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Homeownership Dream Achieved for a Senior

Ms. Carolyn in front of her new home

Ms. Carolyn in front of her new home

After raising her four children and putting them through college, Ms. Carolyn, at her 64 young years of age and disabled can finally call herself a homeowner. After living in an affordable senior housing complex, she recently moved into her newly renovated home in the City of San Bernardino. Aside from assistance from Housing Authority staff, partners such as the City Lift Program through Neighborhood Housing Services of the Inland Empire, Community Housing Trust Program through Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services, and the City of San Bernardino HOME Program helped make her long awaited dream a reality.

“A home provides a stable environment and I’m so honored and pleased to finally be a homeowner,” expresses Ms. Carolyn. “I’m excited every day to be here. I can finally spend more time with my grandchildren who can visit freely unlike when I lived in the senior community. This means a lot to me” continued Ms. Carolyn.

At a young age she aspired to attend college and eventually buy a home. However, she put her dreams aside to raise her children alone after her divorce. She spent her time nurturing, educating, and pushing her children towards a path of success. Now that they are all grown up and independent, she is focusing on her personal goals. “Everything is perfect,” emphasized Ms. Carolyn as she gleams with joy!  Good luck Ms. Carolyn in achieving your next endeavors and congratulations again!

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