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Being Prepared for the Unexpected

By Naomi K. Bonman

Do you have life insurance? Most will answer that question with the response of, “Well, why do I need it?” or “No and it really doesn’t benefit me right now.” People don’t think of getting life insurance until it’s too late or when they realize that they are in a situation where they urgently need it.

I recently had a deep conversation with two women who know the importance of having a policy. Life insurance just doesn’t cover death expenses, but it is also good for other occurrences that life throws our way. Angela Alexander and Jessica Poche both went through different situations where they learned the benefit of having life insurance and the circumstances of not having it.

Jessica, who was insured, was married to her husband for a year and five months. During their marriage, her husband fell terribly ill and had a $700,000 life insurance policy that just needed to be updated with Jessica’s information. He insisted that she update it, but Jessica believed with all her heart that her husband would be healed. When he later passed, she then realized why the policy would have made a difference.

Angela is the author of “Miracles in Action”, which is a book based on her story of her twin 8-year-old boys who were killed in a car accident when she was deployed in Japan. The day before she lost her boys a friend called her asking her about life insurance. She was given a month free trial and just signed up, not knowing that the next day after getting coverage on the entire family, that she would need it for her babies. The boys had written letters prior to their passing saying that they would. So, for her, not expecting to lose her children, but being responsible, she was taken care of when it came to their funerals and other expenses. 

Super Heroes, Villains, and Cosplay….OH My!!!

Photo Credit: Via Twitter @comicconrevltn

Photo Credit: Via Twitter @comicconrevltn

By Naomi Riggins

Comic Con’s usual suspects: heroes, villains, mutants and cosplay – all the things comic lovers want, right? But what about those talents that simply don’t fit into the norm? At Comic Con Revolution, there’s an outlet for those, as well. 

The 1st Annual Comic Con Revolution is a comic book convention that was held in Ontario Convention Center on Saturday, May 13.  The one day event sponsored by Dave & Buster’s, offered a fan-friendly experience that allows the fans to interact with comic professionals at all levels. Though it primarily focuses on comic books, the convention features a large range of pop culture elements, such as professional wrestlingscience fiction/fantasy, film/television, animation, animemanga, toys, collectible card games, video games, webcomics, and fantasy novels. Workshops develop skills in writing and/or art using comics. In addition to the other vendor booths was The Art Institute of California-Inland Empire Rep. Michael Rector, provided information to creative onlookers trying to develop skills in topics ranging from animation to drawing, film, and more. To request more information Go to www.artinstitutes.edu Enter Code: HS799.

Comic Con Revolution offered many Exhibitors providing opportunities for attendees to buy comics and related goods. Several demonstrations also keep the show fresh and interesting. The wide variety of historical comic images. Panel Discussions include creators sharing their observations and experiences. Btw did I mention the Jerky? One of the most memorable booths I stopped by was David from the Jerky Hut he enticed me to try various samples before I proclaimed the winner the super tender “BBQ Whiskey” as my favorite. The fresh high quality beef jerky packed with a ton of flavor low fat, high in protein snack that comes packed into a resealable bag. See more at www.jerkyhut.com.

Attending Comic Con Revolution gave me a greater perspective in gratitude. Out of all the Conventions and Expos I ever been to I have never met a massive group of people that will go out of their way to make sure you are having a great time! I can’t wait to attend the 2nd Annual Comic Con Revoulution schedule for May 19 &20, 2018…So mark it on your calendars! To find out about this and other Comic Cons Check Out www.comicconrevolution.com

Statewide Senior Coalition Rally Lawmakers Support Policy, Budget Allocations

By California Black Media

Over 300 seniors rallied at the state Capitol last Thursday to support efforts to streamline the way the state deals with policy and budget allocations for senior citizens in the state.

In 2015, the Senate Select Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care issued a report calling for the creation of a Senate Standing Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care as one means of bringing more order to the state’s fragmented policy system on senior issues.

The report found that there were 112 aging programs administered by 20 different state agencies, departments and offices.

According to senior advocates one in five Californians will be over the age 65 by 2030, and the aging population is increasingly diverse with people age 85 and older who constitute the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population. One in six seniors live in poverty with 34 percent of them Black women who live alone.

Legislative leaders spoke at the rally to share bills that have been introduced into the legislature to try and correct the budget decline in senior-related programs since the 2008 recession. 

“Of the senior citizens that live in poverty today two-thirds of them are women, so I find that morally repugnant and disgraceful,” said Senate pro Tempore, Kevin de Leon.

The Senior Coalition estimates 70 percent of people 65 years old and older will need some type of long-term care supports services.

“We as seniors need healthcare, our meds are an enormous cost, and people cannot afford food and are cutting their pills in half or going without,” said Brenda Bristow, of I HELP I.E.

“84-year old San Bernardino resident Norma Archie said, “I am fed up with government leadership and disturbed that government will take 30 million in taxpayer dollars and spend it on attorney fees for non-citizens, while seniors are going without food, their medicine and housing, I am insulted with our leaders.”

Some Bills Up For Consideration:

 SB62 (Jackson) Establishes the Affordable Senior Housing Program.

SB177 (Nguyen) Appropriates $3,300,000 from General Fund to the State Department of Health Care Services for allocation to Caregiver Resource Centers to provide respite care services.

SB202 (Dodd) Increases the Medi-Cal monthly personal needs allowance from $35 to 80 while a person is a patient in a medical institution.

AB806 (Kalra) Creates a tax credit for certain expenses incurred by a family caregiver for the care and support of a family member not to exceed $1,000.