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What it do with LUE: BJ, Founder of The Garage Dance Studio

BJ, founder of The Garage Dance Studio

BJ, founder of The Garage Dance Studio

Do you like to dance? Do you like to move? This week BJ, founder of The Garage Dance Studio, is What It Do! Living in an urban community with many talented youth, I am so happy that a positive individual like BJ is giving back. What a breath of fresh air for our youth. Not everyone sings, raps, or plays an instrument; some simply dance! With that being said here’s more about the choreographer they call BJ.

As a young child growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, BJ sat in front of his parent’s TV set constantly mimicking dance moves from artists such as Michael Jackson. He eventually received a chance to perform in front of crowds of people. From family parties, to dance competitions, and dance studios, the talented dancer impressed the public with his street choreography. Watching artists and dancers perform moves motivated him to dance and get better. By his teenage years, BJ realized that dancing could be something to pursue, so he kept going.

BJ was introduced to the dance world when he began touring doing background dancing for upcoming artists and other dance crews in need of extras. His first tour was back in 2000 and from there he has been addicted to the popularity.

He continued to push fourth and was added to a popular tour called “Scream tour” with artists that included as Bow Wow, B2K, and other big names. BJ soon began to make a name for myself in the Dance community when he was a part of the Dance show called “Dance 360,” which aired on UPN where he was called out to battle amongst five other people and won.

With his journey and experience in dance, BJ believes that if he ever had the opportunity to open his very own dance studio he would in a heartbeat and that is exactly what happened. This dude turned his mother’s garage into a mini dance studio and name it “The Garage Dance Studio.”

“Knowing that there is no source of entertainment or dance here in the Lost City a.k. Colton, California motivated me to open the dance studio,” BJ states.“For me being a dance lover, I wanted to open the facility to give youth the opportunity to come and learn dance. A lot of these kids don’t have the means to go to LA. I figured why not give it a shot and open something for them. With over seventeen years of professional experience under my belt, I provide lots of variety to students. My dance instruction involves a mixture of hip-hop, pop, and old-school dance styles.”

“All in all, I feel like I have lived up to my childhood dream by becoming a hardworking, successful dancer and I will continue to push fourth until I reach the top. There are lots of things that I have to still accomplish until I past that bridge. I will continue to bless others with my gift of dance.”

 Make sure you support this young man and his efforts. Remember to make the world your DANCE FLOOR. L’z!


What it do with LUE: Sirr Jones

By Lue Dowdy

Aspiring Rap Artists, Sirr Jones is WHAT IT DO WITH THE LUE! OMG! So I met this dude via Facebook and it was all over from there.

The versatile Sirr Jones’ passion for all forms of music created his belief that, “Music is the soul of man.”  He practices this belief through his conglomeration of catchy and insightful tunes and at times hilarious freestyles. Hailing from California’s Inland Empire it was 2007 in the Tucson Desert where Sirr’s epic crusade began with small town hits such as “Light it Up.”

During his time in Tucson his stage presence and freestyle earned him the moniker “Sirr,” meaning all would have to address him with respect. Jones true strength is his ability to change with the mercurial world of Hip Hop and R&B, while maintaining his own distinct style. His high energy changeups and freestyles has also gotten the attention of many reputable artists, such as Lil Wayne, Kurupt, and Bone Thugs and Harmony, who invited Jones to be a part of different shows and acts. Sirr Jones’ passion and versatility only grows as he crusades to drop hits.

Not only does this talented recording artist make magic in the studio, he also has his own clothing line titled, “Multiple hustles,” because as we all know you gotta’ have multiple hustles these days in order to make it. Make sure to follow Sirr Jones on all media sites. Until next week folks, L’z!

What it do with LUE: D’zyl



Big package with a lot of talent is What It Do With The LUE this week! I’ve always heard about the rapper known as D’zyl but never had the opportunity to meet him in person until this year through a mutual friend. .I was able to get ahold of his music and was like WOW! His flows and lyrics are definitely inspired by true Hip-Hop. Please take a moment to know more about D’zyle.

D’zyl 5k1 (Diesel 5001) born Daniel Edward Fromm, a man of German and Black descent, as well as a Gemini, fully understands duality and the nature of relativity, especially with music. He boasts of listening to literally almost all types of music and being able to relate and pull from those genres to help mold his own sound. Born in Hollywood, California but raised in a gritty place known as the Inland Empire, San Bernardino to be exact, he chose to never let his environment limit his imagination or dictate his future, but rather inspire it.

Primarily a hip hop artist, he believes that he should never be confounded by titles or barriers. He enjoys singing, of all styles, and will even try to sneak in some opera at any chance he can. With a novelist’s wit, he has penned songs for numerous artists, has written a book, and a few scripts. There is no limitations to what he can or will do.

One of his goals is, “to be one of those names that people drop when they’re trying to sound cool haha.” With the way things are going and the tenacity he displays day in and day out, that day will soon be among us.

D’zyl has opened for Chino XL, Planet Asia, Layzie Bone, X-Clan, Keith Murray, Percee P, Bomshot, Coolio, Dirty Birdy, Speak, Reverie, Big B of Kottonmouth Kings, and many more. He has several song placements in various films, has performed at SXSW and countless festivals, including headlining the first ever Community Fest of his city and being among the first rappers to perform at the National Orange Show, and has been in the newspapers and radio on more than a few occasions. He is barely scratching the surface and will continue to spread his therapy to the world in years to come. Make sure you check him out links are located at www.wssnews.com. Until next week L’z!