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BOTTOM LINE… Don’t Give Up On Berdoo!! – Part 2

The San Bernardino City election is partially over and there is the expected run-off for mayor; however, City Council members have been selected. Don’t “hate” on the winners, especially if your chosen candidate did not win. The election is not about creating a winning candidate. It is about electing a candidate that will make the city a winner. If your candidate did not win you still have a representative that needs your input, not to just complain, but to help with solutions.  Regardless of who is in City Hall, we each have the ability to help the City of San Bernardino.
I suggest that we start with the one thing that we each can control, which is our individual attitudes.  Our attitudes are truly the only thing that we should expect to control.  We cannot control everything that happens, but we can control how we respond.  It is not important that you did or did not vote for the winning candidate, what matters in that you dedicate yourself to being properly served.  Write and congratulate the winner and explain how anxious you are to help. Request a written list of priorities and at the same time make your suggestions as what should be on the list.  If you don’t know what you want, how will you recognize it?
The city of San Bernardino will ultimately survive and thrive. Will you be a benefit to its rise from the ashes or will you be attracted to the distractions and eventually give up your stake to the benefit of some opportunistic interloper?  I say, “Don’t give up on Berdoo!”

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