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What it do with LUE: Nya BanXXX

Nya BanXXX

Nya BanXXX

By Lue Dowdy

LUE Productions 1st Lady NYA BANXXX IS WHAT IT DO! Who is Nya BanXXX with the 3 X’s behind the name?  Killing Mics and gassin’ stages all over the Inland Empire and Southern California is what she DO!

Nya BanXXX, whose real name is Mychelle Mosley, is a fire flame spittin’, crowd pleasing female emcee straight out of San Bernardino, California. Nya picked up the passion for rapping after her high school years. She started off in the game singing. With her first show being with LUE Productions back in 2006 this talented artist now has been rapping a little over 5 years. When she performs you can’t take your eyes off of her. From her sexy moves, to her seductive looks, and dope lyrics, she’ll bring you into her WORLD. A triple threat, yes indeed, especially with her vocals and writing skills all in the mix.

Miss BanXXX was honored in 2015 at LUE Productions Indie Artist Award Show. There she received an award of recognition for her contribution to music. Nya BanXXX is truly one to watch for. Collaborating with other local artists such as Yung Miss, Gwaap Fam of LUE Productions, Aaron Swift of On My Mama Records, Bonnie Dollas, and many more has given her more fuel to carry on the music. Miss BanXXX has been told that her style is in the lane of Trina and Nicki Minaj. When asking Miss BanXXX how she feels about that statement she replies, “I consider myself to be in my own lane. Others may compare me and that’s cool. I want my fans to remember most about me, is that my confidence and ability to put feeling into my song is so that others can relate.”

Loving her community, BanXXX’s gives back by volunteering to help feed the homeless. BanXXX’x new project is on the way. Currently in the studio now working on her mixtape titled, “NYA BANXXX NOT FOR FAME,” will be dropping this summer. Catch her starring live Saturday, June 11 in San Bernardino at the Women’s Club for LUE Productions 1st B.B.W. Model and Fashion Show Competition/Fundraiser.

Sleeping on this talented artist would be a BIG, BIG MISTAKE! Please take a moment and check out her music on Sound Cloud, Reverbnation, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram Pages under NyaBanXXX. Until next week L’z high up in da airrr! Management Contact: LUE Productions at Lue.info@yahoo.com, or (909) 567-1000.

What it do with LUE: KCAA Radio

KCAA RadioKCAA RADIO is WHAT IT DO WITH THE LUE THIS WEEK! PSA! ATTENTION ARTIST’S! Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B music Wanted! LUE Productions has its own radio show right here in the IE titled “LISTENING WITH LUE (Launching Unique Entertainment)” a platform for Indie Artist’s and the ART’S. Every Sunday tune in with us from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

LIVE RADIO and INTERNET! LET THE WORLD HEAR YOUR MUSIC! Music must be EDITED to be in rotation. The show is hosted by LUE and Co-Hosted by Comedian Anthony Stone and Deeveatva Foy; and featuring a guest host occasionally. For interview and song rotation opportunities, please email Lue.info@yahoo.com at attention: “Listening with LUE”. You can also call in and chat with us at (909) 888-5222.

Launching Unique Entertainment Talent and Production Co., known as LUE Productions, was established in 2005 with the mission of offering a safe and productive venue for artists of all ages to display their talents. We pride ourselves in bringing forth unique and entertaining shows for all too enjoy. Our events over the years have provided a public forum for families to enjoy special presentations from our communities most talented. As the organization has expanded, we have had successful shows which allowed exposure for artist in the Inland Empire and surrounding cities through special events such as musical concerts, talent shows, open mic nights, and theatrical plays.

LUE Productions is community-oriented and has committed it’s time and resources to giving back to its neighborhoods. Visit us at www.lueproductions.org. LuCretia Dowdy is the Founder and CEO.

What it do with LUE: Ericca Cross

Ericca Cross

Ericca Cross

BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN (B.B.W.) What it Do I.E. and everybody! This week I would like to highlight the beautiful Ericca Cross, an aspiring full figure model here in the Inland Empire. With the modeling industry finally taking notice of plus size/full figure ladies, LUE Productions decided to put on the 1st B.B.W. Model Competition/Fundraiser here in the City of San Bernardino. The goal is to highlight beauty in all shapes and give back to the community at the same time. The event is scheduled to take place Saturday, June 11 at the San Bernardino Women’s Club located at 503 W. 31st Street in San Bernardino. Doors open at 2 p.m. Tickets are only $15 now and $20 after June 1.

Ericca Cross, born in Fontana, now resides in the beautiful City of Highland. She is pursuing her dream at the age of 35. Inspired by her mother, twin daughters, and other family members, Ericca hopes to gain the experience and exposure needed to help her further her desire to be a plus size model.

Appreciative of the opportunity provided by LUE Productions she comments, “In my eyes we are all winners.”

So major props to Ericca Cross for going after her dream and that $500.00 cash prize along with a crown. Good luck Ericca! Until next week folks L’z! For more information please visit our Face Book page under LUE Productions or our website at www.lueproductions.org.