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La Sierra Performing Arts: The Wizard of Oz

The cast of The Wizard of Oz took some photos with some of the audience. Ahmyiah, Wallace & Naimah were some of the lucky members.

The cast of The Wizard of Oz took some photos with some of the audience. Left to right children at the bottom, Ahmyiah, Wallace & Naimah were some of the happy crowd.

Last weekend, La Sierra HS performed the Royal Shakespeare Company version of  ‘The Wizard of Oz.” There is still time to see it if you missed it. March 19 -21 at 7pm and March 22 at 1pm. Proceeds benefit LSHS Drama Boosters. If you would like to get involved in theatre, the drama club is holding workshop training sessions for their lighting and costume crews. Bother of these exciting opportunities will be Thursday March 27th from 12:30 to 3:30pm. Stop by the drama room 801 to sign up.

‘Swirlr’: Date Different, a Dose of Reality



Interview and Write Up by Naomi K. Bonman

TEMECULA, CA- Being in California, interracial dating is a norm; however, it still isn’t portrayed in the media on mainstream shows, such as dating shows. There have been plenty of dating shows in the past that might have matched an interracial pair, but there has not been one that specifically catered to interracial dating—until now. Producers Shawn Miles (Ice Loves Coco, Americas Top Dog) and Rick Rock decided to come together to produce an online web series entitled, ‘Swirlr’ which is dedicated to helping interracial couples find love. The web series is hosted by Christelyn Karazin and Jordan Harbinger, who are both in interracial relationships themselves.
“The overall goal of the show is for viewers to see that people are people, attraction is attraction, and that when it comes to mental, emotional and physical chemistry, skin tone doesn’t matter,” Karazin said.
This is the first reality, unscripted dating show of its kind with plenty of twists and turns that will not only keep the viewers wondering what is going to happen next, but the producers and hosts wondering as well. New episodes premiere every Wednesday on www.swirlr.com and www.youtube.com/user/swirlr.
For those that are interested in being on the show to find interracial love, please send a submission for consideration to info@swirlr.com. Please not that this is just a submission, and the producers have final say on who is chosen for the show. Good luck and happy dating! (Interview and write up Naomi K. Bonman)

Kappa Alpha Psi Partners with DuBois Institute

DuBoise Courthouse Visit with Commissioner Eric Isaac 3-6-14

DuBoise Courthouse Visit with Commissioner Eric Isaac 3-6-14

RIVERSIDE, CA- Chapter member and Commissioner of the Superior Court Eric Isaac, as part of the Chapter’s Guide Right program, partnered with Dr. Abdulmumin, CEO of the DuBois Institute, to extend mentoring to young males enrolled at the Institute. Riverside Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. members participating in the Law Day mentoring program include A. C.  Jones, Esquire, Darryl Exum, Esquire, and Victor Marshall, Esquire. Under its Law Day, Guide Right Program, the Riverside Alumni Chapter seeks to provide mentoring on law careers, as well as have community legal education days where members meet with the public to educate youth and their parents on what to expect from law enforcement.
Having Judge Isaac in the position that he is, Anthony Thomas, M.H.A. said, “The input that Judge Isaac has is that he grew up in the Crenshaw area of Los Angeles. His experiences there showed him that young men of color are in need of positive male role models in their lives. Our membership is about achievement in all fields of human endeavor. Having attorneys in our membership allows us this focus on the legal system. We know that many of the young men we work with are being raised by a single mother, grandparents, and others. During these formative years, association with positive male figures helps them on their path to achievement in life, school, employment, and all else.”
Judge Isaac noted that other courtroom duties were addressed with the young men and that he was joined in the Riverside Hall of Justice by Monte Stone, Courtroom Assistant and Deputy Holt from the Riverside Sheriff’s department who addressed the scholars about jobs.