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What It Do With the LUE: Miss Royale

Annyett Royale

Annyett Royale

SOULFUL SOUNDS is WHAT IT DO WITH THE LUE! What happen to that feel good music that bump and grind music, that make you wanna go half on a baby music. I can tell ya’ what happened, it disappeared. R&B has changed! So when I come across a singer that puts me in that mind set I get all warm and fuzzy inside. LOL! So now I need for you to check out Miss Royale. Singer, Songwriter, and Soulful Sensual, a musical tour-de-force, ladies and gents please allow me to introduce Annyett Royale.

As a child at the age of 4, parents Melba Warren and Keyle Glinsey Sr., knew their daughter was a star and out of six of her father’s children she was the only one that inherited the ability to move people vocally with the same powerful, yet sultry voice that her father had. She would wow her grandmother at the young age of 7, singing Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do with It,” as if she knew what love was and if she had written it, hitting notes that blew her grandma away. In school she became part of the school choir and at the age of 15 she entered her first talent show winning first place singing Mary J. Blige’s “Real love”. She again, sung with the conviction and emotion of someone way beyond her tender age.

In 1998, she caught the attention of Snoop Dogg’s father Papa Snoop, who then introduced her to Master P, CEO of No Limit Records, on the set of his movie, “I Got the Hook Up.” She sang on set and wowed him. He signed her to his label two weeks later. After taking a leave of absence from the entertainment business to go into management for banking and real estate, she soon realized what her heart truly yearned for and decided to make a big return to music.

She’s back, bigger than ever and taking the music industry by storm, singing her way into the hearts and souls of all who hear her! Heavily influenced by R&B, Gospel, Reggae, Hip Hop, Alternative music and vocal power houses such as: Patti La belle, Aretha Franklin, Tina Marie, Anita Baker, Lauryn Hill, Marsha Ambrosias, Keke Wyatt, Faith Evans, Adele, Fantasia, and Jazmine Sullivan. Annyett wants to bring back what she feels went missing in the industry and should have never left. That REAL heartfelt music that her children and grandchildren could appreciate now and for years to come, that real music, always relevant and never out dated.

With a powerful voice reminiscent of R&B greats Aretha Franklin and Tina Marie and a songwriting style that’s all her own, she has never shied away from a challenge and her powerhouse voice shows it!

Until next week my peeps and remember SAN BERNARDINO STRONG. L’z!

Well Done My Great & Faithful Servant: Memorial Service for Ratibu Jacocks, One to Remember

Loved ones and community members came out to support the family and legacy of William Henry Jacocks, also known as Ratibu, on Thursday, December 17 at New Hope Baptist Church in San Bernardino. (Photos by John Coleman).

Loved ones and community members came out to support the family and legacy of William Henry Jacocks, also known as Ratibu, on Thursday, December 17 at New Hope Baptist Church in San Bernardino. (Photos by John Coleman).

By John Coleman

 SAN BERNARDINO, CA- Hundreds came out to pay tribute to the legacy and life lived of William Henry Jacocks, also known to some as Bill or Ratibu. Those that were present at the memorial included members and officials of the State, County, Regional, and Local offices. There were leaders of every walk of life from family to friends of Ratibu. The memorial service was held on Thursday, December 17 at New Hope Baptist Church in San Bernardino.

The memorial service reflected and paid tribute to prominent moments of Ratibu’s life and influence. He was a US Army infantryman, operator of a local ‘small business’, missionary promoting entrepreneurship among the community, and leader of the Inland Area Kwanza Group. He was a strong supporter and advocate of Kwanzaa Consciousness, civic engagement, including a leadership role in the Westside Action Group, and evidenced by the dozens of officials who stood to acknowledge his role in their success and of course his love for his family.

Rest in Peace, Ratibu.


“Don’t You Go Into Another Year Bruised and Battered!”

Lou Coleman

Lou Coleman

By Lou Coleman

Paul said: “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life…” (1 Timothy 6:12). I don’t know what kind of fight you’ve been putting up in the past year, but the Spirit says you have been so overwhelmed at times that you’ve lost your fight. You’ve become a weak, passive soldier of the Cross – discouraged, wounded, and perplexed; but now it’s high time for you to get back up and fight the good fight of faith. I pray that this message from the Holy Spirit will put the fight back in you – that once more you’ll be fearless against the devil’s weapons.

You know when the prophet Hosea wanted to warn Israel about their cowardly spiritual condition, he reminded them of their father Jacob. The crux of his message was, “You’ve become weak, passive. And now the enemy is over-whelming you! You claim to be Jacob’s seed – but I want to show you how far you’ve strayed from his example. I want to show you how Jacob prevailed – how he had power with God!” He told the Israelites this about Jacob: “He took his brother by the heel in the womb, and by his strength he had power with God: Yea, he had power over the angel, and prevailed: he wept, and made supplication unto him: he found him in Bethel, and there he spake with us;” (Hosea 12:3-4). Hosea’s message to them was very simple: “Here was a man greedy for God, hungry for everything God had for him!” Jacob came out of the womb in a fighting mood, greedy for the blessings of God! Yet it wasn’t the double portion of his father’s wealth that Jacob was after; it wasn’t the promise of the land. No, Jacob wanted something more. He wanted the blessings of God so he could be in the lineage of the Messiah! And he wanted the priestly blessing. This meant not only being priest of the clan – it also meant being able to bless others! [Genesis 27]

I want you to know that Jacob’s hand on Esau’s heel was a powerful statement! It said: “I will not be held by sin’s grip – I am more than a conqueror! I will lay hold of all that is of Satan and resist, fight, and be victorious! I want God’s hand on me!  I want His blessing at any cost.” I tell you Jacob had a made-up mind. He had determined that no one was going to stop him from receiving God’s blessings not even his own brother. I also want you to know that Satan has a plan of destruction for your life and he is not just going to lie down, roll over and let you be what God wants you to be. He is working over-time to distract you and to delay the fulfillment of your promises. He is working over-time to side-line you, to kill, steal and destroy your life [John 10:10]. You need to realize that there are Princes of Persia in the spiritual realm working to prevent you coming into the revelation and reality of your destiny. Therefore, you need to release spiritual warfare and pray. Scripture tells us that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but demonic powers and principalities. Know your authority and be vigilant about it.

In closing I want you to know that Jacob spent years fighting to get and keep the blessings of God; and that same desire ought to put the fight back in you. Throw off your passive, defeated countenance. Cast aside all feelings of defeat – and stand up and fight! Right now God is saying, “Come on, and fight!” – Because He loves you! He wants you to claim all His blessings. Rise up in faith and lay hold of His promises. Stand up and fight! You have His strength – use it! It is time that you tell the devil to Hell with you and take back what is your. Proclaim the victory that Jesus has already won for you on the cross. I tell you for everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” Those are the words of the preacher in the book of Ecclesiastes. This is a time for new beginnings, a time to say goodbye to the past year and welcome the new. Don’t you go into another year bruised and battered!