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What it do with Lue

What It Do With the LUE: Keeping Your Head in Tack

BreBy Lue Dowdy

Keeping your head in tack is WHAT IT DO! They say when you look GOOD, you feel GOOD! Checkout, Miss Bre the stylist!

Currently apart of the All-Star Barber and Beauty team located right here in the IE, my girl slays those baby hairs and edges. Just joking, but not really! Being in the hair businesses for over 15 years, she specializes in healthy hair care for all hair types’ men, women and children. She’s participated in hairs shows throughout Southern Californian showcasing her talent.

Ensuring that her skills stay sharp, Bre attends workshops and seminars that keep her in the loop on all the latest’s styles, colors, cuts, and products, but I can honestly say that Bre is more than a beautician or stylist. Sitting down in her chair is therapeutic. Not only is she concerned about your outer look, she’s also concerned about the inner you. Now with a stylist like that you’re winning.

So please, if you’re ever in need of hairdo contact my girl at (909) 495-0209. Mention this article and receive a 5 percent discount on your first visit.

Until next week catch me right back here ‘How bout that’. L’z!

All-Star Barber and Beauty Salon is located at 4096 N. Sierra Way in San Bernardino (92407).

What It Do With the LUE: The Hip Hop Shop

Hip Hop ShopBy Lue Dowdy

The Hip-Hop Shop featuring Joesph Reed, Melanie Cesarez, Camryn Stanfield, and Troy Wilbert is WHAT IT DO! Just recently Edwin Johnson, founder and CEO of Chords Youth Enrichment Program, along with youth from San Bernardino High School and the CHORDS Program came together to produce a new school song for San Bernardino High School.  A video was shot at the school and has already received 1,000 shares and 55,000 views.

Not being afraid to walk away from tradition, they decided to change it up by adding Hip-Hop and Rap. Let me tell you, the youth were not playing when it came to those barzzz on the mic. We live in an urban community which is saturated with Rap, R&B, And Hip-Hop, so kudos to Joesph Reed, Melanie Cesarez, Camryn Stanfield, Troy Wilbert, and the entire team that worked on the project. Make sure to check out the video on YouTube. Please support our YOUTH & MUSIC!

Until next week L’z!

About The HIP HOP SHOP & Edwin Johnson:

Edwin Johnson has been working in the social service field with children and families for the past 16 years. His expertise consists of behavior modification, counseling support, family stabilization and management. He oversees groups such as anger management, domestic violence, substance abuse, gang awareness training, cognitive behavioral therapy, (Thinking for a Change) to inmates and parolees. He’s supervised inmates, parolee’s youth and their families providing them with the tools and support needed to be successful and stabilized upon reentering society.

Mr. Edwin has worked in institutions, crises homes for youth, group homes and as a community partner assisting families with resources for their youth. Having the ability to connect with the individuals he serves is crucial. His approach is strength based which allows him to meet the individual where they are and build off strengths they may not know existed.

In 2012 Mr. Edwin founded his own nonprofit titled “CHORDS Enrichment Youth Program” for youth in the city of San Bernardino which continues to serve at risk teen and their families.

What It Do With the LUE: Mack Pepperboy and “The Underground United Tour”

MACKBy Lue Dowdy

From Cali to Texas, Grim Reality Entertainment took to the road. Guess what? LUE Productions artist MACK PEPPERBOY joined the tour for the last three shows. The tour host  was Comedian, BRETT AS IS, so you know it went all the way up! With his Cali sound mixed with that New Orleans flavor, Mack Pepperboy delivered knockout performances in Riverside, North Hollywood, and Sacramento.

Finally leaking hits off his new project “IT’S THE PEPPERBOY,” like “GET IT,” “LITT,” and “ON THE BLOCK” had the audience rockin! Our team is extremely proud. We believe that Mack Pepperboy has a lot to offer to the entertainment game. Fans will be able to hear what he’s been cooking up in the booth at CHEF MUSIC STUDIOS, located in the Victorville under the production of CHEF GEO.

No wine is served before its time and it’s TIME. MERCH will be available soon! Please follow our artist on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, and our LUE Productions Reverberation page under MACK PEPPERBOY. We appreciate the support! Until next week L’z.