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Meet Author, Musician, Healer, and Intuitive Thought Leader, Ezina

By Naomi K. Bonman

I love great energy and people that possess it. There were nothing but great and positive vibes during my recent interview with Ezina. Ezina is an author, musician, yogi, filmmaker, and a philanthropic humanitarian. She is also the great niece of the legendary Bobby Womack, and yes she is just as talented as her late great uncle. But as they say, talent sure does run the family.

When you listen to Ezina’s music, you can take it with you in just about any atmosphere because her melodies fuse together Neo Soul, Reggae, Alternative Rock, and Pop. You can vibe to it over a candle lit dinner with your honey, dance to it at a local bar with a group of friends, mediate to it during a yoga session, or simply just relax to it on a nice, sunny afternoon or gloomy, rainy day.

In addition to her music, she also has several books that she has written and one that she is currently working on. Her books, like her music, also provide healing as well as thought provoking messages. Thus, coinciding with her mission to use her music and books to inspire and bring people together and to use the tools of yoga to help others thrive.

To and learn more about Mrs. Ezina and her current projects and endeavors, please check out the interview below.

Compton Mayor Aja Brown Leads in Polls After Tuesday’s Election

COMPTON, CA- Mayor Aja Brown, 35, Mayor for the City of Compton, was elected as the youngest mayor in history at the age of 31. She is now in the running for re-election to continue the work in making Compton a better city.

The first round of votes were held on Tuesday, April 18. After Tuesday’s election, Brown is leading the way with 2,435 votes. Over 1,700 ballots were counted this this week and the rest are expected to be counted on Thursday, April 27.

“Thank you for the love, support and prayers throughout this entire election process,” Brown stated. “For those who voted to finish the work with us, thank you. To every single person who picked up a phone and called someone on our behalf, knocked on doors, hung signs, helped in the campaign office, liked, shared and retweeted news about our campaign–thank you. To all of our supporters in Compton and beyond–thank you!”

All candidates must receive more than 50 percent of the votes to avoid the runoff election on June 6.

Happy Birthday Ms. Krystal Yvonne! [April 23rd]

Krystal Yvonne

Krystal Yvonne

By Lou Coleman

A woman who is blessed with a daughter looks for ways to protect her. She says, “God, I offer you a prayer for my daughter. Father, let my daughter [Krystal] walk in confidence and in the power of your anointing. Let her be a woman of joy and laughter whose Christ-centered character is what makes her most beautiful. Give my daughter a deep desire to listen to You. Let her be humble. Allow her to be Godly. I pray for my daughter to speak carefully. To raise her voice in defense of the weak. To speak soothingly to those in need. To use words that is productive and kind.  Give my daughter an anointing of faith and to draw close to you and to overcome any challenge that may work against her. I prayer for her to trust You. Give her unprecedented favor and assurance that you will defend her. Give her knowledge of your power in her life. In Jesus Name, Amen!


Happy Birthday to the most beautiful person in [my] world, my daughter Ms. Krystal Yvonne, model, actress, entertainment host/moderator/interviewer, owner of MKY Petite Modeling Agency. This is another special day of thanking God for the wonderful gift He gave us. You have brought us immense joy since you came into this world. May you continue to be successful in all your life’s endeavors! Always and Forever!

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