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Preachers of LA, Myesha Chaney, empowers women through music and conferences

Myesha Chaney

Myesha Chaney

By Naomi Bonman

If you keep up with any type of reality show then you are probably familiar with Preachers of LA, and if you watch it then you know the name Myesha Chaney, wife to Pastor Wayne Cheney and First Lady of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Long Beach. Mrs. Chaney has more under her belt besides being a First Lady. She is also a philanthropist, author, and singer. Her book Hiding Behind The Lipstick (HBTL) is also a tour where she travels to different cities where she challenges women to reflect on who they really are and what they present to the world. If change is needed in a personal life, though process and relationship with God, this experience is perfect for any woman.

Hiding Behind The Lipstick is truly a breath of fresh air bringing a unique combination of praise & worship, poetry, expressive dance, and a powerful message. This revolutionary concept has changed the way women think, feel, and live life. It is absolutely amazing in form, presentation and spirit.

In addition to the HBTL, Chaney is also a singer. She has been singing for years, but decided to take it seriously in her 20s. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Myesha where she went more in depth to what HBTL is, her inspirations in music, and what she advises to young women who are still hiding behind their lipstick.

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What It Do With the LUE: Dada Doe

Dada Doe 1What it Do Inland Empire! This week I want to highlight an individual whom I’ve had the opportunity to see grow and blossom into an amazing artist. Can I get an “Aye Doe” in the words of LUE Productions recording artist Dada Doe.

Dada Doe whose real name is Barbra Martin is what I like to call the female Pee-wee Herman. Born and raised right here in the I.E., her love for singing, dancing, writing, and rapping made her want to become a performer. Currently a member of the Turnt Up group, Speaker Junkiez, Dada Doe felt it was time to work on her solo project. Last week fans, family, and friends had the pleasure of attending her EP release party for her project entitled “Dada Said” which includes songs such as “After Hours” featuring Mack Pepperboy; “Legend” featuring LowLa Scott; and “Pop Star”, featuring Paul Douglas. The EP includes exclusive beats from hot up and coming producer Shawn Mattison also known as SFresh, who is based out of Dayton, Ohio. With this being her first swing at it, I think she hit a home run. I’m not just saying that because she’s under our management company.

We also want to congratulate Dada Doe for receiving her first endorsement contract from “100 Proof Energy Drink Company”. From her swag, to her colorful attire, along with her lyrics and dance moves, it’s no wonder why she’s loved. Watching her perform does something to your spirit. It puts you in a happy place. Honestly you can’t say that about many of these artists. This is just the beginning I tell you. So please make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for I.E.’s female Pee-wee Herman. Download her EP on Reverbnation at www.reverbnation.com/dadadoe. Until next week, L’s Up!

Dada Doe enegry drink

Former and Incarnated Chicago Vicelords Member, Solomon Montague, Shares Story of Redemption

Solomon Montague

Solomon Montague

By Naomi Bonman

When we hear of our young Black men and teenagers deterring in the wrong direction, we give them the wrong response by turning our heads and ignoring them. They need solid advice and a positive, but raw message from someone, preferably another Black male, who has been where they have been and has or is experiencing the consequence. This will showcase as an eye opener and wake up call for many.

In lieu of making this happen is through a media platform entitled, Gangster Chronicles. Gangster Chronicles is geared towards giving current and ex-convicts the ability to share their stories, put an end to mythologies by unveiling hidden stories and reach the youth through literature.  The roster consists of men who were leaders of well-known gangs, such as the Vicelords and Black Mafia, and even a man who inspired a character on the popular HBO series “The Wire.”

Solomon “Chessmon” Montague was one of the core leaders of Chicago’s Vicelords street gang with the rank of a “Five Star Elite.” Now sentenced to life plus 30 years in federal prison, his main objective is to positively uplift the gang culture through his literature.

What was your life like before you got locked up?

My life before this long prison sentence was like a roller coaster ride. The highs and lows were very dramatic. I had rose to the top of gang life with a reputation that even I couldn’t believe! LOL!!

With the life style of being a gang chief, drug dealer and an all American criminal, the streets had created a monster that lived inside of my conscious. Everyday became a battle. I fought demons that tormented my soul when I slept. I had a gun planted in every room of my apartment (even in the kids room). I slept with a gun under my pillow.

 When I was moving in the streets, I always had the feeling that imaginary enemies or police were out to kill me. My head stayed on a swivel and my mind was going a thousand miles per second! I was never big on using drugs or alcohol; however, I started smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol to slow down my mind. This went on for about a year before the feds got me.

What led you to a life of crime?

I believe the thrill and the challenge led me to a life of crime. When I was younger, I would steal from my mother and other family members, then I started stealing from stores. I loved to watch gangster movies and I always rooted for the bad guys. I would go outside and watch how everybody respected the criminals. They were treated like royalty! When I became a gang member, in my mind, I was already a seasoned criminal.

What have you learned about yourself since you’ve been in prison?

What I learned about myself in prison is that I don’t have to be a criminal or a gang chief to be respected! And that I’m a child of GOD and a servant of His will and work.

How long have you been writing and how many books have you written?

I started writing in 07, and I’ve written four novels.

Who are you books geared for and what do you want them to take out of them?

My books are geared towards the gang culture, their families, and people who interact with them. I want them to become conscious and aware of the evils of that lifestyle and to flip the tables and fight against the traps and pitfalls of gangs, drugs, and criminal activity.