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What it do with Lue

What It Do With the LUE: OnMyMama.TV

On My Mama TV

LIGHTS, CAMERA, AND ACTION! Hi, my peeps! It’s such a beautiful day in the neighborhood. This week WHAT IT DO is videography. With that being said, I have to highlight, Onmymama.tv for making major moves and so quickly. Onmymama.TV based out of the Inland Empire, was founded in 2014 by Aaron Block, CEO of onmymama.tv; Paul Douglas; and Jonathan Glinsey.

What started as a conversation had become a reality. Aaron Block came up with the idea of not paying and depending on videographers to shoot his videos, so he decided to learn how to do it himself. Pulling in Jonathan Glinsey, who has a degree in photography and is
the head Director along with Paul Douglas, as the Assistant Director for Onmymama.tv, the three decided to take videography to another level. Shaken things up in the IE the team specializes in shooting live interviews, freestyles, red carpet events, music videos, weddings, sports, documentaries, and more.

I’ve had an opportunity to use these young talented Kings on projects for my LUE Productions artist’s which include Dada Dado, Speaker Junkiez, Paul Douglas, and Mack Pepperboy. Let’s just say that I was 100 percent satisfied with the ending results.

Paul Douglas came up with the name Onmymama and Aaron Block added TV, then the magic appeared and the rest is history. So, if you need any work done at an affordable rate that is QUALTY, make sure to look up Onmymama.tv. via YouTube and add them on Facebook at Mymamatv, and that’s on MAMAS!

What It Do With the LUE: Feeding the Homeless

What up beautiful people! Well the only thing it do with LUE at the moment is feeding the homeless here in my home town of San Bernardino. Help us fight the war on hunger all year long but especially during these holiday months. LUE Productions along with several community members and entertainment entities will be in full force this coming Tuesday located at 114 S. Arrowhead Avenue in San Bernardino. We are still in need of volunteers. Come on down and join us! Remember it’s about giving not receiving. Until next week!

Feeding the Homeless

LUE Productions: Mike Epps Performs Live

Mike Epps (Photo Credit Freddie Washington)

Mike Epps (Photo Credit Freddie Washington)

What it Do amazing people! Well, San Manuel does it again with another entertaining and successful event for the Inland Empire. I had a blast at Mikes Epps Comedy Tour titled, “After Dark for the Grown & Sexy”! I said it before and I’ll say it again, laughter is good for the soul.

San Manuel bought out the very funny and talented comedian Mike Epps along with his team Comedian G Thang and Comedian Scruncho. I’ve never seen theses comics live, only on television. I’ve always wanted to see Epps do his thing in person and I finally got a chance to. I had more than one person say how Mike, wasn’t that funny in person.

Well, I think he proved critics wrong. Last week he had the entire theater cracking up with his crazy jokes. The audience was diverse and full of folks ready to have a good time and laugh. Walking out onto the stage looking so fresh and clean, that sexy man did that! Mike Epps’ career as a comic began in 1995. Since then his career has taken off. You may have seen him on the big screen in films such as, “Next Friday,” “Friday After Next,” and “All About the Benjamin’s.” He was recently selected to play the role of the famous comedian, Richard Prior, which will be coming to a theater near you soon. I’m excited about that one can’t wait.

Once again KUDO’s to San Manuel! Until Next Week!

G Thank (Photo Credit Freddie Washington)

G Thank (Photo Credit Freddie Washington)

Comedian Scruncho (Photo Credit Freddie Washington)

Comedian Scruncho (Photo Credit Freddie Washington)