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BOTTOMLINE: If You Don’t Vote, You Don’t Care… If You Don’t Care You Don’t Count!

Publisher’s Commentary   By Wallace J. Allen

Less than fourteen percent of San Bernardino’s eligible voters bothered to vote in the past November elections. Elections that selected five City Council Members who will make the major policy decisions to lead the city out of bankruptcy!

Sixth Ward voters get a chance for a ‘do over’! They will get a second opportunity to vote for the candidate of their choice. There is a special run-off election scheduled for Tuesday February 2. The special election will decide the occupant of the 6th Ward Seat.  In the November’ general election, only 3 of every 20 people registered to vote in San Bernardino’s 6th ward, did so.

Is it correct to assume that the other seventeen people who didn’t vote don’t really care who is “in charge” in City Hall? Or maybe they just trust the judgment of the three who decided to vote.

Anyone that holds elected position for a constituency that votes at a less than fifteen percent rate knows the people they represent “don’t really give a hoot”! How the elected official responds to that fact is a demonstration of their integrity… But we have to admit, it is probably difficult to drive a hard negotiation for your constituency when the elected official that is being negotiated with knows that the people that you are representing, “don’t really give a hoot”!

A Sixth Ward Candidates Forum & Debate is scheduled for 6 PM Monday January 11. Sixth Ward voters can see, hear and question the two wonderful women who are candidates for the right to represent the Sixth Ward.  The Forum is at the Ingrahm Community center, 2050 N. Mt Vernon Avenue.

If you are eligible to be a voter, you should care about the condition of your streets and street lights, about garbage and blight, about fire protection and police services, about parks and activities for children and senior citizens. You should care about business and job development! The list goes on and so does government that probably doesn’t serve you, but it appears that 17 out of 20 of you “don’t really give a hoot”! There is too much at stake to not vote!

“You will probably lose more by not voting than you gain by voting. It is kind of like treading water, you don’t get far doing it, but you can lose everything if you don’t! “- Wha-Lee.



Paying Tribute to Amazing Vocalist, Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole

By Billy Gee

Like millions of others, I was shocked to learn of the demise of vocalist par excellence, Natalie Cole.  She was close to the heart of many Baby Boomers, like myself, who not only thrilled at the sound of her mellifluous voice, but who also associate her with her legendary father Nat “King” Cole.  I had the privilege of meeting her when she spoke at the commencement exercise for the Berkley College of Music when I graduated in 1995.  She shook my hand and smiled as she congratulated me.  Her smile was the kind that could melt your heart from across the street.  The experience was truly “unforgettable.”  (Pun intended.)

Even if you never had the occasion to meet her in person, chances are that you felt that she was someone that you knew personally.  Each fabulous note she sang would find its way to your heart–to the depth of your being, as was the case with her inimitable dad.

Natalie may be gone, but rest assured that she will never be forgotten; for I know she will live on in the hearts of admirers the world over who knew and loved her through her music.  Rest in peace, “Sweetie.”


“It’s a New Season… It’s a New Day!”

Lou Coleman

Lou Coleman

By Lou Coleman

“…  A fresh anointing is flowing my way; It’s a season of power and prosperity; The devil’s time is up, no longer can he bother me; ‘Cause the Creator of the universe, He fathers me; And it’s transferable, my children’s children shall be free; If you don’t know by now, you need to know it’s Jubilee; Where debts are canceled and your children walk in victory; … A new horizon; And no greater time for you to make a choice and take a stand; … All that was stolen is returned a hundred fold; Tried in the fire but coming out gold; …To every promise take a hold; It’s a New Season, It’s a New Day” [Israel Houghton Lyrics].

I don’t know about you, but today marks the beginning of a “New Season” for me. Thus says the Lord, who makes a way in the sea, a path in the mighty waters… I am about to do a new thing… forget the former things”[Isaiah 43:18-19].  Now you can say what you want to say, but I say Amen to new things! You see if you are ever going to move on to new things in Christ, you must learn that you cannot depend upon past victories to sustain you. You cannot allow your past failures to possess you… In the book of [Habakkuk 1:5] the prophet was told: ‘Look around you, Habakkuk, among the nations, and see and be astonished, astounded, for I am putting into effect a work in your days, such that you would not believe it though you were told it!” I want you to know that God did a new thing in Isaiah’s day, He did a new thing in Messiah’s day, He did a new thing in the days of Pentecost, He did a new thing in the days of the Apostles, He did a new thing in the days of historical revival and He is going to do a new thing in Lou days. He said it, I believe it! – Oh, I tell you “It’s a New Season, It’s a New Day”… A year full of possibilities… A year full of opportunities! You hear what I’m saying to you, “A New Season, a New Day!”

But wait a minute; the Spirit is saying “That some of you are stuck in a rut, stumbling through life. You’re living off manna instead of feasting on God’s abundance. You’re wandering through the wilderness instead of inhabiting the Holy Land.” The Spirit says, “That it’s time now to make your move. It’s time now to receive what God has for you. It’s time now to enter the Promised Land.” For a place of promise awaits you: of contentment and joy and peace and abundance and satisfaction. It’s a land flowing with milk and honey; and God is waiting for you to enter. The Spirit says, “Don’t dwell on the pass; Turn the page.  Look ahead to what God will do in your life, today and tomorrow. Stake your claim on your territory. Begin to expect God to give you dominion in every area of your life.”

“Soon in your hand will be placed a priceless gift… Look at it closely.  There is no price maker stamped on it.  It cannot be weighed, because no scale can balance its value.  A king’s ransom in comparison is as nothing, yet it is given to beggar and prince alike.  The giver asks only that it be used wisely and well. This jewel, rare and unique, is not displayed in any shop window. It cannot be purchased, cannot be sold. No other treasure holds the possibilities this gift offers — none can surpass its golden splendor.  Of all gifts, this is one of the most precious. It has been offered many times before; today, from the depths of a limitless love it will be given again. It will be left to you to find the golden thread running through it. Only with great care will the jewel retain its luster.  Carelessness, ingratitude and selfishness will tarnish the brilliance, break the unspoiled thread, and mar the perfection.  Guard it closely, lest through weak fingers it slips from the hand.  Look often at its faultless beauty. Accept it as it is offered from the heart of the giver. Consider it as the most treasured of possessions, for of all gifts it is by far the greatest. It is the gift of the New Year.” I tell you, “It’s a New Season… It’s a New Day!”