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YOUTH HOLIDAY TALENT SHOWCASEWhat it do I.E. and neighboring cities! Happy to be back again this week to let you know WHAT IT DO! Well, it’s about our young folks. Our community is saturated with talented youth and teens looking for events to showcase their skills. I’ve witnessed children on more than one occasion at several neighborhood events singing, dancing, and rapping. Come on let’s be honest, how many of you have given Lil’ Jon Jon or Sara a dollar or two to perform at the family function because they have amazing talent? I know I’m guilty of it.

Please help us spread the word about our FREE YOUTH auditions. Let’s get them off the streets and on the STAGE! The “Youth Holiday Talent Showcase” is sponsored by LUE Productions, Westside Story Newspaper, Black Chamber of Commerce Inland Cities, Family First Entertainment, Pretty Pockets, Cold Cutz Barber Shop, and Blaim Society. The event will be held on Saturday, December 13th.

We are calling all Gospel acts, singers, singing groups, poets, dancers, rappers, comedians, and more, as well as youth hosts and models. Registration is free to sign up, and if you are selected you must sale tickets. All participants must be 19 and under. Auditions will be held on Sunday, September 14 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday, September 27 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

You may send us an audition tape if unable to make the auditions. Please send it to Lue.info@yahoo.com. Please make sure that your footage is no longer than 3 minutes. All final contestants will be contacted by Monday, September 29.

What It Do With the LUE: Introducing Yung Miss

Yung Miss

Yung Miss

Guess whose back! Yep, ya’ girl LUE and I’ve missed you! Rapper Yung Miss is What It Do! Connie Clark, whose known on these I.E. streets and beyond as Yung Miss, is one of the illest female emcees in the game hands DOWN! Have you ever heard the saying, “I can do what you can, but I can do it better”? Well, this showstopper definitely holds some weight to that saying, especially in such a male dominating arena.

Yung Miss, Yung Miss, Yung Miss! I mean what do I to say, except how much I love to watch this artist perform. She is beyond talented and her voice is absolutely beautiful. Every time I see her perform, she has such a stage presence. The audience is always engaged, so here’s the 411 about this artist.

Inland Empire songstress Yung Miss began making music in 2005 during her junior year in high school. Since then, Yung Miss has released 5 mixtapes, 5 beat tapes, and 1 album entitled The J. Dilla Project. Throughout the years, Yung Miss has worked with countless artist and producers internationally. Her production credits include some of California’s up and coming talent, such as The Finatticz, UTB Lifestyle’s Pheo and Cashius Green, Fat Trel Roach Gigz, as well as a host of others.

The talented emcee began performing in July 2012 and has since done over 70 shows in the Inland Empire, L.A, and Long Beach area. She has also opened for West Coast legends Suga Free and Bad Azz.

As she works on promoting her first original album Waveforms, Yung Miss continues to perform, produce, write, and record weekly with the hopes of working hard enough to be recognized by her music industry peers and enjoyed by music lovers everywhere. So now that ya know a little more about my girl, please make sure to support by checking het music out. Links are below and LUE gotta’ go! Thanks for reading.

For more information on Connie “Yung Miss” Clark Singer/Songwriter/Producer, please visit www.YungMiss.com or follow her on Instagram and Twitter at YungMiss.



Hey, Hey, Hey in my Dwayne Nelson voice! It’s me again, here to tell ya’ What It Do!Laughter is what it do! This Saturday, August 30 at the Sports Bar and Grill (25597 Main Street) in Barstow. I need you to come out and laugh out loud with upcoming Comedian Mac Rome and a host other hilarious comedians from all over. Barstow is doing it BIG yawl!

Founder and owner of the original “Wing It” restaurant in San Bernardino and owner of “Artistically Clean Cleaning Services”, Bennie Fredrick, along with Comedian Mac Rome have teamed up to bring laughter to the community. Unlike anger or sadness, comedy can be an escape from reality even if it’s for a short moment. In my opinion, laughter soothes the SOUL. It allows you to release and let go of the day to day hustle and bustle.

I’m so thankful for comedians such as Red Fox, Richard Prior, Rodney Dangerfield, George Lopez, Bill Cosby, Moms Mabley, Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldburg, and George Burns. That’s only a drop in the comedy bucket of GREATS. So with that being said, I hope you can make it to Barstow this Saturday. Remember a frown upside down turns into a smile. Have a blessed and safe holiday.