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BOTTOMLINE: Recommendations For California Propositions

Publisher’s Commentary By Wallace J. Allen

San Bernardino L & M; Charter Change… FOR… City Clerk Treasurer, City Attorney not elected   AGAINST want to vote for those positions   Measure O, Repeals S B Ban on sales N;   & P; Regulates growing and sales of MJ…

51… School Bonds, K-12 & Community College Facilities…   YES!

52… Medi-Cal Hospital Fee…       YES! BENEFITS Total Healthcare in Ca…

53… Revenue Bonds Statewide Voter Approval     YES! Though investor money develops, resident use is the ultimate payback to investors! Work done in phases is more transparent and efficient, especially when done with public money!

54… Legislature, Legislative Proceedings… YES! Requires 72 hour internet before legislation can be voted on… Video and record all Legislative meetings.

55… Tax Extension…   YES! Taxes people earning $250,000 per year to aid Education & Healthcare… (We should all look forward to qualifying to pay this tax)

56… Cigarette Tax … NO!  This 2-dollar tax is a misguided attempt to stop poor people from smoking… It is targeting poor and mentally challenged people who would probably stop smoking if they had a job with a living wage… Jobs and mental services would probably be a better means of producing the next wave of Tobacco Use Reduction… And a tax on luxury items would probably raise more money than the cigarette tax! (Possibly)

57… Criminal Sentences…   YES!     Court assignments for juveniles will be made by Juvenile Court Judges… Parole for non-violent convictions! Will not release prisoners convicted of violent crimes as defined by the California Penal Code! See page 143 of your large California Official Voter Guide

58… English Proficiency Multilingual Education… YES!     Allows parents/schools to locally determine the bilingual teaching methodology…

59… Corporations, Political Spending …   YES!   Gives California an Official Billboard stating opposition to “Citizens United”! It speaks against creating a “Corporate Humanity” class as super political contributors.

60… Adult Films, Condoms… Requires Condom use during filming… NO!   This provides no additional protection for workers and creates right to sue for uninvolved entities…

61… State Prescription Purchasing, Pricing standards… YES!   Do not worry about Big Pharmacy raising the price on the VA and thus on everyone else! The VA contract is for all 50 states! Big Pharmacy cannot raise prices in California ONLY!

62… Death Penalty Repealed… YES! Saves Money, Eliminates executing the innocent and coddling the guilty!

63… Firearms, Ammunition Sales…   NO!   How much is too much ammunition? Too expensive to enforce and is potential result worth it? One can make his own ammunition as well as build his/her own firearm… How it that going to be regulated

64… Marijuana Legalization… NO!   This Prop is too complicated… possession of one ounce is all ready legal for adults. Need a bill to decriminalize… Legalization is an economic opportunity that needs transparent regulations that allow for equal access to the industry.

65… Carryout Bags Charges (Directs funds)   NO!   Plastic bag companies need your vote to keep selling bags…

66… Death Penalty… Mend It Don’t End It…   NO!   Lawyers are the main beneficiaries of a “yes”!

67… Ban on Single Use Plastic bag Sales… NO!    Let your city decide!

“A Mother’s Tears”

Lou Coleman

Lou Coleman

By Lou Coleman

“…. Let my distress and the tears I shed in consequence of it be ever before thee, 0 Lord” [Psalms 18:6].

For those that don’t understand why it is hard for a mother to let go of her child no matter what they do, I want you to know that a mother called by God will never relinquish the title. Mothers never relinquish the title, even if the child is rebellious, harsh, and cruel or has gone wayward. Her heart just will not allow it; not when she is called by God. A mother loves her child no matter what they do or have done. Yes a foolish son brings sorrow to his mother, and the pain of seeing so much time, expense, effort, and affection go to waste sucks the life from her soul. It tears at her heart and spirit. Like David, she cries for her foolish son and wept, “O my son, my son, my son” [2 Sam 18:33]. Like Mary, she just doesn’t stand stoically and passively by at the foot of the cross, as if she were already made out of stained glass. No, she crumples at the cross. She falls down to the depths there, moaning and wailing and begging the God of heaven to stop her hell on earth. If a son will consider these things and be wise, his father will rejoice. [Proverbs 27:11] and his mother will have gladness in her heart [Proverbs 23:25]. But a Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble [Job 14:1].

