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What it do with Lue

What It Do With the LUE: The Delusions of a Commoner Album Release Party for Rap Artist D’ZYL


By Lue Dowdy

Rap Artist, D’ZYL If you missed it, you missed out! D’zyl did his thang at Katz Alley Music Store located in Riverside this past Friday. As a matter of fact, the entire line up did their thang. Major shout out to Rap Artists.

The release party was an all age event that included an open mic portion. Individuals that were not on the lineup had an opportunity to showcase their talent and a chance to win $50.00 in cash. We laughed out loud with the show host.

D’zyl’s album ‘The Delusions of a Commoner’ dropped March 31. The streets are buzzing about this one. On the project you can hear hits like, ‘Revenge Of The Nerds’ ft Thesis (Prod. by Teflon), ‘Delusions Of A Commoner’, ‘Lovin’ Myself’ (Prod. by Prime Intellects), ‘Man, I’d Tear It Up ft. Dirty Birdy’ (Prod. by Fat Finger, along with several more.

When finally completing a project that you’ve worked so hard on and to see it manifest is a beautiful thing. I’m happy for D’zyl. In my opinion, he has the formula to keep going in the rap game. Make sure to check out his music on all social media sites under D’zyl. Until next week L’z!

What It Do With the LUE: EverythangNycce Entertainment

NycceBy Lue Dowdy

EveryThangNycce Entertainment is WHAT IT DO! I’ve encountered so many talented individuals located right here in the Inland Empire over the years. Recently I came in contact with Nycce Blingsly, an amazing guy that possesses several talents.

Welcome to the world of Nycce where no dream is too big! EveryThangNycce was created by Nycce Blingsly. The company was started to help promote Nycce’s comedy skits. One day Nycce came up with the brilliant idea of filming local artists and events and things took off from there. Now you can catch him filming local concerts, award shows, comedy events, music videos, and much more.

Nycce, whose real name is Kyru Gatlin, is the comedic brains and face of the EveryThangNycce Entertainment. He changed his name to Nycce because he felt it described him more accurately. I totally agree! His personality is a breath of fresh air. He has acted in over one hundred of his own comedy videos, which can be seen on Facebook and YouTube. In the last few months, he’s taken his comedy to SNAPCHAT, where you can see him playing pranks on friends and enjoying life.

So the next time you need an event recorded or just need a laugh, look for EveryThangNycce! In his words, ”Everythang I do Is NYCCE!” Until next week I.E. PEACE & LOVE! L’zzz!

What It Do With the LUE: Black Magic

By Lue Dowdy

BLACK MAGIC – IS WHAT IT DO! Renowned actress and icon Vivica A. Fox is catching the attention of all, especially the ladies with her new reality show titled ‘Vivica’s Black Magic’ along with her all Male Review TOUR. Sorry fellas but this one’s for my ladies!

Last week I attended Vivica’s Fox’s ‘Black Magic’ Male Review show live in the city of Riverside. The event was held at Sevilla’s Night Club and it was off the hook. I mean women of all ethnicities and from all over came to see what the chocolate fuss was all about. I was able to sit in V.I.P. with my girls directly on stage. Now ladies, you know I acted a fool.

When the men first came out in their all white sailor suits, the crowd went absolutely nuts. Stripping down to their shiny undies, you were able to see exactly how blessed each dancer was. Let’s just say I was jealous of every lady that had a man that night. It’s situations like that, which make me regret being single. SIKE!

Keeping the women fired up, actor Darrin Dewitt Henson had his hands full. Darrin is best known for his role in the hit movie ‘Soul Food’ and ‘Stomp the Yard’. He did a wonderful job hosting. The review featured White Chocolate and Heat, two of the most popular dancers on the show. Dollar bills saturated the stage and the floor.

Vivica’s roll in the movie “Chocolate City” landed the actress the gig for ‘Black Magic’. The main goal of the show is to gain permeant residency in Las Vegas. Recent controversy stirred up on the show when her partner bailed after Vivica stated she wanted no gays on the show; however, it looks like they made up and all is well in the world of ‘BLACK MAGIC’. Until next week L’z!