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What it do with Lue

What It Do with the LUE: Date Night at Zorbas Lounge

By Lue Dowdy

Date Night at Zorbas Lounge is WHAT It Do!

Back by Popular demand, and we brought friends (Talon Networks and the Mac Rome Show), is the LUE Productions LATE NIGHT! SPOTLIGHT (L.N.S.)!

Let’s get intimate once again! This is a grown and sexy event. Come out and network with likeminded individuals. Please join us Saturday, April 28 for the comeback. You will not be disappointed! It will be an evening of comedy hosted by Comedian Mac Rome. There will be live interviews and performances hosted by Queen Lue, as well as a mini fashion show sponsored by Diva Outlaw.

The L.N.S. was created in the Inland Empire in an underground location a few years back. The event took place in the late nights leading into the early mornings featuring some of the most talented individuals from the I.E. The word got out and artists from other cities began to join in. The goal is to provide platforms for aspiring artists while creating entertaining shows for all to enjoy.

The show will take place at Zorbas Lounge located at 4360 N. Sierra Way in San Bernardino. We have presale tickets for $10. They’ll be $20 at the door. Please text us at (909) 567-1000, (909) 567-0932 or (909) 556-7637. Tickets can also be purchase through the Talon Network and Chef Music Studio. We want you there!

There will be special appearances by NofacE Shadowmen (funk master), West Tantrum, and Mack Pepperboy. Comedy will be provided by The Diva Rodriguez, Dennis Wilson, Here is Larry, Bigg Wheezy, Hostile Takeover and Dennis Wilson. Performances will include Marie Popenz, Johara Dante, Tydee Bone, Ipyani Lockhert and Lil Jack. There will also be model representation by Jasmine Hill, Krystal Yvonne, December Red, Porscha Dillard, Essence Johnson, Lola Lestrange, Chondra Smith and Lil Kiki. Vendors that will be on site include: ChaChe Designs, Chef Music, Lue Productions, Diva Outlaw, Paparazzi Accessories and the Talon networks.

What It Do with the LUE: Breaking the Silence

By Lue Dowdy

Breaking the Silence is WHAT IT DO! Domestic violence is on an all-time rise. It seems like every other day you hear about a young lady being killed by the hands of her spouse or lover. Just recently a friend of mine loss his daughter due to domestic violence. Although I didn’t know the young lady personally, it hit home.

LOVE and FEAR are two of the main reasons individuals suffering from abuse stay silent. I myself have experienced physical, mental and verbal abuse. I never said a word. I just suffered in silence praying that it would stop because I was in love with my abuser; it made things more difficult for me.

I didn’t have the nerves or the guts to speak out and seek help. I kept finding excuses not to leave. It would be days which I would literally go into work battered and bruised with a big smile on my face in order to masquerade what I went through last night. I was ashamed and embarrassed that this was happening to me, a woman that is supposed to be strong and unshakable. But I got out, I was one of the lucky ones. I was able to escape before things took a darker turn. I’m grateful to the Creator that I no longer suffer from abuse.

I want to encourage anyone dealing with domestic violence or know of a person going through it to please seek help. Domestic violence against men exist too. People need to realize that abuse can happen in a heterosexual relationship or same sex relationship. Research the signs of an abuser to see if you may have a potential abuser in your life.

According to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence statistics show that on average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. For one year this equates to more than 10 million women and men. There are free community agencies that can assist you with referrals for shelter and resources such as ‘211’.

This has been a PSA from LUE Productions. Please share this message. At the end of the day you may be closer to saving a LIFE! Until next week L’s!

What It Do with the LUE: Women in the Industry

Laurie Lynn-Soares

By Lue Dowdy

What up IE! So, this week in continuing with honoring women for the month of March, I’d like to recognize Laurie Lynn-Soares. I meet this Queen a few years ago on the battlefield, meaning the entertainment industry. Being a woman in the game is hard. I was impressed with her drive and ambition and we’ve been affiliates ever since.

Laurie-Lynn Soares aka L’s, has been in the music industry business in various capacities. In California from 2006 to 2012, as a Professional Freelance Photographer with Photos by LLS, Music Artist Manager with LLSM, Manager, Promoter and A&R for Hard Head Productions. In Arizona from 2012 to present, all of the above, L’s was the COO of Arizonamixtapes.com from June 2014 to November 2017, two-time award winning Online Media Outlet for two years in a row, then created their own platform called AZMT Music Awards show in December 2016.

L’s has done all types of Music and Business Sales and Promotions, as well as interviewing underground artists around the United States. She has recently partnered with The Black Diamond District in 2018, with fellow affiliates, Nicho Savant and Rene Herrera aka Shortz Scopic Pro. It just keeps getting bigger and better!

South Sundayz Radio show has been in existence since February 2017 and still going strong! Proudly sponsored by Beautiful and Beyond entertainment since the very beginning, L’s has moved her show to her own platform on Spreaker, and how to her own website!

Being recognized in the community, L’s has been asked to assist and contribute her talents with charity events, showcases, judging of competitions for Elegant Hoodness Radio and Magazine, where artists won slots at SXSW and featured in XXL Magazine.

L’s is an educator as well as a mentor. She’s networked and managed artists, referral source to other artists, services, studios, venues and much more in the industry! Steering people in the right directions to further their goals in music.

Follow Laurie-Lynn Soares on Facebook at LLSoaresMgmtPhotos, LLSManagement and PhotographybyLLS. Follow her on Twitter at LLSoaresMgmt, PhotosbyLaurie and SouthSundayz. Follow her on Instagram at PhotosbyLLS and SouthSundayzRadio. Also be sure to visit www.SouthSundayzRadio.com and www.spreaker.com/user/southsundayzradioshow.