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Life-Changing Experience on the West Coast of Africa


Lou Coleman

Lou Coleman

Recently I got back from one of the most life-changing experience of my life. Ghana, a beautiful place on the West Coast of Africa. It was eye opening, enriching, challenging, and amazing all in one.
As I traveled out of the United States for the first time in my life, I had no idea what to expect, but I was not expecting the gift I was about to receive.
When I first arrived, the scenery wasn’t what I first pictured. It was indeed a culture shock!  It wasn’t America. The city was busy. People were selling all kinds of goods on the streets. Traffic was overly crowded, but there was much freedom. Some parts of the city were underdeveloped. Roads were poor, and it was hard considering that the City was growing so fast generally. There were electricity and water in some areas, not all areas. But every day brought something new. It was as if the whole world had changed for me. Actually it was the other way around, as I started to see things differently.
The Ghanaians celebrate life. They appreciate life. There is so much beauty and peace in the day-to-day lives of the people. From the start I was welcomed with open arms and became very spoiled by the kindness of the people, their attention and appreciative present-tense way of living. It’s just an entirely different mindset than what I am used to, and it was a breath of fresh air.
I went to Ghana with the Founder of Behind the Veil Intercessory Prayer, Ms. Eva Appenteng. Our mission was to provide a borehole/water pump system that would provide clean water to the people who lived in the Fawoman Village outside of Kumasi. I am happy to announce, mission accomplished!  Not only did we complete the water project, but electricity was installed. The laying of foundation to build a school was also being poured. (Special thanks to Pastor Jim Colye and the entire Sunrise Church family in Rialto, CA who provided the resources to be a blessing to God’s people). We are excited about what God has done and continue to do. Our next project is to begin construction for the school. If you would like to be a part of this great ministry for God and His people, please call (909) 649-8148.



Of course, I can’t conclude without mentioning my experience at the “Beautiful Gate Church” where Pastor Richard Yeboah is Senior Pastor. Talking about praising and worshiping God, as I stood in the sanctuary I felt like I was standing on sacred ground. Often times we can sense the Spirit’s presence. On some occasions His presence is so real, so obvious, it’s almost as though we can touch Him. We become sensitive, motivated, and spiritually alive. We find ourselves lost in wonder, love and praise. We catch a glimpse of the Lord as Isaiah saw Him: “high and exalted”. This extra glimpse of God we crave; we want it, we need to feel it, to sense it, to experience it, to taste it, and to touch it. And when we do, like the paralytic, we will forever be changed. The Beautiful Gate Church, God inhabited their praise, and the dedication was marvelous! It’s time to bring back this God-given expression of adoration.
I could go on and on, but really to understand what I am trying to say you would really need to experience Ghana first hand. It’s a beautiful place that has not forgotten its roots; one of the oldest and most traditional cultures is still in its most pure form even in these very modern times. My experience in Ghana will never be forgotten!

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