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“It’s a New Season… It’s a New Day!”

Lou Coleman

Lou Coleman

By Lou Coleman

“…  A fresh anointing is flowing my way; It’s a season of power and prosperity; The devil’s time is up, no longer can he bother me; ‘Cause the Creator of the universe, He fathers me; And it’s transferable, my children’s children shall be free; If you don’t know by now, you need to know it’s Jubilee; Where debts are canceled and your children walk in victory; … A new horizon; And no greater time for you to make a choice and take a stand; … All that was stolen is returned a hundred fold; Tried in the fire but coming out gold; …To every promise take a hold; It’s a New Season, It’s a New Day” [Israel Houghton Lyrics].

I don’t know about you, but today marks the beginning of a “New Season” for me. Thus says the Lord, who makes a way in the sea, a path in the mighty waters… I am about to do a new thing… forget the former things”[Isaiah 43:18-19].  Now you can say what you want to say, but I say Amen to new things! You see if you are ever going to move on to new things in Christ, you must learn that you cannot depend upon past victories to sustain you. You cannot allow your past failures to possess you… In the book of [Habakkuk 1:5] the prophet was told: ‘Look around you, Habakkuk, among the nations, and see and be astonished, astounded, for I am putting into effect a work in your days, such that you would not believe it though you were told it!” I want you to know that God did a new thing in Isaiah’s day, He did a new thing in Messiah’s day, He did a new thing in the days of Pentecost, He did a new thing in the days of the Apostles, He did a new thing in the days of historical revival and He is going to do a new thing in Lou days. He said it, I believe it! – Oh, I tell you “It’s a New Season, It’s a New Day”… A year full of possibilities… A year full of opportunities! You hear what I’m saying to you, “A New Season, a New Day!”

But wait a minute; the Spirit is saying “That some of you are stuck in a rut, stumbling through life. You’re living off manna instead of feasting on God’s abundance. You’re wandering through the wilderness instead of inhabiting the Holy Land.” The Spirit says, “That it’s time now to make your move. It’s time now to receive what God has for you. It’s time now to enter the Promised Land.” For a place of promise awaits you: of contentment and joy and peace and abundance and satisfaction. It’s a land flowing with milk and honey; and God is waiting for you to enter. The Spirit says, “Don’t dwell on the pass; Turn the page.  Look ahead to what God will do in your life, today and tomorrow. Stake your claim on your territory. Begin to expect God to give you dominion in every area of your life.”

“Soon in your hand will be placed a priceless gift… Look at it closely.  There is no price maker stamped on it.  It cannot be weighed, because no scale can balance its value.  A king’s ransom in comparison is as nothing, yet it is given to beggar and prince alike.  The giver asks only that it be used wisely and well. This jewel, rare and unique, is not displayed in any shop window. It cannot be purchased, cannot be sold. No other treasure holds the possibilities this gift offers — none can surpass its golden splendor.  Of all gifts, this is one of the most precious. It has been offered many times before; today, from the depths of a limitless love it will be given again. It will be left to you to find the golden thread running through it. Only with great care will the jewel retain its luster.  Carelessness, ingratitude and selfishness will tarnish the brilliance, break the unspoiled thread, and mar the perfection.  Guard it closely, lest through weak fingers it slips from the hand.  Look often at its faultless beauty. Accept it as it is offered from the heart of the giver. Consider it as the most treasured of possessions, for of all gifts it is by far the greatest. It is the gift of the New Year.” I tell you, “It’s a New Season… It’s a New Day!”



Athlete Spotlight: Boxer Rock Blackwell Teams with Africa Orphan Organization to Give Back

c81ab654-e87b-440f-84a1-93503b36976fBy Josh Dreiband

 Rock Blackwell, The World Boxing Union (WBU) novice world champion who has gone 15-0 as a pro internationally in the IBL (Spain, Great Britian, Scotland) and is now currently ranked with the WBU and IBU. Over the summer, Blackwell announced that he would be using his skill in the ring for good. Rock Blackwell has teamed up with The My Sister Cares Foundation, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to giving food, shelter and clothing to orphans in Africa, to rebuild orphanages in Cameroon.

On June 5, 2016 the WBU and IBU ranked boxer and the My Sister Cares Foundation will travel to Cameroon to break ground on their first orphanage. Blackwell, who was born and raised in Baltimore with heritage from  Yehuda, Israel. The champion of the Hebrews believes it is his calling to help restore his people, and he’s going to begin with Cameroon.

Upon their arrival on June 5th, Rock Blackwell and My Sister Cares will supply $65,000 worth of food, gas, clothes, shoes, toys and books to the children and families of Cameroon. Rock Blackwell will also be holding a boxing seminar for the kids in Cameroon’s capitol, where the Cameroon Boxing Federation will honor him for his charitable efforts

Rock Blackwell’s first trip to Africa will be one with a warm welcome. The first lady of Cameroon will be in attendance at Cameroon’s capital to receive the champ and do a traditional royal dressing, in honor of his charity.

2016 Blackwell will return to boxing under the traditional ABC, a year filled with Tv fights, championship bouts, guest star appearances and more.

What It Do With the LUE: Fitz Taylor


WHAT IT DO you beautiful people, WHAT IT DO! So as the year comes to an end, I would like to end my column with the talented artist from the Inland Empire known as rapper, “Fitz Taylor.” Right now this talented artist is riding the wave of success as he pushes forward towards his DREAM. I met Fitz almost two years ago and of course his looks captured me at first, but once I heard his music, it was all over. I became an instant fan of “The Puerto Rican Papi.”

This artist has been headlining shows such as the “South by Southwest” concert in Austin Texas, and rocking mics and stages all over Southern California. He was featured on the front page of The Source due to his record, “6 in the Morning” featuring “AD The Pen.”

Fitz’ fan base is increasing daily. Numbers don’t lie! Ending the year on a high, he recently released his second album titled, “NO DAYS OFF.” The project went viral and can be found on major music outlets and also banging in the streets. He is currently signed to “Lalow Entertainment,” and has become Vevo certified. Fitz’ project landed in the hands of the man himself, “DJ Enuff,” from Hot 97 radio, which is major. Fitz also gives back by providing free shows for community members and the youth.

Young, Talented, Gifted, and Sexy he is! You can view his work at www.FITZTAYLOR.com. Also catch him performing live in San Bernardino at the Tamale Festival January 9th and 10th at Perris Hill Park from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Until next year I.E. – San Bernardino Strong. L’z!