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CPT783QVEAAv2FeBy Keith McCarter

I attended the ICUC forum on October 6, 2015 for the San Bernardino City Council candidates.  I was shocked at some of their answers concerning the various topics.  Let us take for instance the topic of homelessness.    One of the candidates actually said, he would pay the police to round them up and send them to another city.  This answer reeked of insensitivity.

Others said it should not be the cities responsibility.  They suggested that it is a State and Federal problem.  I can understand their rationale with this answer, even though this answer is a bit short sided.

I must say that I was particularly impressed with Mr. Damon Alexander’s answer.  It was very simple.  He suggested to do what other cities have done.  Combine the services of the different social services departments, local, state and federal.  Then we provide the services the homeless needs and help them get back on their feet again.  I COULD NOT BELIEVE THIS CAME FROM THE MOUTH OF A REPUBLICAN.  But I was completely fascinated with the simplicity of his answer.

In actuality, many of the bigger cities have done this.  Also, Los Angeles city has just begun to combine these services as well.  One of the major problems with providing services to people is that the people do not know how to access the available services. By lowering this barrier, Mr. Alexander suggests that the homelessness situation will be minimized if we follow the lead of the larger cities.

One last point I would like to mention.  Politicians usually boast about what they have done to help other people.  I was fortunate enough to speak with a few members from Damon Alexander’s camp.  I was informed and witnessed him arranging an event to feed the homeless last Saturday on October 3rd.

So when a question arose about homelessness, he did not boast about him using his time, money and energy to feed the homeless at the park during the previous Saturday.  He simply gave a professional answer to a serious concern of the city.  Is this humbleness?  I do not know what it is, but it is very refreshing to witness a candidate taking so much of their person to help alleviate the social impact of a dire concern without trying to use it for political gain.  If elected this Damon Alexander will be a breath of fresh air to the City Council of San Bernardino.


Southern California McDonald’s Announces Community Partnership and Local Talent Line-Up for Taste of Soul Family Festival

Yolanda Adams will performing on the McDonald’s Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour at this weekend’s Taste of Soul.

Yolanda Adams will performing on the McDonald’s Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour at this weekend’s Taste of Soul.

LOS ANGELES, CA- Southern California McDonald’s is bringing hope, inspiration and fellowship to the 10th Annual Taste of Soul Family Festival by presenting the Brenda Marsh-Mitchell Gospel Stage. In addition to the McDonald’s Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour, local gospel talent from Los Angeles and the Inland Empire will be hitting the stage to kick off the day. Taste of Soul attendees can expect to hear uplifting music from Donald Jones and the Los Angeles Mass Choir, Brent Jones with the KJLH Radio Free Performance Choir, the West Angeles Choir and Holman Quartet.

“We are overjoyed to present the Brenda Marsh-Mitchell Gospel Stage, in partnership with the Taste of Soul organization, to the community,” said Clay Paschen III, McDonald’s owner/operator and president of the McDonald’s Operators’ Association of Southern California (MOASC). “Bringing local talent to the stage is a show of commitment to the communities we serve across Southern California. The local gospel talent is icing on top of what is already slated to be an amazing event.”

The national Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour artists performing on the Brenda Marsh-Mitchell Gospel Stage, presented by McDonald’s, will include: Yolanda Adams, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Ricky Dillard, Donald Lawrence, Tasha Page-Lockhart and DeWayne Woods. The event will be hosted by Lonnie Hunter and comedian Small Fire.

In addition, local talent that will grace the stage will include: Brent Jones with the KJLH Radio Free Performance Choir, Taylor and the Los Angeles Mass Choir, Karen Wiggins and the Inland Empire Explosion Choir, Jubilant Voices, Holman Quartet, Linda Broadous Miles, Episcopal Chorale, Ward African Methodist Episcopal Choir, Kevin Henderson, Jay Frazier/G-Rap, Echoes of Praise, Jackie Gouche and Joe Douglas.

