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“I Want to Know!”

Lou Coleman

Lou Coleman

By Lou Coleman

“What have you done for Me lately?” Jesus asks.  Fed the hungry?  Visited the sick? Entertained strangers? Nope! So why you bothering Me? What you want from Me? You want me to give you what you want, but you don’t want to do what I command you to do? Forget about it! If you can’t keep My Commandments, should I let you inquire of me at all?” (Ezekiel 14:3). I think not! Too busy pursuing temporal (temporary) rather than eternal things. Don’t you know that only those things that relate to Me, done My way, will count in Heaven! “If you love me, you will obey what I command. Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He is the one that gets My blessings.

Bottom-line: As Christians, we need to put God first in our lives. If you’re doing that, God does hear your prayers, and he answers them. Jesus said, “If you remain in Me and My words remain in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be given to you” (John 15:7). We must belong to God before we can communicate with him. “He who belongs to God hears what He says” (John 8:47).  The wonderful truth is, God blesses those who walk in faithfulness – He shows favor to those who favor Him. Many, however, don’t have a clue that Jesus Christ is calling their life.

What has happened? Self-interest has replaced God’s interests! Consider your ways!” “Wake up – think about what you’re doing!” You know in the book of Haggai: When the people put God’s interests first, He provided their food and shelter. Indeed, they were cared for by Him in every way: Their vineyards grew, their grapes were heavy. They slept peacefully at night, and their children danced in the streets. None of their enemies prevailed against them. It was a marvelous time of God’s blessing. But then the people became absorbed with their own interests!

Today, so many “Christians” are concerned about their own careers and families – too busy with their own interests!  So wrapped up in making money; trying to improve their life-style. Suddenly, their interests have over-whelmed the interests of God. God says you will pay a high price for putting self-interests first! (Haggai 1:6-9). “Running after material things – houses, land, money – which take up all your time and energy! God says, when you were consumed with doing [His] work, you had joy and satisfaction. But now you are empty, disillusioned, unsatisfied. And no matter what you do, nothing will ever satisfy you!”

So what does the Lord require of you? [Acts 9:6]: The Lord’s answer is “Arise, and go…” For God has not saved you to be idle–to watch others serve while you do nothing.  I suggest you read the book of Haggai. It is a marvelous lesson on how to get and keep the blessing and favor of the Lord. In utter simplicity the prophet Haggai outlines how God’s children can live and walk under God’s continual blessing and favor. Yet Haggai also shows the causes and reasons why people lose God’s blessing – and what they must do to come back into His favor!

I urge you – become faithful once more, putting God’s interests first and seeking Him with all your heart.         Hallelujah!

Student Spotlight: Taylor Jackson

By Naomi K. Bonman

Taylor Jackson with her coaches, Coach Brody (left) and Coach Krystal (right).

Taylor Jackson with her coaches, Coach Brody (left) and Coach Krystal (right).

RIALTO, CA- With the school year coming to an end in just a mere few weeks, high school seniors from across the Inland have been accepting admissions into the top colleges of their choice. Athletes have also been signing agreements to continue to their passion for sports while in pursuing their higher educational degree.

Carter High School senior, Taylor Jackson, was among the group of athletic students who signed her agreement with Jackson State University where she will be playing volleyball and majoring in Biology.

We wish Taylor much success on her next journey as she steps onto the path of her future career.

What it do with LUE: Yungan of 4ETE


By Lue Dowdy

Rapper, Yungan of 4ETE is What it Do With The LUE this Week!!! I totally love the way this dude rocks the MIC. Yungan, whose real name is Eric Taylor, was born in South Central of Los Angeles, California and currently resides in the Inland Empire. Yungan was inspired to write at the age of 12 and began his start in the rap game at the age of 18. Not boxing himself in, he started to explore other fields of the entertainment game such as acting, writing, producing, and modeling.     Currently under the management of 4everthugging Entertainment, Yungan is also a member of the management’s company group called Stoney Gang. Stoney Gang consists of four other talented solo artists.

Yungan has performed at several events and concerts throughout Southern California. His goal is to go international with it. The streets encouraged him to make money but music encouraged him to make HITS, stay out of the way, and not become a statistic. “I have little brothers and family that is depending on me,” says Yungan.

Recently he dropped his new project titled “Parties & Problems, Volume 1.”  Expect to see amazing things from this artist. You can catch this cutie pie performing live this weekend and on air at Mix & Mingle R&B King and Queen on Saturday, May 7at the American Legion Post 710 in San Bernardino; at the Red Cup Edition on Sunday, May 8 at the 420 Night Club in Ontario, and don’t forget to tune in to “Listening With LUE Radio Show” this  Sunday, May 8 on KCAA 1050 A.M. at 6:00 pm to hear Yungan. His other projects include STONEY California Hear me out vol. 1, 4ever LA vol. 1, and Red. Cup vol. 1.

Until next week peeps. L’z!