How many mothers’ hearts have been broken by willful and wayward children? My hand is raised! But only the LORD knows such large numbers! The heart that almost daily burst with pleasure and affection caring for the newborn is torn deeply by the willful disobedience and foolishness of the sinful child. Mothers shed many tears. When you look into any mother’s eyes and see them glistening with tears, when you look into any mother’s eyes and see them about to brim over, remember that the love there is a reflection of a much higher love. It is a reflection of the love of God, “love divine all love’s excelling.”

Some of you know all too well what I’m talking about, or perhaps I am the only one with a prodigal son… by his own admission, he chose the path of worldly pleasure. The grief that I feel – grief over the foolish choices that bring consequences to him, pain to others, and reproach to God’s name. The fear – fear of the future and what will happen to him and to my family. If you know the sorrow of a wayward child may I encourage you to — lift up your eyes and look to God? Receive his comfort in your grief, His joy for your fear, His forgiveness for your sin, His righteousness for your shame, His hope for your future. In all cases, the Word of God gives us one recipe for the curing of all their ills, ‘Bring him unto Me” says the Lord.

I tell you we must never cease to pray until they cease to breathe. No matter how far gone they may seem do not give up hope for them. Lay them at the feet of Jesus, and then intercede for them! Go to God on their behalf, and plead with Him for their lives! Don’t give up, and thereby miss the opportunity to see God work a miracle! Regardless of their age; from young to old, unsaved to backslidden, rebellious stricken to criminal, or indifference, prayers based on God’s Covenant Promises will prevail because the Lord has bound Himself to the Word of His own lips… So don’t let Satan drag your kids through Hell… or to Hell. You have a covenant with God! FIGHT IN PRAYER [Nehemiah 4:14]. Ever since God announced in the Garden of Eden, that the woman’s seed would be against the serpent, Satan has been trying to steal and destroy the seed of God’s people. He is so terrified of our children that he often works overtime against them. This is because he knows that the next generation might just be the generation that is his undoing, ushering in the return of Jesus. The need of the hour is for parents to become skilled in SPIRITUAL WARFARE! There are times when the only thing standing between our children and the enemy is prayer, the key to winning the battle. No matter what the enemy determines to do in the lives of our children, he is no match for our Almighty Father. “The battle for our children’s lives is waged on our knees. When we don’t pray, it’s like sitting on the sidelines watching our children in a war zone getting shot at from every angle. When we DO pray, were in the battle alongside them, appropriating Gods power on their behalf. It’s time to go to War! Pray without ceasing!

Letter to the Editor: Experience Is the Best Teacher

By Mildred D. Henry

In this year of unprecedented politics, there are those who would tell me how I should think and feel as an African-American. I ask, if the African-American experience is so bad, what have you personally done to alleviate the situation? What is your personal experience with the African-American community? I have a few personal experiences I would share.

  • On a visit to Little Rock, Arkansas, shortly after Bill Clinton was elected president, I personally met with key administrators of his transition team decision-makers, which were African-American. African-Americans have been employed in his administrations throughout Bill Clinton’s political career.
  • President Clinton appointed Rodney Slater U.S. Secretary of Transportation. Rodney is an African-American married to the daughter of my schoolmate, Henry Wilkins III, who attended all-Black Merrill High School in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.
  • Hillary Clinton worked with the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) which was founded by African-American Marion Wright Edelman in 1973. CDF is the leading nonprofit advocacy organization in the United States for children’s rights. A leading coalition is the Black Community Crusade for Children.
  • In 1968, when Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated, Hillary Clinton worked with the African-American student organization at Wellesley College to organize a two day strike.
  • On October 16, 2016, while visiting the Museum of Black History and Culture at the historically Black AM&N College/University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, I met an art major graduate who is currently employed as an archivist in the Clinton administration. This young lady is responsible for preserving artifacts, and making restorations, such as she did on the broken nose of President George Washington’s face. She is employed to also be responsible for archiving memorabilia, such as Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe. I have found African-Americans involved at all levels of the Clinton’s experience.

I could go on and on. If my African American experience is as bad as you purport, you have not walked in my shoes, and if you provided no jobs or shoes for my feet, you cannot talk to me, or for me.   Sorry, “I can’t hear what you say for seeing what you do”.

On Tuesday November 8, I will cast my vote for proven experience.