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Healthy Heritage Cost of Beauty Pilot Research Program Studies the Harmful and Potentially Deadly Affects Hair Care Products Have on Black Women

RIVERSIDE, CA— Are your hair care products making you sick? Healthy Heritage Movement Inc. (HHM), a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate health disparities within the African American community recently launched a community-based participatory research study in 2013. This study will examine this very question.

Is the Cost of Beauty (COB) Putting Black Women at Risk? The Inland Empire African American Wellness Collaborative (IEAAWC) Hair and Health Study is an important project that is investigating whether or not Black women are being put at risk as a result of the deadly chemicals that can be found in hair care products such as relaxers, dyes etc. The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and despite the emergence of the natural hair trend, black consumers still continue to spend an exorbitant amount of money on products such as; straighteners, hair weaves, wigs and extensions.

Emerging evidence for the COB research project suggests toxins found in some hair care products African American/Black women use may contribute to breast cancer. In addition, the research project also examines women in the Inland Empire, and their rationale for using hair relaxers and products that contain hormone altering ingredients.

“We would like to see legislation passed that regulates the hair care product industry with warnings about the potential dangers as a result of this research study,” said HHM Founder and CEO Phyllis Clark.

Joint participation of the COB program includes Loma Linda University and Quinn Community Outreach Corporation. The COB research project is sponsored by The California Breast Cancer Research Program. Since its inception in 2013, the health study has interviewed over 200 women and men throughout the Inland Empire, and 150 survey participants.

The COB research project has also submitted nine abstract publications and completed seven conference presentations; one article has been submitted for publication to the Behavioral Medicine journal and approval is pending.

HHM recently participated in the Nappywood 3rd Annual Los Angeles Natural Hair and Lifestyle Expo which took place in early August. HHM Founder and CEO Clarkserved on one of many panels that took place during the conference, along with other industry experts. Discussion of a broad range of health issues relating to overall health and wellness took place, including a need to retrain and reeducate stylists on natural hair processes, particularly in the African American community. These panels included health advocates, hair care innovators, cosmetologists and some of the top hair stylists in the industry. When posed with the question of what challenges these industry experts are faced with, one panelist expressed that cosmetology schools don’t equip you on how to care for hair in its natural state without the use of straightening chemicals.

Miko Branch, owner of Miss Jessie’s stated, “Embracing natural hair is creating a paradigm shift of a generation who is learning to care for their own hair, in turn eliminating the need for going to licensed professional stylists.”

However, audience and panel members both agreed with Ms. Clark who emphatically pointed out,“We don’t want to see salons eliminated altogether, but our expectations of them have changed.”

For more information about the COB hair health research program, contact Dede Kossiwa Teteh at dteteh@healthyheritage.org.


About Healthy Heritage

The Healthy Heritage Movement ™ (HHM) – Our Health ● Our Heritage ● Our MovementHHM’s mission is to eliminate health disparities in the African American community by providing culturally relevant wellness programs and resources, peer navigation, and advocacy training.

HHM provides health education programs to decrease the disproportionate number of African Americans affected by chronic diseases: Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Obesity.

Their healthy lifestyle Community Health Leaders (CHL) host conferences, classes, workshops and personal counseling.


About The Founder
Phyllis Clark is the Founder and CEO of The Healthy Heritage Movement Inc. (HHM). She is a very active health advocate, committed to the fight against cancer which is the #1 killer of African-Americans and the disease that took her mother at a young age.

As a volunteer for the American Cancer Society (ACS) since 2003, she is the Lead Legislative Ambassador for Congressional District 41, and the chair for the California African American/Black Team. She is also a member of the region’s Cancer Leadership Council. She has received numerous awards including the American Cancer Society prestigious Harold P. Freeman Award, and Volunteer of the Year award in 2007, to name a few.

She is a member of the Riverside Community Diabetes Collaborative (RCDC), the Network for a Healthy California, the Southern California Donate Life Network, and the California Partnership for Access to Treatment (CPAT). She is also a past Board Member of the Komen for the Cure Inland Empire Affiliate.

Ms. Clark recently earned her Masters of Business Administration in Marketing. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Redlands School of Business. In addition, she has a Vocational Instructor Credential in Retail Marketing from University of California Riverside, and an Associate of Arts degree in Fashion Merchandising.

She loves spending time with her sons, grandson, extended family and friends, as well as church, swimming, enjoying music, museums and live theater.

