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Community Church Takes Leap of Faith to Save Money

Michelle Myers-Heard and Pastor Artis Glass, Jr.

Michelle Myers-Heard and Pastor Artis Glass, Jr.

Leap of Faith Community Baptist Church, Inc. is a small congregation that has rejoiced in the money it has saved on its electric bill.  Established in 1997, the Inglewood, Calif., church has saved about $3,500 in less than two years by simply changing 91 of its lights to compact fluorescent ones as part of Southern California Edison’s (SCE) energy-efficiency program.

The arrival of summer and high temperatures brings higher electric bills, and Pastor Glass believes it is important that organizations, businesses and individuals take advantage of money-and-energy-saving programs.

Pastor Glass learned about SCE’s Energy Efficient Express Solutions program from a church member. Brother Rutherford is a contractor who mentioned that the church lighting was very dim and that a simple solution would be programs offered by SCE to increase lighting and generate savings.

“Signing up for the program was easy,” said Pastor Glass. “The program was free and it is paying for itself.”

The pastor of the congregation of 50 admitted that he did not know much about other programs offered by SCE, but that he was interested in learning more.

Michele Myers-Heard is an SCE account executive who focuses on helping faith-based organizations use energy wisely.  In addition to switching the lights, Myers-Heard also discussed other energy solutions with Pastor Glass, such as the Summer Discount Plan.

“Get the information and make a decision on whether or not a program would work for you or your business,” said Pastor Glass. “The program we have at Leap of Faith is working for us and that is something that I can stand behind.”

But the savings aren’t limited to places of worship, according to Myers-Heard.

“Whether you are a business or a resident, we want to help our customers save money on their bills by helping them partner with us,” she said. “We want to help our customers be a part of the solution by making sure we have enough safe and affordable energy for all of us.”

For more information on ways to conserve energy and save money, go to SCE.com/save.


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