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As of August 20,2014, residents of Villas at San Bernardino have been participating in a new on-site fitness program from Live 2 B Healthy® Senior Fitness of Minnetonka, MN.  The residents are able to attend a one-hour custom fitness class that supports The Villas at San Bernardino’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Classes are held every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at 9:30am.

Each participant’s fitness is assessed every 4 months against a baseline test. Many studies have concluded that regular exercise allows senior citizens to improve balance and reduce falling; control weight and diabetes; lower risk of heart disease and stroke; improve sleeping and eating habits; improve cognitive skills and even reduce medication and agitation.

“I absolutely love the new fitness program! This program has improved how I feel. I have less cramping and stiffness in my legs. The deep breathing exercises have helped my bronchial problems immensely. The residents not participating don’t know what they are missing!” says Jim Krauser, Villas at San Bernardino Resident.

Live 2 B Healthy® Senior Fitness is an industry leader in senior fitness because of their age-specific exercises, nationally certified trainers, consistent on-site programs and class design that focuses on both results and enjoyable socialization.  As a SilverSneakers® Partner, we encourage outside area SilverSneakers® Members to participate in our classes.

The fitness program is offered at no charge to the residents of Villas at San Bernardino.

For more information please contact Jana at (909) 883-7703.

Ghostwriter Continues His Work in Assisting Black Authors Get Published

Ghostwriter Donald MacLarenTAMPA, FL- Donald MacLaren, Ghostwriter and Screenwriter, has helped more than 30 books get published and his screenplays are being introduced to producers. He is looking to help those who want to write a book about their experiences or ideas.

Mr. MacLaren has a Master’s Degree from a seminary, so he is comfortable talking about spiritual matters and beliefs. In talking about his clients’ backgrounds, Mr. MacLaren keeps an open mind: “I don’t judge people when I hear their stories. I let God do the judging. After all, we have all sinned in different ways, made mistakes, and made wrong choices. My goal is to provide an excellent book or screenplay so that others can learn something from what is shared.”

Mr. MacLaren has worked on many projects with many different people from all walks of life. Some of his book and movie clients have included a doctor, former state senator, retired corporate lawyer, postal worker, restaurant manager, psychologist, entrepreneur, insurance broker, retired banker, retired teacher, retired librarian, and New York City chemist. As he often says, “I’m glad I can come in and help get people’s stories told which they would never have been able to do on their own. I’m on a mission to help write all kinds of stories that can be of value to others.”Ghostwriter Donald MacLaren 3

The published books include all types of genres including memoirs, biographies, how-to stories; fiction, children’s books as well as inspirational self-help books. Mr. MacLaren, who prefers to be called Don, says, “I tell clients not to hold back, but just tell your stories or write about your ideas, and I can work to organize and structure what has to be done.”

Donald MacLaren has been able to help his clients in the following ways:

  • Works with a Ph.D. associate who reviews and rereads, adding insight and suggestions.
  • Helps with the design of the book covers.
  • Makes the books available as paperbacks and eBooks internationally on the Internet.

Donald MacLaren can be seen on www.YouTube.com Search: Avoid Gangs and Ghostwriter Donald MacLaren. Please subscribe for updates.

What It Do With the LUE: Introducing Yung Miss

Yung Miss

Yung Miss

Guess whose back! Yep, ya’ girl LUE and I’ve missed you! Rapper Yung Miss is What It Do! Connie Clark, whose known on these I.E. streets and beyond as Yung Miss, is one of the illest female emcees in the game hands DOWN! Have you ever heard the saying, “I can do what you can, but I can do it better”? Well, this showstopper definitely holds some weight to that saying, especially in such a male dominating arena.

Yung Miss, Yung Miss, Yung Miss! I mean what do I to say, except how much I love to watch this artist perform. She is beyond talented and her voice is absolutely beautiful. Every time I see her perform, she has such a stage presence. The audience is always engaged, so here’s the 411 about this artist.

Inland Empire songstress Yung Miss began making music in 2005 during her junior year in high school. Since then, Yung Miss has released 5 mixtapes, 5 beat tapes, and 1 album entitled The J. Dilla Project. Throughout the years, Yung Miss has worked with countless artist and producers internationally. Her production credits include some of California’s up and coming talent, such as The Finatticz, UTB Lifestyle’s Pheo and Cashius Green, Fat Trel Roach Gigz, as well as a host of others.

The talented emcee began performing in July 2012 and has since done over 70 shows in the Inland Empire, L.A, and Long Beach area. She has also opened for West Coast legends Suga Free and Bad Azz.

As she works on promoting her first original album Waveforms, Yung Miss continues to perform, produce, write, and record weekly with the hopes of working hard enough to be recognized by her music industry peers and enjoyed by music lovers everywhere. So now that ya know a little more about my girl, please make sure to support by checking het music out. Links are below and LUE gotta’ go! Thanks for reading.

For more information on Connie “Yung Miss” Clark Singer/Songwriter/Producer, please visit www.YungMiss.com or follow her on Instagram and Twitter at YungMiss.