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Statement of Condolence From NABJ on Fatal On-Air Shooting Of Va. Reporter, Cameraman

The following statement was issued Wednesday after two WDBJ- TV journalists were killed during a live broadcast in Virginia:

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) expresses its deepest sympathies to the families of Alison Parker and Adam Ward. Journalists go to work everyday to inform audiences of the news in their communities. Today, two journalists lost their lives in a senseless act of violence. The NABJ family sends its prayers and condolences to the WDBJ-TV family.

To read the story on what happened, just in case you missed it click here

“Let Me Tell You Something!”

Lou Coleman

Lou Coleman

By Lou Coleman

You will never, ever, get relief from the things that have you in bondage until you let them go. Don’t you see what the enemy [Satan] is doing in your life? He not only has control of your life, but he has control of your mind, and he keeps placing these strongholds in your mind and you keep accepting them. Until you stand up, and say “Enough is enough” Satan is going to keep right on walking all over you and interfering with your life. Don’t let the devil keep beating you up. And quit trying to figure it out, quit trying to do it the way you always have, quit trying to look other places for relief, give it to God. Imagine what it would be like for you to know that you’ve left your baggage at the foot of the cross. I tell you, it’s time to let go. Don’t let the past blind you or bind you. Don’t allow the devil to have any more control over you! Let go and let God. Let God set you free!

Listen; I know that sometimes we have problems or circumstances that we suffer through for years; and at times we have seen our families go through some stuff. But I want you to know that God will supernaturally intervene on your behalf and you can be totally set free and live a good life… But… you have to want a better life and you have to believe that God can do it. We need to all understand that once we have been saved and we are living righteously we have the authority through the blood of Jesus to bind the Devil and his entourage that are sent to buffet, control, and harm us. Not only that, we have the authority to lose freedom, peace, contentment and joy into our lives. Paul said in 2 Timothy 1:7, “God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” I want you to know that you can bind any spirit that tries to interrupt, tear up, disturb, terrorize, control, or destroy you, and you have the authority through Jesus to loose mass confusion in the enemy’s camp. It’s time! It’s time for you to stand up for yourself and take authority over Satan. For God has given you everything you need pertaining to life. Use your power. And know that Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.  So get up and shake the devil off. Put him under your feet. Take a stand and tell the Devil “To Hell with You!” It’s time that you take back what is yours and proclaim the victory that Jesus has already won for you on the cross. Remember, Satan has already been defeated–he knows what his outcome is–he knows already where he is going, but it is his intention to take as many of us with him that he possibly can. What are you holding on to that you need to let go of?  You need to be healed. You need to be cleansed. You need to be restored. Let go and let God set your free!

Don’t you know that God has put at our disposal [ready for the taking] every spiritual good including mighty weapons to the pulling down of strongholds, casting down every imagination or speculations plus every lofty thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, arresting and bringing them to the obedience of Christ and hence denouncing every act of disobedience [2 Corinthians 10:3-6]. You must quickly place the enemy where he belongs; under your feet. Today power must change hands.  You must enforce God’s victory over the kingdom of darkness. Declare, by the decrees of heaven, that you cannot lose any battle, because you fight the wars of Jehovah Elshadai on a covenant platform… Start declaring, start decreeing, you shall live and not die. Amen!  Now I want to challenge you. Some of you right now have been holding on to memories where a father abused you. That baggage has gone with you into every relationship you’ve had as an adult. Some of you have hidden sin—a drinking problem that no one knows about, a deep struggle with pornography, a root of bitterness that has taken over your heart. For some it’s hard to let go of wanting things to be the way they were. For others it’s hard to let go of disagreements over past decisions. Whatever the situation is, I want to challenge you to decide that today you will let go and let God. You will trust that God will do what He said He would do in Matthew 11:28, “Come to me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”  I tell you, God will give you rest if you will just let go. Will you let go and let God? You can be freed from bondage and healed from brokenness and be full of joy for there’s power in Jesus. There’s healing in Jesus. There’s deliverance in Jesus. Let go and let God. Be free!

You know in Philippians 3:12-14. Paul’s ultimate goal was to know Christ completely even to the point of being resurrected with Christ. He said he had not arrived yet, but one thing he knew he had to do was to, “Forget those things which were behind him, and reach forth unto those things which were before…” Paul had to let go of his past in order to take hold of his future. Will you do it? Will you forget those things which are behind you and reach forth unto those things which are before you? Whom the Lord set free is free indeed! Dance in your freedom!