“Extending the Taste of Soul Family Festival to include the Inland Empire is another special part of this partnership,” said Reggie Webb, McDonald’s owner/operator. “We are working with Pastor Mannie Brodie and Principles of Faith Christian Center to provide transportation for any community members who want to experience Taste of Soul and McDonald’s Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour for themselves.”

Transportation to Taste of Soul is available on a first come, first serve basis. The bus will depart from Webb Family Enterprises located at 3155 Sedona Court, Ontario, CA 91764. Those interested can secure a ticket for transportation by calling Ratibu Jacocks of Westside Action Group at (909) 820-4406.

McDonald’s Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour is an extension of the brand’s 365Black platform, an initiative that celebrates the pride, heritage and achievements of African-Americans year round. To learn more about the tour and the 365Black initiative, visit www.365Black.com. For more information on local gospel acts gracing the stage and details, follow @McDonalds_SoCal on Twitter and join the conversation at #365BlackGospel.



Lou Coleman

Lou Coleman

By Lou Coleman

Pretentious people: Ugh…  Always want to be seen to show out; can’t function unless they stand out. Always got to be on the program; can’t serve in the background. Always got to be about them.  Then want to have the audacity to get mad when you say something.  Listen, Jesus warned against this type of hypocrisy in Matthew 6:1 Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven. You know in the parable Matt 13:26 no one noticed the problem until the wheat began to reproduce, forming heads prior to the harvest. I want you to know that the key difference between wheat and weeds is not in what they do, but in what they are? Who am I talking too? Because pretentious people, act saved but are active sinners. How can you hold a position in God’s houses (the church) and yet the devil runs rapid in your own house? Paul says in Acts 17:22-23…..You need a word that is revelatory and relevant.   Real people don’t come to church to be confused. Real people come to church to get a practical word and to come to understand what they don’t’ understand. I want you to know that the days of coming to church and not understanding the Word is over. Why sit in church just to die on the vine? This thing is personal.

Everything we are is because of God. Get over yourself! It’s not about you! Phil 2:3 says, “don’t be selfish; don’t live to make a good impression on others. Be humble…” Attitude is everything.  As 1Peter 5:6 says, “… humble yourselves [demote, lower yourselves in your own estimation] under the mighty hand of God, that in due time He may exalt you.”  I bet your Pastor would just assume you not tell anyone where you went to church! It brings a reproach upon every saint of God who does try to live for Jesus.  Yet, I thank God that there is a place of repentance for those of us who are guilty of the backward look today. If you are just pretending to be saved, please be aware that you are not fooling the Lord! He knows your heart and will judge you. This was condemned by Jesus in Luke 9:62. This trend in the church today, professing Christians that want to dress, act, walk and talk like the world. People who say they know Jesus, but act like the unsaved around them. What you are doing is playing around with sin and treating sin too lightly! My friend, sin is a deceiver, it is a killer and it is dangerous! It must be dealt with early and radically. Do not let it get a foothold in your life, but root it out, whatever the cost or the pain, Eph. 4:27; Matt. 5:27-30.

Until we meet again…  Jesus’ last public message before He dies on the cross.  It is stunning…a scathing denunciation of false religion and hypocrisy.  Jesus is speaking to three groups of people…  a multitude; the disciples and the scribes and Pharisees. Talk about name calling, Jesus holds nothing back!  Bold and courageous, He calls them fools, snakes, vipers, blind guides, and 7 different times He calls them hypocrites.  They are wearing masks, and He pulls them off.  They come to church appearing to be one thing, but at home they are entirely different.  They are religious play actors.  Jesus demanded sincerity and reality.  I want you to know that you may walk in sin for years, but one day judgment will surely come. One day, time will run out! There will be no more opportunities and no more calls to repentance, Gen. 6:3. There will be nothing but judgment swift and sure! I challenge you to flee the wrath of God! There is but one shelter for the soul, Romans 5:6-9… Get Over Yourself! It’s not about you!