-4444.

Exclusive Video Interview: Community Activist Reginald Young Emphasizes the Importance of Activism and Economics

By Naomi K. Bonman

With tax season wrapping up on Sunday, April 15 (Tax Day), businesses and individuals are scurrying to get that last-minute tax refund in. But how many of you are investing that refund wisely?

When it comes to healing our communities, economics plays a vital role in building up and expanding our communities. All it takes is to have leaders that are savvy in economic growth to teach and show others how to assist in helping our communities grow. One of our community leaders that is a prime example of that is Reginald Young.

Reginald Young is the founder of MDISNET and an administrative pastor for Pastors United. He is also one of the core founders that are in the process of launching a credit union in San Bernardino, which would cater to the minority community.

I recently sat down and chatted with Rev. Young where he explained in detail the community and business endeavors that he has planned for this year and the coming years. To watch the interview, please hit play below: